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Welcome to The Kormahn Shard!

This Shard is dedicated to those fans
who will write the descriptive books
of future ages in Uru.

Currently, the shard supports the
following ages:

Eder Rilteh Inaltahv
Janga Lela
Jonae Hood
Kato's House and Labratory
Setal Gahmarin
The First Age of Dustin
The Second Age of Dustin
Terrati Lab
Vaiskor - Area Two

New ages will be added to the shard
once I can download or receive them
directly from their creators. If you have
a new age that you would like to submit
for testing on the shard, please let
me know via the email address
shown below. Also, be aware I will
NOT put up an age if I see that it
could violate Cyan's EULA.

If you need to contact me, I can be
reached at the following:

uru_ashtar AT yahoo DOT com

I'm also on Yahoo messenger as:
uru_ashtar and on MSN messenger as
uru_fan AT hotmail DOT com