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Rufus Wainwright: Video Premiere Tonight, Tour Underway, Movie News & "San Souci" Clip

Rufus: Shot at MTV/Logo studios last week.

Rufus Wainwright is going to town! Meaning, he's busy and all over the media right now. He's begun touring the U.S. doing shows for his new album, Release the Stars. He kicked off this current batch of shows this week with Seattle and then San Francisco, and by all reports, it was pretty fantastic. This weekend he does Coachella, which you can watch live on AT&T's BlueRoom site, if you're unable to hit the California desert yourself.

And tonight at 8pm, he's gonna be all up in Logo's grill when the "Making Of" special for his "Going to a Town" video airs on the channel, accompanied by the world broadcast premiere of the video. Cool, right?

Here's a little preview:

More on Rufus and a pirate video of him doing the tune "San Souci" from Release the Stars after the jump!


Rufus will also show up and host Logo's weekly music video show, NewNowNext Music this coming Sunday (April 29th) at midnight. He'll be gabbing, giving you the inside story on his new album, about his relationships, about writing operas, about gay stuff in general. And they'll show the "Going to a Town" video again. It'll be cute!

Also, Rufus, who's been in a handful of movies to date, will appear in the new film, The Age of Darkness by Canadian director Denys Arcand (Jesus of Montreal). The movie is apparently about "about a group of intellectual friends and how they cope with a changing world." Sounds kind of broad, eh?

And finally, below is a sneaky video of Rufus onstage in Belgium last year, chatting precociously with the crowd (evidently he just broke a guitar string right before the clip begins), and then he launches into the tune "Sans Souci" from Release the Stars.


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