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Both parties claim debate victory

October 21, 2007 10:14pm

Article from: AAP

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BOTH major political parties have claimed victory in tonight's Sky News leaders' debate.

Labor's treasury spokesman Wayne Swan said Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd's performance was “very strong”.

“I think the Prime Minister must have got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning, because we had a fairly cranky performance from him and really no new fresh ideas,” Mr Swan said.

“All of our ideas were about the future.

“All the Prime Minister really spoke about tonight was the past, because he's stuck in the past.”

Mr Swan said it was obvious why John Howard hadn't wanted “the worm”.

“When he was talking today, I think if the worm went any lower I would have had to get a new TV.”

Government frontbencher Andrew Robb said the worm was just meaningless entertainment and it responded to Mr Rudd's empty sloganeering.

“The worm responds to people's instinctive reaction to focus-driven slogans,” Mr Robb said.

“The worm doesn't monitor the substance of debates.

“There was only one person there really debating tonight and that was the prime minister.”

Mr Robb said the Opposition Leader made no new points during the debate.

“Tonight was a big missed opportunity by Mr Rudd. He just stayed with the security of slogans, he talked to the worm all night, and he did not talk substance and detail.”

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