The end of year as we know it 11-12/04: The Cine-Magic/Milkhouse program The Found Footage Festival continues to enjoy sell-out crowds and invitations to screen at numerous venues. In other news Cine-Magic has shot several scenes for the upcoming Packer Rap. Look for an involved web-based campaign to promote this mysterious project soon. Joe and Nick of Milkhouse eagerly await a MN. performance from Larry Pierce in January '05, the subject of their documentary project Dirty Country. Geoff Haas has been working with Kinostadt Films on a documentary project focusing on Midwestern horror film legend Bill Rebane. Even as Cine-Magic continues to seemingly splinter we've all got a number of projects going on. We're looking forward to another great year of Cine-Magicalness in 2005.

Cine-Magic on the Train 09/04: The Cine-Magic short film Saving Human Lives was selected to screen as part of a public art installation along the new Minneapolis Light Rail line. The installation consists of several kiosks with hand-cranked viewers that play locally made short films. We are pleased to have this screening opportunity and especially enjoy the money. We have allocated the funds we received toward our long-dormant project, Packer Rap. Look out Wisconsin Film Festival-here we come!
Summer 2004 06-08/04 : In the spring of 2004 Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher kicked off The Found Footage Festival in NYC. This is a joint project we've started with our friends at Milkhouse Productions. We brought this event to the Twin Cities on July 27th at the Bryant Lake Bowl to an enthusiastic sold-out crowd. This project is really taking off so look for future screening cities and dates. Otherwise we turned three in May and got turned down for some Interpol video contest, but they got over 500 entries! What do you think?
Festivals Galore 03-05/04 : Saving Human Lives screened as part of the Cucalorus festival of independent film in Wilmington, NC in late March. In other festival new Gas 'N Fuel was screened at the Syracuse International film and video festival in Syracuse, NY in May. Gas 'N Fuel also enjoyed a proper Wisconsin premiere at the Wisconsin Film Festival in Madison, WI. in April.
Back to Austin, TX. 03/04 : The Day Robert DeNiro Met James Caan was selected to screen as part of the midnight shorts program at the South By Southwest film festival in March 2004. Cine-Magic staffers attended the event and report a modest audience reaction to the film, with the unpleasant exception of the film lover who stated "that sucked" after the film-thanks for the impromptu review. Despite this set back we were pleased to note that John Stamos had to sit through the film. Also a number of folks whose opinions we respect (and who are NOT inclined to blurt out "that sucked" during a screening) told us that they enjoyed the film, so "miracle all better". We need love too you know?
Meet Larry Pierce 01/04: Cine-Magic's own Joe Pickett and Cine-Magic collaborator Nick Prueher have begun work on an exciting new documentary project. The film titled Dirty Country focuses on foul-mouthed country singer Larry Pierce (pictured) and his life, career and eventual journey to the bright lights of Las Vegas. Learn more about our partner company Milkhouse Productions and the new project here.
2003 Wrap Up 12/03 : In late 2003 we shot a handful of low budget commercial spots for various clients. We were able to cast Cine-Magic regulars (Harry Brar and Frankie Thiele) in the spots and we look forward to sharing them with you once they are finished. As the year ended we had interest from a few film festivals, an appearance on local cable access and even an invitation to send an audition tape for a cable TV show pilot (this was to be a prospective new filmmaking reality show for Bravo, which it seems, has been scrapped for another season of Project Greenlight-oh well. Perhaps we'll post some clips from our demo tape someday).
West Coast screening and Midwest misunderstanding 11/03: The 20,000 Leagues Under The Industry has invited Saving Human Lives back for another screening at the Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles (Nov. 28 & 29). We thought that Saving Human Lives was also going to screen at the Milwaukee Int'l Film Festival, but they must have forgotten about us. No hard feelings and we are really sorry about the obnoxious e-mail we accidentally sent. We love Milwaukee, but will understand if you think we are jerks.
Wild Rose and Wobegon 10/03: Gas 'N Fuel hit the road again in October playing at the first ever Wild Rose and Lake Wobegon Film Festivals. At the Wild Rose (Des Moines, IA) Gas 'N Fuel earned four honorable mentions (whatever those are, we'll take them). And at Lake Wobegon (Sauk Center, MN) Gas 'N Fuel took the audience award for best short film! We'd like to see these festivals continue to grow and hope they will have us back again.
Return to The Central Standard 09/03: Cine-Magic was pleased to have two films screened as part of The 2003 Central Standard Film Festival. Gas N' Fuel finally had a proper Twin Cities public debut and The Day Robert DeNiro Met James Caan also debuted at the festival. Thanks to everyone who came out to the sold out screenings.
Saving Finnish Lives 09/03: We are pleased to announce that Saving Human Lives has been invited to screen as part of the Helsinki International Film Festival (AKA Love & Anarchy) in September 2003. Unfortunately no Cine-Magic staffers could attend the festival in Finland.
Cine-Magic Midwest conquest 08/03: Saving Human Lives was screened in Cleveland, OH. in August as part of the 20,000 Leagues Under The Industry film festival. Saving Human Lives also screened as part of the Great Plains Film Festival in Lincoln, NE. in early August. Additionally Gas N' Fuel won the Riot & Panic Award for most enthusiastic audience response at the Bearded Child film Festival in Grand Rapids, MN in early August.
G'N'F in Michigan & New York 06-07/03:The Cine-Magic short film Gas 'N Fuel was screened in competition at the Waterfront Film Festival in Saugatuck, MI. (June 12-15). Gas N' Fuel was also screened as part of the Projected Shorts Short Film Festival held in New York, NY. (August 17).
Cine-Magic turns TWO! 05/03: In celebration of our second anniversary the Cine-Magic group hosted the Independent Feature Project's Cinema Lounge event on Wednesday May 21st at the Bryant Lake Bowl. The group screened clips from the first two years of Cine-Magic, and performed host duties "adequately". Thanks to everyone who attended the event.
Win some...lose some 04-05/03: The Cine-Magic short film Gas 'N Fuel was selected as a finalist in the 25th Annual USA Film Festival. Unfortunately we were not invited to screen the film in Dallas as part of the big event. On a brighter note Gas 'N Fuel won the Curry Original Filmmaker Award at the Light Plays Tricks short film festival in Kingston, Ontario in late May.
Home town screening 04/03: The Cine-Magic short film Saving Human Lives was screened at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival on Monday April 14th as part of a MN Shorts Collection. The screening took place at the one and only Oak Street Cinema.
Wisconsin Film Festival - BEST NARRATIVE SHORT! 03/03: Saving Human Lives continues to score on the festival circuit, as it was selected "Best Narrative Short Film" at the 2003 Wisconsin Film Festival. The entire Cine-Magic group attended the festival in Madison, WI.
SXSW!! 03/03: We are very excited to announce that Gas N' Fuel was selected to screen in competition as part of the 2003 South By Southwest film festival held in Austin, TX. Cine-Magic staffers were in Texas for the screening and report an enthusiastic audience response at all the screenings.
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