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    Submitted by Richard Furness on Saturday, February 15, 2003 at 10:58 AM EST

    Jeremy Borash has recently posted this week's "From The Inside" column over at NWATNA.com, the following is what he had to say in this edition:

    A very happy Valentine's Day to everyone out there. I always found it a little ironic that the initials for the holiday of love are "VD" - but I digress.

    A great episode of TNA from this past Wednesday, gaining great reviews pretty much across the board. I loved the show, but also know that our momentum is only starting to build. I think the next month could start the best stretch of programming put fourth by TNA.

    The corporate team from Panda Energy addressed the troops this past Wednesday night before the show. All are very personable, approachable, and tremendously sharp business people. They emphasize putting the strength and character of the company in the hands of their employees, and so far they seem to be very happy with the results. Increases are being seen across the board in TNA, and the ship is heading in the right direction.

    Konnan's storyline with his belief of the X-Division stars stealing the Lucha Libre style has really caught on in a short time. I think this angle could get red hot, and could put the X-Division stars in a fantastic ongoing storyline with some possible stars from south of the border.

    Tony Mamaluke suffered a stinger during a TNA Xplosion match. He is still feeling some numbness in his leg.

    Tenacious Z has accepted a contract from the WWE. We wish him the best of luck.

    What a surprise to see Sandman and Steve Corino show up to the TNA Asylum this past week. Both received great ovations from the crowd. They will be back this week as Sandman teams with Corino to take on Low Ki and Raven.

    I hadn't seen Sandman since he left WCW, and he was as trimmed down as I have ever seen him. He fit in well at the asylum, as we have no shortage of beer swilling, cig smoking maniacs running around that building (and those are just the women!)

    Xplosion is now being seen in some very large markets. While I get constant emails asking when are where the show can be seen, the best thing I can advise is to check your local listings. The show airs in syndication, as well as UATV, which means you could end up seeing it at different times in different markets. The best thing for you to do would be to check your local listings.

    I will be attending tomorrow night's 3PW show in Philly, which looks to be a solid card. I may also be stopping by the XPW show tonight to visit with Shane Douglas, whom I haven't seen since the WCW days.

    This Wednesday night will be the NWA World Title Match as AJ Styles challenges Jeff Jarrett. The pre-match hype alone has drawn a strong advance for tickets at the TNA Asylum. Expect a first class world title bout.

    Congratulations to Kid Kash on defeating Sonny Siaki in a great contest this past Wednesday night. The match had one of the better crowd responses of the night. The gals did a great job as well.

    Trinity is in the Daredevil movie as a stunt double for Jennifer Garner.

    Signed for this Wednesday will also be America's Most Wanted vs. The Harris Brothers in the semifinals of the World Tag Team Title tourney.

    TNA achieved better than expected results from our Australia debut on PPV. Viewers in Australia will once again get a taste of TNA this Thursday (Australia time) as TNA airs live on Main Event PPV.

    Jeff Jarrett and executives with Panda met with television executives in New York yesterday.

    The preview is out for the new Chris Rock movie "Head of State," and features the scenes shot at the TNA Asylum in the preview. The scene starts with a very handsome ring announcer, and then features Chris Rock getting trounced by Jeff Jarrett, B.G. James, Ron Harris, and the Truth. The movie opens March 28th.

    TNA will see a British invasion in March, with some familiar names stopping by TNA.

    Its Valentine's Day, so in honor of the lover's holiday, here are my top five couples in wrestling.

    5) Luna Vachon and the Vampire Warrior a.k.a. Gangrel (Could be wrestling's answer to the Osbournes. A tough athlete who could kick any wrestler's ass, and he's pretty tough, too)

    4) Exotic Adrian Street and Miss Linda (Married in real life, but he had me convinced)

    3) Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin and Precious (At the age of 12, I was grounded for calling her a bitch in front of my mother. She was quite a heel)

    2) Lenny and Lodi (Too controversial for WCW!)

    1) Randy Savage and Elizabeth (The first lady of wrestling and a great top talent, what a pair! Savage wasn't bad either)

    Paul London and Jerry Lynn had a fantastic back and fourth battle this past Wednesday night. London came in with some high expectations, and did not disappoint. London was reportedly quite nervous about his TNA debut, and will only improve as his comfort level increases. London will get the first crack at X-Division champion Kid Kash.

    Before I close with some thoughts on Curt Hennig, I want to commend three people who touched me with their tributes to Curt this week. Chris Harris paid tribute to Curt Hennig with the PerfectPlex this last Wednesday night in a very touching moment. Curt had taken Chris Harris under his wing during his time in TNA. I was also touched by Sean Waltman's beautifully written tribute to Hennig. I also want to commend Mortimer Plumtree for his help putting together a very classy opening segment on this week's TNA.

    I've had four days to think about what I was going to write about the passing of Curt Hennig. I went back and looked at what I wrote about Curt when he came to TNA. I put him on my top five list of wrestling's funniest people. He truly was. I first got to know Curt well in WCW. Everywhere we went on the road together, he could point out a landmark where something funny had happened on the road. "That was the strip bar where Mr. Fugi peed on the floor," he pointed out to me in Milwaukee one time. He loved telling Mr. Fugi stories, and seemed to have one for almost every city we visited. I was fascinated by his great tales of ribs, pranks, and unusual antics he had witnessed over the years.

    Curt was also a very proud Minnesotan, and proud of his fellow Minnesota wrestlers. The Minnesota wrestling contingent is a very unique fraternity. TNA alone has seen myself, Mortimer Plumtree, Jerry Lynn, Sean Waltman, Lenny Lane, Nikita Koloff, David Flair, Goldylocks, and Curt Hennig, all who have grown up within a fifteen mile radius of each other. I think there is a special bond shared, and we are all proud to be from the "Land of 10,000 Lakes." I think Curt took special pride in calling himself "The wrestler that made Minnesota famous."

    Another Minnesotan we lost was Curt's closest friend, Rick Rude. While we often talk about Curt's great sense of humor, he did have a softer side when it came to his friends and family. I remember a time we shared together at my apartment in Atlanta after losing Rick Rude, talking about their high school days together, and how Rick was the toughest man Curt had known. I don't think Curt ever got over the loss of his friend Rick Rude, and I would bet the two of them are hangin out together right now in a much better place.

    So, I'll close this week saying so long to a great athlete, a father, and a friend. You'll be missed, Curt, you were one of a kind.

    Jeremy Borash

    Personal Note: I understand that this is unorthodox, but I would also like to add a personal note regarding the passing of "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig. Hennig was such a gifted athlete and it is such a shame to see his life draw to a close at such a young age, he will be missed by many.

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