MIAMI – Some of Randy Orton’s critics doubted his arrogant claims that he is a “one-man dynasty” when he won the WWE Championship, especially after he was knocked out five weeks in a row with Sweet Chin Music and got himself blatantly disqualified against Shawn Michaels at Cyber Sunday. Tonight at Survivor Series, like it or not, the Legend Killer went a long way toward cementing his dynasty by defeating the legendary HBK and retaining his WWE Title.

Michaels still left Orton something to remember him by – he put him to sleep again with Sweet Chin Music after the bell. When Orton awoke, his jaw was sore, but he could still smile happily and cradle his beloved golden prize.

Call it desperation – or call it outright fear of HBK’s Sweet Chin Music – but Orton made sure that he wouldn’t have to worry about Michaels’ most lethal move before the match. He had been knocked out cold by the superkick several times and knew that HBK had won three out of his four world championships with it. That’s why he persuaded Raw GM William Regal to ban Sweet Chin Music at Survivor Series.

Under the stipulation, if HBK used his lethal trademark move, the match would be stopped immediately. He would be disqualified and never get another opportunity at Orton’s WWE Title. However, the Legend Killer wasn’t off the hook. On the heels of his blatant disqualification at Cyber Sunday against HBK, if he was disqualified at Survivor Series, or appeared to attempt to get disqualified, he would lose the WWE Championship.

Though he could not use a disqualification to save his title, Orton came into tonight’s match confident. He believed that without Sweet Chin Music, HBK would be no match for him. However, the WWE Champion appeared to underestimate the motivational powers of revenge.

Michaels attacked Orton with a ferocity that has fueled him since his return from five months on the sidelines. He surprised Orton with an arsenal of submission holds, nearly making him cry uncle to a Sharpshooter, a crossface and an anklelock. The Showstopper wanted to hurt Orton for trying to end his career with a severe concussion six months ago. Michaels wanted to end the third-generation Superstar’s career and take his WWE Championship. He wanted Orton to feel loss and pain two-fold. With each punch, with each blow, HBK remembered how his wife and children sobbed when he was hospitalized and wondered if he would be able to resume his career. Michaels didn’t just want ultimate vengeance tonight; he had to have it.

But it wasn’t to be. Maybe it is just the crafty Orton’s time. He had long believed that Michaels was a roadblock in his journey to the top of WWE and resented him for occupying the spotlight – or “stealing the show” – for so long.  Almost no one has gotten up after receiving Orton’s RKO, and Michaels was no different tonight.

Orton wanted HBK to declare that he was the best, but he only got a mouth full of Music. Michaels got a consolation prize with Sweet Chin Music and the adulation of his adoring fans, but he did not have his complete vengeance. At the end of the night, the spotlight belonged to Orton. At Michaels’ expense, he showed the world that he may be everything he has said he is. Orton will be crowing long and loud about how he survived HBK at Survivor Series. Will anyone be able to shut this one-man dynasty up?

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