Alfried (Alwin Felix) Krupp (von Bohlen Und Halbach) Biography (1906–67)

Industrialist, born in Essen, W Germany. He graduated from Aachen Technical College, and succeeded his father Gustav Krupp to the Krupp empire (1943). He was arrested (1945) and convicted (1947) at Nürnberg for plunder in Nazi-occupied territories, and for employing slave labour under inhuman concentration camp conditions. He was sentenced to 12 years' imprisonment and his property was to be confiscated, but by an amnesty in 1951 he was released and his property restored. He played a prominent part in the West German ‘economic miracle’, and rebuilt his family fortune. In 1959 he belatedly agreed to pay some compensation to former victims of forced labour, but only to those of Jewish origin. His only son Arndt renounced his succession rights and, after Alfried's death, the Krupp industrial family came to an end.

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