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Mid-Hants Railway: Recent News

September 2005 - June 2006


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4th June 2006:  
Service train loco crew and guard in earnest discourse
Countryman Pullman departs Alresford (below)

Two photos (4th June 2006):  Henry O'Dwyer

18th May 2006:  
Bulleid Battle of Britain Class #34073 "249 Squadron" stands at Alresford awaiting collection by road. Its valvegear will be cannabalised to repair its sister loco Tangmere. (Whilst Tangmere was hauling an excursion, something broke in its valve motion and punctured the oilbath, causing loss of the oil - about 40 gallons, IIRC)
#34073 has stood in the Ropley headshunt for many years awaiting its owners' decision on restoration
Two photos (18th May 2006): Tony Wood

From: Keith Brown
Sent: 28 May 2006 20:38
For an extensive photo-survey of the damage to Tangmere, see
This diagram may help you identify parts in the above-linked photos  (769KB)
See also


7th May 2006:
#34016 Bodmin approaching Medstead & Four Marks with the 10:50 Alton to Alresford service today

See also    and also
Photo (7th May 2006):  Richard Bentley

Building work at Alton station

Photos of A4 Bittern in March 1966     Current progress with restoration of A4 Bittern at our Ropley MPD      Whole restoration to date

4th April 2006:  

Your webmaster was chatting with Graham Varney (today's Intro firing instructor on #73096) and movement behind the loco caught his eye: it was this rail-mountable Land Rover, waiting to resume weed-spraying

Work has begun to clad the wheeldrop shed at Ropley

Photos (all 4th April 2006): Tony Wood
 Progress with the extension of Ropley 'up' platform 

1st March 2006:  
Back from a working holiday at the Bluebell Railway is Ivatt 2-6-2 #41312, and see how clean they've returned it   d:-)
Note in the background the new ramp to the revitalised picnic area soon to open above the cattle dock at Alresford
Another arrival in time for the MHR Spring Steam Gala

Three photos  (1st March 2006): Chris Cornell
Don't be fooled by the sunlight in this photo of Ropley station: the temperature was at freezing point and a light wind brought the occasional flurry of snow
Photo (1st March 2006): Tony Wood
  More Ropley views (including this view at sunset)

28th February 2006:  
'USA tank' #30075 arrived at Alresford today
Two photos  (28th February 2006): Chris Cornell

16th February 2006:  
Nigel Wilson had a footplate ride on #92212  and videoed it (7.3MB, 16th February 2006) with additional shots by his young sons Michael and Philip. 

Footplate crew: Driver Mike Pearson and brothers Ben and Tom Zehetmayr

There was a landslip (caused by badger activity) in a cutting near Four Marks, but it wasn't so bad as to disrupt today's timetabled service

9F #92212 sets off from Ropley   (Movie, 1.4MB)  (16th February 2006): Tony Wood
10th February 2006:  
All quiet at Ropley

Platform extension progress report
Loco Yard today
Photo (1330hr, 10th February 2006): Tony Wood

5th February 2006:
Photo (Alresford, 5th February 2006): Steve Walters

29th January 2006:
"#92212 in action over the past two weekends. With low temperatures and lots of beautiful low winter sunshine, she looked magnificent"
 - Roger Stronell
Climbing towards M4M with an up train on 21st January 2006
Approaching Wanders Curve with an up train on 21st January 2006

28th January 2006, pulling out of Ropley on 1:80 
Note gradient change from 1:60 to level, 22nd January 2006

... and two movies of #92212 on 28th January 2006:
Arrival at Ropley   (1.0MB)
Departure from Ropley   (1.8MB)
Four photos and the two movies (all January 2006): Roger Stronell

27th January 2006:    Fencing the restored picnic area at Alresford
25th January 2006:    Bittern's boiler is fitted in the frames at Ropley
24th January 2006:    Ropley up platform extension
10th January 2006:    New Henry O'Dwyer Christmas photos:   Alton   Christmas Leave   Medstead & Four Marks



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24th December 2005:    Last day of the 2005 Santa Specials
The 9F pulls into Medstead & Four Marks; Bob hands up the token for Alton
Two photos (24th December 2005): Steve Walters


13th December 2005:    MHR S&T (with PWay help) connects Alton and M4M with new signalling and telecoms cable:
Laying the cable: Alton to Medstead & Four Marks   (by Tony Hathaway, with photos by John Moody)
Jointing the cable: Alton to Medstead & Four Marks   (by Chris Hall)

10th December 2005:

Today's 3pm Alton Santa Special climbs the bank towards Medstead & Four Marks

Two photos (10th December 2005): Matt Allen

4th December 2005:

Santa Special arrives at Alton today

Photo (4th December 2005): Paul Dawson-Plincke

No 9 beginning to move off the shed lane and onto the pit lane at Ropley for FTR* examination, and to run some steam-heat through her support coach
*FTR = 'fitness to run' - a mainline prerequisite
Photo of #60009, 'Union of South Africa', and report (18th November 2005): Henry O'Dwyer

3rd November 2005:

This prestigious Japanese 'Rail Fan' magazine carries in its October 2005 issue an eight-page article by MHRPS Life Member Kyoichi Oda on heritage steam railways in UK, with many photos of various volunteers and staff at work at MHR.

Kyoichi arranged for copies of the magazine to be sent to us, so if you would like to see what he's said about us (and your Japanese is up to it) ask at Alresford to see a copy.

 27th October 2005:  
Lots of interest in the dozen or so owls displayed at Ropley during Wizard Week. For some it was a hands-on experience!

Photo (27th October 2005): Tony Wood    

23rd October 2005:  
Long-lens shot of the Std 5 today with the up  Wizard Express  departing Ropley and #34016 Bodmin approaching Ropley with the down Wizard Express
(but not at the same time!)  

Two photos (23rd October 2005): Ian Banham

15th October 2005:

Bodmin arrives at Ropley on a beautiful autumn afternoon, with a very young audience
Photo and report (15th October 2005): David Pharro

27th September 2005:   

Mid Hants  2005 Autumn Steam Gala
... and of course (as ane fule kno)* that is David Shepherd
*Nigel Molesworth, the "goriller of 3B" © Geoffrey Willans

Photo (September 2005): Henry O'Dwyer
Watercress Line Special Events in 2006

Reminders of our August 2005 Thomas* event:

Runaway Train  -  movie   (4.4MB, 14th August 2005): Tony Wood
Normality Restored    -  movie   (1.2MB, 14th August 2005): Tony Wood
Race    -  movie   (1.2MB, 14th August 2005): Tony Wood



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Alresford Station: a gaslight.

Photo: Chris Cornell
(1955hr on 8th April 2000)


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