MIAMI – Despite the longest of odds, when all the smoke settled in the Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match, only Triple H and Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy remained standing.

Despite losing teammate Matt Hardy to injuries he suffered on SmackDown at the hands of MVP, The Game and Jeff Hardy survived the brutal team battle at the sold-out American Airlines Arena, defeating the team of Umaga, Finlay, Big Daddy V, Mr. Kennedy and the United States Champion.

Things looked bleak early for the The Game’s team as ECW’s goliath, Big Daddy V, eliminated Kane with a thunderous Ghetto Drop and elbow smash to gain the pinfall, leaving them at a 5-on-3 disadvantage. It got even worse when Umaga decimated Rey Mysterio.

The Samoan Bulldozer still had all five members of his team and they each seemed to taste victory as they stared down Triple H and Jeff Hardy, the only remaining members of their team.

Things looked up when Jeff Hardy eliminated MVP with his brother Matt’s signature move, the Twist of Fate. (Matt was undoubtedly smiling as he can’t wait to get his hands on MVP after his brutal attack on SmackDown on Friday.) Then an ill-timed splash from Big Daddy V crushed the ribs of Mr. Kennedy, and Triple H took advantage to cut the odds down 3-on-2. Jeff Hardy and The Game then teamed up to stun the ECW giant with an earth-shaking double DDT and even up the odds.

Jeff Hardy and Triple H continued to show their never-say-die heart. The Game snagged Finlay with the Pedigree for the pinfall, leaving Umaga as their only obstacle.

It took the combined resources of a Pedigree and a Swanton Bomb, but Jeff Hardy pinned the Samoan Bulldozer to earn the win for himself and Triple H against all odds.

As Umaga snarled and stared down the celebrating survivors, Jeff Hardy and Triple H, the two Raw Superstars knew their battles with the Samoan Bulldozer were far from over. But for one night, they had overcome overwhelming odds and added themselves to the 21-year tradition of survival.

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