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Permanent Galleries

  • Spirit of America
    An impressive array of gifts, large and small, represent America's fifty states. The fortieth anniversary of D-Day, the Los Angeles Olympics, the 1984 campaign, the oath of office for the second term in January 1985, and a monumental fifty foot long photo mural of Washington, D.C. at dusk underscore Ronald Reagan's role in restoring the American spirit, and celebrates the citizens who gave him his landslide victory in 1984.
  • Flights of Freedom Gallery
    Crisscrossing the United States and flying to twenty-six nations in Europe, Asia and the Americas during eight years in the White House, Ronald Reagan logged an impressive number of air miles as he met with world leaders and dignitaries using what he called face-to-face diplomacy. Striking maps, photos, flags and a hands-on "tilt maze" for younger visitors offer insight into the many journeys President Reagan made as the United States' chief diplomat.
  • Dividing Wall
    Step back in time when a manifestation of the Iron Curtain separated freedom from oppression. A resolute U.S. Army MP walks his post at Checkpoint Charlie with the Stars and Stripes behind him as an East German border guard stands menacingly in front of a giant Soviet flag. Poignant pictures help tell the story of the evil empire and of the Berlin Wall that Ronald Reagan sought to bring down.
  • Cold War Gallery
    For nearly a half century a dangerous face-off threatened unimaginable devastation when an intensive arms race, known as the Cold War, began. These perilous decades are brought to life through a vivid video production, models of military hardware and Strategic Defense Initative technology, graphics and artifacts that recall a time when the world stood on the brink of nuclear annihilation.
  • Touring Air Force One
    Walk through the Air Force One that served seven U.S. Presidents and flew over one million miles during its 28 years of service. View each cabin, detailed as it was during President Reagan's administration, and get a behind-the-scenes look into America's Flying White House.
  • Flying White House Mural
    Renowned aviation artist and historian Stan Stoke's one-of-a-kind mural chronicles pesidential flight and tells the story of the planes that have carried U.S. presidents aloft for more than six decades.
  • Presidential Motorcade
    View up close the specially built presidential limousine with its stately flags and seals. Protected by the United States Secret Service and local law enforcement, the motorcade features vintage vehicles.
  • Marine One Helicopter
    Since the time of President Dwight Eisenhower, helicopters piloted by "Flying Leathernecks," Marine Helicopter Squadron One (HMX-1) has flown the Commander-in-Chief to many destinations. View up close this President Johnson-era Marine One and learn how this aircraft assists the President in his daily life.
  • The Ronald Reagan Pub
    While in the Air Force One Pavilion, guests can enjoy a light snack from "The Ronald Reagan Pub and Snack Bar," the original O'Farrell's pub from Ballyporeen, Ireland that President and Mrs. Reagan visited in June 1984.

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