Acton Burnell Castle

Shropshire, England
SJ 534 019

Text copyright © 1997 by Dan Mersey
Photographs copyright © by Laurie Oliver

Above & below: views of the exterior. Note the large number of windows (thereby making the site a castle of comfort, not war). Also note the Victorian gateway.

Tucked away in a quite backwater of Shropshire stand the remains of a thirteenth century fortified manor house at Acton Burnell. The shell of distinctive red sandstone has been altered from it's original style by the addition of two arches mid-way along the length of the walls - these were added when the castle was to be used as a folly along the driveway to the Victorian house (now a school). The castle's construction is typical of "hall" type residences - a hall stands in the centre of each floor, with accommodation and stairs built into the thickness of the walls. No outer defences remain, or probably existed even in the castle's heyday. However, the castle's architecture is fairly well preserved, and still rather grand. An interesting alternative to Stokesay, for those seeking a fortified house to explore: less stands than at Stokesay - but it is free and certainly interesting!

Daniel Mersey

Below: looking into the stairwells (at corners) and private chambers, both built into the walls.

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