(Nov 16, 2007)

8: Length in kilometres

6: Number of interchanges

195: Estimated number of fewer accidents on local roads annually because of parkway

$245 million: Cost of Red Hill Valley Parkway

$5 million: Cost of Red Hill leg when first talked about in 1957

$439 million: Total cost of RHVP plus the Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway

$36 million: Amount the city says the federal government delay added to project

$75 million: Amount city is seeking from the feds in lawsuit

44,000: Number of trees city estimated it would cut in the valley

14,000: Actual number cut when estimates proved way off

195,000: Number of trees (mostly seedlings) planted so far

1 million: Number to be planted over five years

40: Percentage of larger, caliper stock trees that died along the Linc after replanting

80: Width in metres of escarpment cut for parkway

65: Number of hectares of valley paved or covered for parkway

365: Total number of hectares of land in valley

4: Number of baseball diamonds destroyed near Rosedale Arena, to be replaced

28: Number of sewer discharges into creek before project

3: Number of sewer discharges expected now, due to greater storage capacity

$88,400: Cost of that 40 acres, in 1950 dollars

7: Kilometres of creek moved to make way for road

$7 million: Cost of creek relocation