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Message from the Mayor of the City of Yogyakarta

As Mayor of Yogyakarta City, I am delighted that our city will be hosting BAQ 2006. The event has indeed given us more energy to pursue our commitment in improving our urban environment and creating livable city. We have declared 2005 as a year of environment – a year which we embark on a systematic approach to combat air pollution and involving participation of city residents and business community in environment programs. I also strongly believe that promoting better air quality will help us develop our economy. Sharing our knowledge in the BAQ 2006 will help participants better understand air quality and to take action to improve it. It is my earnest desire to make your visit to BAQ 2006 and to our city a memorable and enjoyable experience. Together we can make a change!

- Herry Zudianto, Mayor, City of Yogyakarta