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Camel - The Paris Collection
Camel - The Paris Collection
Released: 2001
Label: Camel Productions
Cat. No.: CP - 011CD
Total Time: 69:03

Reviewed by: Eric Porter, September 2002

Camel has released a half dozen (or so) live albums under the "Official Live Bootleg" moniker from Camel Productions. As a huge Camel fan, these releases are made all the more interesting by the various line-up changes the band has gone through. Each group of musicians offers something unique to these classic songs. The Paris Collection features the latest incarnation of the band: Guy LeBlanc on keyboards, Dennis Clement on drums, along with longtime bassist Colin Bass backing Andy [Latimer] during their 2000 tour. The most enjoyable offering from this set are the acoustic renditions of "Fingertips" and "Slow Yourself Down" including a bonus studio version.

Bands from Pearl Jam to Marillion, King Crimson to The Grateful Dead have all released a variety of live shows, a popular way to please devoted fans. I wish Camel the same success that these groups have had with this formula. On the down side, only one track from Rajaz; "Sahara" was included. Instead of "Lady Fantasy" how about some new stuff? Overall, the band sounds really good, and Andy's guitar screams and wails when called upon. New keyboardist Guy LeBlanc (from Nathan Mahl) is noticeable present in the mix in comparison to Foss Patterson, whose parts seemed drowned out in the Coming Of Age release. A short tour diary is included, which makes for some intersting reading about the stops along the way. Lets hope us east coasters finally have an opportunity to see the band on their next tour, until then, these bootlegs will have to fill the void.

More about The Paris Collection:

Track Listing: Ice (8:47) / Chord Change (8:52) / Fingertips (6:40) / Slow Yourself Down (4:30) / Sahara (6:51) / Mother Road (6:07) / Little Rivers And Little Rose (1:55) / Hopeless Anger (5:43) / Lady Fantasy (16:04) / Bonus Track: Slow Yourself Down (late night version) (5:34)

Andrew Latimer - Guitars
Guy LeBlanc - Keyboards, Vocals
Denis Clement - Drums, Percussion
Colin Bass - Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals


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