The Herb Garden

Designed by Plauché Johnson Landscape Architects, this lovely garden is maintained by the Gulf Coast Herb Society, and has seven raised beds filled with herbs grouped into categories such as culinary, medicinal, spiritual and fragrant. 

The Founders Fragrance and Texture Garden

This area is under renovation and redesign, and was the first garden to be installed. Originally built to include access for wheelchairs, visitors will find a picturesque garden with a wide variety of interesting plants and a koi pond and bridge.

The Millie McConnell Rhododendron Garden

Newly designed and installed in 2006, visitors can now stroll among azalea collections that have not been showcased anywhere in the region.

The John Allen Smith Memorial
Japanese Maple Garden

Containing a  lovely collection donated by John Allan Smith, this garden is an especially tranquil area.  This will also be redesigned, and the garden is currently being enclosed with an entrance and memorial wall.  

The Fern Glade

Nestled between the wildlife trails and Wintergarden, this area is fed by springs and contains many varieties of ferns as well as cardinal spear and Louisiana iris. 

Longleaf Pine Forest

This 30-acre area has recently been undercut and subjected to a controlled burn to preserve it and encourage reseeding. 

The Camellia Winter Garden

Currently being redesigned by Bobby Green of Green Nurseries, this area will be replanted with more camellias as well as hydrangeas.