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Bruce Cervon's Castle Notebooks Volume 1

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They have been called legendary. That is incorrect. A legend is based only partly in fact.

Bruce Cervon's Castle Notebooks are the real deal!

From the Introduction by James Patton —
. . . Bruce was one of the archetypical members of the fabled Magic Castle “Inner Circle” during the heyday that has often been referred to as the club’s Golden Age. Sitting as he did, night after night, in the company of the venerable “Professor” Dai Vernon, and other fellow notables . . . Bruce’s unquenchable thirst for knowledge was brought to bear in an arena that cried out for someone to record it all. Arcane secrets, long in the exclusive domain of a few select masters, flowed incessantly. . . As evidenced by his meticulous, hand-written entries (which are herein faithfully reproduced in all their comparatively quaint and rustic glory) . . . this era would not go unrecorded and otherwise lost to future generations . . .

When Bruce Cervon moved to Los Angeles to study with DaiVernon, he began keeping detailed notes on all the inside magic the Professor and others tipped to him. He also kept complete notes on his own original material,much of which he reserved for professional use. Over years and decades, his notebooks grew and grew, and while he zealously guarded them, never allowing others more than a glimpse inside, the legend of Cervon’s Castle Notebooks grew among the elite of magic, and justifiably so.

From these notebooks came the material that filled five books of Cervon’s own magic and three volumes of The Vernon Chronicles. But this wasn’t even the tip of the iceberg.The Castle Notebooks contained the material Bruce planned to include in future volumes on Vernon and himself, as well as copious information on card cheating methods (much of it relayed throughVernon), unpublished material gathered from many of magic’s luminaries, and Bruce’s own professional routines.The quantity and quality of this material is staggering, cramming over 1500 notebook pages.

Bruce Cervon’s Castle Notebooks are a holy grail for students of closeup magic from the golden years of the Magic Castle.Within them are held countless tricks, sleights and secrets that were kept exclusive by Cervon for many years, and are still ahead of today’s cutting edge. Respecting Bruce’s desire that this information remain exclusive, his wife, Linda Lipps Cervon, in conjunction with L&L; Publishing, is releasing Bruce Cervon’s Castle Notebooks in a facsimile set of hardcover books.The first volume, containing the first three Cervon notebooks, composed from December 1964 through November 1965—over 400 pages, over 375 items—is now available in a limited edition—just 500 copies will be sold! A must-have for the serious student of fine, advanced, close-up magic.

Bruce Cervon’s Castle Notebooks Are Exclusive to L&L; Publishing

You won’t find this Collector’s Item anywhere else . . . not on the Internet . . . not at your local magic shop. Only 500 copies will be sold.

It was with great trepidation that I gave Louis the go-ahead for this project. In all the time I spent with Bruce (33 years), I knew how fiercely he guarded his “Castle Notes.” I wasn’t sure if he just didn’t want to share the knowledge (not really his style) or if it was because he would be embarrassed by his simple illustrations and misspellings! I think he enjoyed teasing and tormenting his friends by pointing to an entry and smiling, as if to say,“Don’t you wish you knew what THIS one was!”

After discussing the notebooks with family and friends, however, and doing a lot of soul searching, I realized these notes are a part of magic history. Bruce was a great fan of Walt Kelly, the artist and writer, and I thought,“What if Walt Kelly’s wife had published a secret notebook of her husband’s drawings and notes . . . how thrilled Bruce would have been to have a copy.”

Bruce’s mom put it in perspective for me when she reminded me that he’s not coming back to yell at me for publishing his secrets! Good ol’Mom! Never one to mince words, she always sees the bigger picture. But for me, Bruce is STILL (after six months) in Chicago working at a trade show. I keep thinking when he gets home he’s going to say,“What the heck did you do with all my stuff?!”

What did I do with it, Bruce?
I shared it with the magic community which you loved so much.

—Linda Lipps Cervon
San Buenaventura, California • October 2007

Over 400 pages, over 375 items.
Each page scanned from the original hand-written notebooks.
Bruce Cervon’s Castle Notebooks
Volume 1 (Notebooks 1, 2, and 3) — $200.00

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