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Candidate's husband faces expulsion over flyer scandal

Posted November 22, 2007 13:38:00
Updated November 22, 2007 14:13:00

Senior Liberal Party sources say Greg Chijoff, the husband of Lindsay candidate Karen Chijoff, will be expelled from the party over the fake campaign pamphlet scandal.

Senior party sources say Mr Chijoff was involved in the distribution of fake flyers from the non-existent 'Islamic Australia Foundation' in the marginal Sydney seat.

The pamphlet suggests Labor supports the Bali bombers and calls for more mosques to be built.

Mr Chijoff has been a fixture in the Liberal ranks around Penrith for many years, at one time holding a senior role in the branches.

He is also known as a powerbroker among right wing Liberals.

A member of the Liberals state executive, Jeff Egan, has already been expelled from the party over the flyer.

Senior officials are so far refusing to comment on the involvement of Mr Chijoff.

Howard's support for candidate

But Prime Minister John Howard says Ms Chijoff should not be sacked for her husband's involvement.

"We, I hope, live in a society where we treat husbands and wives - although we respect the closeness of their relationship - we treat them as individuals and we shouldn't automatically transfer blame for the deeds of one onto the other," he said.

Labor leader Kevin Rudd says he is not surprised the Liberals have resorted to such tactics.

"[It's] the absolute desperate and deceptive and negative nature of these Liberal Party tactics on the eve of an election, which summarises in itself the desperate and negative nature of the entire Liberal Party advertising campaign." he said.

"It has been desperate and negative."

Gary Clark, the husband of the seat's retiring Liberal MP Jackie Kelly, has apologised to the Liberal Party for his part in the scandal.

Mr Clark, who is pictured on the front of today's Daily Telegraph holding one of the flyers in front of his face, has also apologised to the Muslim community.

But a former campaigner for Ms Kelly says her team has used questionable tactics before - including issuing fake 'how to vote' cards on the 2001 polling day.

Ken Higgs says it was openly discussed at campaign meetings as a way to counter a threat from a resident action group which was campaigning on a platform to save a local defence site.

"It actually said how to save the ADI site and the number one preference was Jackie Kelly and our Liberal party booth workers were told to put on a 'Save the ADI site' T-shirt and hand out this bogus how to vote card," he said.

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has referred Labor Party complaints over the flyers to the Australian Federal Police.

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  • henriet:

    22 Nov 2007 4:31:20pm

    To the others in the post regarding Howards spech that attackd posters with being wrong about which husband did this. It was both husbands.

    Get your facts right KEN and try not to get to uptight about the Liberal spin.

    Liberal Voters you are a disgrace for even trying to cover for this behaviour. Though not unexpected. My Bumper Sticker will read " You can thank me - I voted Labor"

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  • Disappointed Liberal:

    22 Nov 2007 4:31:13pm

    I'm a long term Liberal Party member, but there is no place in my support of the party for the type of tactics that have been employed in the distribution of these pamphlets.
    From first hand contact over the past several months, Karen Chijoff impresses me as a basically decent person. I would be shattered if I found out that she had first hand knowledge of these actions before they occurred.
    Criminal charges should be brought against the people found to be involved, no matter who they are, so that anyone contemplating rorting the electoral system in future would think twice before doing so.
    And before the Labor Party starts acting with a "holier than thou" attitude, let's wait and see how the orange shirted "Your Rights At Work" brigade behave on Saturday. Their recent behaviour in mixed political company in public places hasn't been great (the Glenbrook Festival is one case in point).

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  • Dr. Chris Cooper, Hobart:

    22 Nov 2007 4:27:09pm

    I was wondering how many words and issues I could think of as reasons not to vote for Howard.

    Global warming denial, interest rate rises, racist election pamphlets in Lindsay, Iraq, cruel treatment of refugees, locking up Australians in Immigration Detention Centres, the Wheat Board scandal, misuse of public money in grant programs, scare campaign expert, David Hicks, George Bushs best buddy, jobs for his mates, lack of belief in ministerial responsibility, duplication of services, early days support for Pauline Hanson and leveraging the related fear in the Australian community to his own advantage, and oh the team Philip Ruddock (note his absence of anything to say during the election campaign) Tony Abbott the Minister for stuff ups and the only piece of Liberal honesty during this long and boring election campaign, wont say sorry

    and I wont be sorry when John Howard loses the election and his seat and cries on National TV.

    Wishing the Australian people Happy Days on Saturday night.

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  • Rake:

    22 Nov 2007 4:20:09pm

    These fraudulent flyers put out by Liberal Party members actually are an afront to Australian democracy - especially by betraying the 'fair go' principle.

    Even though democracy has its limitations's also a wonderful feature of modern civilization, and we would be surely much worse for not having it.

    Things like these fraudulent flyers make a mockery of democracy, and expressing our feelings as citizens, and ensuring that this fraud is dealt with by authorities, is very important for the defence of our democracy.

    And it's also very important that the Liberal Party does not cover for anybody who is involved with this afront, including any candidates who may have been aware of the flyers existance and did nothing to stop it.

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  • Fair Go:

    22 Nov 2007 4:19:29pm

    If You are Going to Tell a Lie Tell a Big One?

    The anti muslim flyer is desperate enough.

    In the last few days there has been a whispering campaign on defence bases that the Labor party would remove service members' Sevice Allowance!

    A Labor Party would be mad to do that. It was a Labor Government that introduced the Allowance in 73!!

    Ironically the source of this deceipt is in Herbert... Like the voters of Lindsay the Defence Members of Herbert are not dumb...

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  • Richo:

    22 Nov 2007 4:17:11pm

    Ah, yes, the 'Born to Rule' party is at it again with their questionable tactics which they think is OK - so long as other political parties don't partake.

    Just another nail in the coffin!

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  • Ian:

    22 Nov 2007 4:16:13pm

    Despite the obvious smallness of the ALP approach to the electorate, at least they wont cause us more national shame. Once we were considered one of the most enlightened and opened new cultures. The message that was distributed is obviously wildly wrong, but the damage is in the perception that this might actually have some effect on our thinking. The world needs to see us roundly reject this stuff. The perpetrators should do community service, tending to the needs of elderly members of our Isamic and Indigenous communities.

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  • Rick:

    22 Nov 2007 4:15:34pm

    The Lindsay affair is typical of the desperation of those who have been in power too long and have no shame or morality left to guide them. While on this question, if the blanket ban on electronic advertising was supposed to begin from midnight last night, why is the SMH web site still bombarding us with anti-labor advertisements?

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  • fester:

    22 Nov 2007 4:14:22pm

    Bogus and racist leaflets. Nothing is to low for this desperate goverment.

    All I want to say is;

    Dog whistling Hansonite racism, Xenophobia, treatment of asylum seekers, Tampa, indigenous intervention, not saying sorry, refusal to sign Kyoto, climate change scepticism and inaction, environmental neglect, middle class welfare, funding private schools and starving public schools of funds, climate of fear, war on terror, invasion of Iraq, AWB corruption, electoral pork barrelling, workchoices, money over people, private health over public health, foreign aid neglect, gagging free speech and public debate, scare tactics, negative campaigns, lack of vision, creating federal state division...... the legacy of this governments time in office.

    This is the final straw. Good bye Mr Howard. I look forward to a better world

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  • slapbutt:

    22 Nov 2007 4:14:03pm

    I heard Ms Kelly's abysmal and pathetic attempts to imply this was just 'a chaser-like stunt', 'a joke', and something her husband did with no reference to herself on ABC radio this morning. Her defence was reprehensible.
    ..and now I learn the partner of her replacement is also involved and they still expect us to believe there is no connection.
    I'm quite shocked and saddened that supposedly responsible people could ever stoop as low as this.
    I thought I would be remaining a 'still-swinging' voter to the time I tick the ballot but all this has made the decision easy for me now, and now I just want to see people like these get their just deserts.

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  • Coop:

    22 Nov 2007 4:13:24pm

    I wonder how little Johnny would react if it was the husband/wife of a labor candidate? Oh thats right we did see that when Rudd's wife was in the news. You cant have it both ways Little Johnny!

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  • Ray:

    22 Nov 2007 4:11:37pm

    A joke is funny and I think most people are good-humoured enough to take it as such. But this was obviously no joke. It was not only disgraceful but (dare I say it) completely un-Australian. For shame!

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  • R Polkinghorne:

    22 Nov 2007 4:04:55pm

    Howard should expell Ms Chijoff from his party as surely she is implicated in this aparently criminal act of deception.
    Howard says that husbands and wives are treated as individuals in our society which is clearly a lie as he treats pensioner couples as one.
    How long has the Liberal Party been carrying out such despicable tactics and how have these acts affected the course of past elections.

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  • wayne:

    22 Nov 2007 4:03:39pm

    Well of course the election is the natural extension of the scare campaign that surrounds muslims Australians, linking them to all acts of terror, or potential acts of terror, atleast subliminally. This is indicitive of how the Howard government uses very serious issue's, in dubious and misleading was for their own political advantage.

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  • DeepFritz:

    22 Nov 2007 4:03:16pm

    Let's get really cynical here... It could be viewed quite simply that the Liberal party have calculated that this material would resonate with voters and give them a chance of winning that seat and a few others in outer suburban Sydney.... If that's the case the general population of Australia also need to hang their heads in shame.

    I persoanlly will say Sorry but not actually apologise for not voting for the Liberals.

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  • Luka:

    22 Nov 2007 3:59:10pm

    I must add - Jackie Kelly's performance on AM this morning, defending the racist pamphlet as a "prank", was one of the most appalling interviews I have ever heard on radio. Out of her own mouth she is condemned.

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  • Billy:

    22 Nov 2007 3:54:24pm

    And Jackie Kelly tells us that she loves her husband because he 'hates Unions'! Oh dear! I"m a member of a Union and I keep feeling that the encumbent administration... that of 'honest John,' believe that I am a criminal, a thug and that the rights and values I hold are tantamount to treason!!! Marginalising groups in society is the only thing this group of miscreants can do in the way of presenting an 'alternative'! They are an absolute disgrace!!!

    I find the whole leaflet episode abhorrent! It reeks of racism and xenophobia and only serves to reinforce my belief that we have been ruled by a shameful collection of pathetic old white men for far, far too long!!!

    Kevin 07!!!

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  • Luka:

    22 Nov 2007 3:54:03pm

    It beggars belief that the husband of the candidate, the husband of the sitting member and a member of the state executive could all be involved in this conspiracy to inflict electcoral fraud (and incite racism along the way) without the candidate or the sitting member knowing.

    It also beggars belief that these were the only people who knew.

    Whether the PM really knew or not is not especially relevant. Just as the cultures of 'plausible deniability' and 'whatever it takes to created fear of asylum seekers' he created in PM&C laid the ground for the children overboard affair, so too the culture of plausible deniability and 'whatever it takes to run a fear campaign against Labor' laid the ground for this. In the end, he has to take responsibility for what his underlings did.

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  • longfulan:

    22 Nov 2007 3:52:27pm

    Remember Don 'keep the bastards honest' Chipp. On the eve of the 1972 election as minister for immigration in the Liberal government, and after the media blackout, the Friday evening newspapers reported Chipp saying that if Labor were elected, the flood gates of pornography, drugs and Asian immigration would open. Yes, 'keep the bastards honest' Chipp was not above dishonesty.

    We can always be sure that the Liberals in modern times will never accept the verdict or decision of the umpire. If they are voted out on Saturday, it will be the voters who are wrong in their view. Only recently have they learned to use the words 'I take responsibility', which under the Westminster system requires a resignation. But clearly they have contempt for the Westminster system.

    I have no trust in anyone who just knows he is right, that there can never be a shade of grey. The Liberals in recent times, amidst their confusion, not to mention incompetence are lashing out in all directions with self-righteous fanaticism.

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  • Sam:

    22 Nov 2007 3:50:36pm

    How ironic that the final nail in the coffin for the grubbiest government in the history of Australian politics was the backfiring of another of their dirty, lying tricks.

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  • Ralph:

    22 Nov 2007 3:49:59pm

    Was not it Ms Kelly and her husband who were proud of photos of their having intercourse on Ms Kelly's office desk? Ms Kelly is now failing to stand up and say sorry for her next unprofessional interlude. Ms Kelly will still get a good parliamnetary pension when she retires I guess. All Australians need to send a message to the politicians that they have professional responsibilities and vote against anyone who stands for or supports Ms Kelly and her team. It will be a sad day if the Kelly team have any support left in Lindsay.

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  • Eli Zarr:

    22 Nov 2007 3:49:35pm

    The shrieks of "I know nothing" from Liberal HQ don't ring true. After all someone had enough time to make contact with the ALP who set in train the process of sending out the sting crew who exposed this whole filthy business. Hardly an endeavour cooked up over a few beers, after all who tipped off the 'goon squad' as Ms Kelly so eloquently described them. Do the Libs really think people can't work out that there's more to this than is being said ?

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  • Andrew:

    22 Nov 2007 3:48:43pm

    If the majority of these posts were about how terrible it was for a religion to be singled out I would take this article more seriously, but given it seems a free punch card at Liberal it seems there is very little sincerity here.

    I found it distasteful, but then what I find in poor humour others find funny. Chasers are the classic example, sometimes I find them to be funny, sometimes they should be jailed. And they do so with tax-payer funding.

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  • Mike:

    22 Nov 2007 3:45:50pm

    What is a sad but true fact is that the flyers probably would influence some voters to change their vote.

    I have read the flyer and I have a very good sense of humor there is nothing funny about the content. It is not written tounge in cheek. There is no humor to it all. Had the Chaser done exactly the same thing they would be booking another appearance in federal court. It is nothing at all like a Chaser prank.

    For mine the intent was to influence the out come of the election in that seat. Nothing more nothing less.

    Dare I say "Shame Howard Shame", "Its Time" for a change now.

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  • Matt:

    22 Nov 2007 3:44:22pm

    After this last episode can the Libs still win on Saturday ??
    They have manage to use 'diry' tricks before ie. Tampa, WMD, Interest rates, Etc.

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  • webb:

    22 Nov 2007 3:41:31pm

    Jackie Kelly and Co have always been a joke, what really the crime is tax-payer funded pension we now has to pay to this idiot

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  • Andrew Pumfrey:

    22 Nov 2007 3:40:51pm

    The ring leader of this outrageous behaviour is John Howard.What did we here Bill Heffernan say about Julia Gillard earlier in the year?Whos allowed personal attack after personal attack on Kevin Rudd all year --John Howard ,I mean they even warranted use of Rudd's medical history of a heart operation to say he wasn't fit to be a leader!More recently we've had Tony Abbott using a womans miscarriage ina public hospital toilet to try and pin the hospital crisis on the N.S.W's State Government when the AIHW 2007 health expenditure report clearly revealed the Howard Government had underfunded health nationally to the tune of Billions of dollars.John Howard stood by ,said nothing and supported Abbotts outrageous comments without question.He condones it!
    John Howard has condoned and worse still encouraged an anything goes win at all costs campaign against Labor and the Unions all year.Todays press conference was no different ,there he was trying to convince the media Jackie Kelly knew nothing of her husbands actions in distributring the leaflet.How can anyone believe this guy?.He's has proven to be an habitual liar who'll do and say anything to get himself and his party relelected.His and his partry colleagues statements have come right out of the gutter all year--check for yourself!

    Andrew Pumfrey 21-11-07

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  • chickamu:

    22 Nov 2007 3:40:22pm

    Racist -yes- but the aboriginal people have been saying that about this government for years.
    Disgraceful- yes- but then so was the Tampa and AWB and (do I need to go on?
    Electorally fraudulent- maybe- but then if Bush can do it so can Howard.
    Funny? Not even close.

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  • David of Bennelong:

    22 Nov 2007 3:39:40pm

    If the Liberals are doing this in Lindsay involving a member of the State Executive, the candidate's husband the retiring candidate's husband, one wonders whether this is the tip of the iceberg.

    I have heard a number of mentions of the roving squad of Young Liberals roving around Bennelong, stealing and destroying Maxine McKew signs. The local media reported yesterday of bogus letters threatening residents with signs to remove them as their personal safety was at risk, supposedly signed by Ms McKew. Chinese shops showing displays of support for the Labor Candidate have been threatened and told to display Howard signs as well, as that is the way that things happen in Australia. The irony of all this is that amidst John Howard's grab bag of last minute promises is the installation of TV cameras to reduce crime. He could save the promises by reigning in his out of control cronies!

    The use of the race card shows that the Liberals just don't get it and that is why the nation has turned against Howard. Sure the economy is important but a safe, cohesive and unite community is also important, something that the Liberals haven't delivered.

    Another lovely day in John Howard's Australia.

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  • Nanda:

    22 Nov 2007 3:38:30pm

    This is quite in line with the dirty tactics we have come to expect from this government for the sake of staying in power.

    The children over board , Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (that did not exist), deportation of Dr Haneef , the scandalous waste of taxpayers money on blatant propaganda, the buck passing on the status of our hospitals and healthcare, drastic reductions in the funding of our tertiary learning institutions ,

    the list goes on and on.

    Lets hope the Australian voters will give this government what they really deserve.

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  • auditor:

    22 Nov 2007 3:37:27pm

    Lies, lies and more lies.
    It's time to open the lid of the dust bin of history and sweep the parliament clean!

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  • Andrew:

    22 Nov 2007 3:36:43pm

    It's hard to imagine a more desperate, low act. Time for a change of Government.

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  • Lu:

    22 Nov 2007 3:30:58pm

    What a shame we are becoming increasingly racist and xenophobic. Once we as a nation had a good reputation internationally, now sadly this is not the case. Incidents like this only fuel the issue. Stupid in the extreme by whoever instigated it. This is petty, childish and cruel.

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  • Allen:

    22 Nov 2007 3:30:16pm

    One wonders why the Liberals bother with this tactic in Lindsay. They have organised the electoral boundaries so well that they need only get 48% of the vote to win . They have turned the gerrymander into an art form. But then nothing changes, Menzies did it in 1954 and 1961. In Queensland Joh had a deputy premier who offered to arrange the seats so that ensure that the nationals would never lose. Still,it is interesting to be on the other side and watch true conservatism at work in Australia today. Nasty aren't they?

    Agree (1) Alert moderator

      • Smaug:

        22 Nov 2007 3:55:24pm

        Electorate boundries are set independently not by government.

        Agree (0) Alert moderator

      • James:

        22 Nov 2007 4:23:10pm

        Hey Allen, what do you mean "they have organised the electoral boundaries"?

        I thought the AEC handled all redistributions.

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  • HOSS:

    22 Nov 2007 3:22:55pm

    FRAUD, ELECTORAL FRAUD, RACISM, INCITEMENT = A JOKE??? And the wives (who are only the retiring member and the candidate) knew nothing??? I would now like to see Kelly's pension go to the families of the Bali victims.

    Agree (0) Alert moderator

  • slammy:

    22 Nov 2007 3:22:01pm

    Gary Clake and Jackie Kelly.. it is a disgraceful.
    You are not only anti Labour...also Muslim community.
    I am not Muslim. but I do feel sorry for them.

    Agree (0) Alert moderator

      • Hasan:

        22 Nov 2007 4:01:08pm


        Please don't feel sorry for us. Feel sorry for scums like Jackie Kelly and her husdand and their protector King Johnny and his colleagues. Look at what Kevin Andrews did to Dr Haneef. His is even worse that Kelly and her husband. This is the consequence of the damage that Howard goverment did to this country over the past 11 years.

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  • Jim Kelly:

    22 Nov 2007 3:19:51pm

    So, John Howard says " Ms Chijoff should not be sacked for her husband's involvement."

    "We, I hope, live in a society where we treat husbands and wives, although we respect the closeness of their relationship, we treat them as individuals and we shouldn't automatically transfer blame for the deeds of one onto the other," he said."

    That's hardly how the coalition has been portraying Mr Rudd and his wife Therese's(separate business) affairs.

    While we are about it, this blatant smear tactic brings back horrible memories of the Arthur Calwell Vietnam election when 3 days before the election (on the last possible moment before the news blackout) the liberals blanket letterboxed the skull and crossbones graves leaflet across Australia insinuating a vote against Vietnam was a vote for death. They haven't changed and won't.

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  • Nick:

    22 Nov 2007 3:11:16pm

    So apparently after a 'few beers' - they got in their cars and drove around the neighbourhood.

    Wonderfully well-thought out damage control!

    If they'd not been found out, I imagine their next step would have been to report the pamphlets to the media...

    Agree (0) Alert moderator

      • fester:

        22 Nov 2007 4:17:50pm

        They weren't drunk when they printed them, possibly on publicly paid for printers.

        Or maybe they are always drunk, their judgement is definitely impaired.

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  • Annika:

    22 Nov 2007 3:06:21pm

    And it would appear that Howard and his crew have some form for this. Wasn't a similar campaign run against Ed Husic when he stood for the seat of Greenaway in 2004. The Muslim scare tactic was used in that campaign as well. Costing Mr. Husic an almost certain victory in that seat. Howard's claims of having no knowledge of this issue are hollow in the extreme. These people (and anyone of any political colour) caught engaging in this kind of activity should be prosecuted. As for expelling them from the Liberal Party, why bother? If you expelled them all for these kinds of things I do not believe you would have any members left. Based on the observations of this campaign and the Liberal Party tactics, they are on some sort of steroids that raises the level of vindictiveness. Roll on Saturday, I hope the Australian people do think long and hard about the kinds of personal characteristics that theywant in the people running the country. Honesty, selfless, compassionate or sly, devious, hypocritical, born to rule spin doctors who will do anything to cling to power!

    Agree (1) Alert moderator

  • David:

    22 Nov 2007 3:05:45pm

    You get to the point when you dont want to read a party's point of view anymore when they do these disgusting tactics.

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  • Nil:

    22 Nov 2007 3:00:55pm

    It is a disgraceful act.

    When you consider the past events of the Liberal party, I think the party has an endemic problem with accepting other cultures and practices. I hope the action is not supported by certain element of hatred towards other parties. However actions are supported by attitudes. These attitudes were reflected on many cases in the past and practiced by many senior liberals. Socially we have gone backwards.

    The most recent one being Dr. Hanif's case. I am sure there will be more in the future under this administration. Consider the detention policy of this administration; people are detained outside of Australia. This action is a reflection of a

    Consider the climate change policies we have become so ignorant and we are in a denial mode. USA uses 20 million oil barrels a day I believe that there should be some actions in reducing green house gasses from the US, without blaming China and India. China only uses 3 million oil barrels per day.

    Agree (0) Alert moderator

      • Greg h:

        22 Nov 2007 3:09:50pm

        So Rudd is going to so strong that if elected he would force the US to cut its greenhouse gas emissions? This is really wishful thinking.

        Agree (0) Alert moderator

          • Smaug:

            22 Nov 2007 3:52:40pm

            No, but by signing Kyoto the US becomes isolated in their position and can no longer use Australia as an excuse to do nothing. Of course Howard has sold his soul to Bush and would do nothing if george doesn't give him permission.

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          • Scott B:

            22 Nov 2007 4:10:03pm

   opposed to Howard's head in the sand tactic, Greg h?

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  • Bill Loudon:

    22 Nov 2007 2:59:19pm

    Liberal politics has struck a new low but it was to be expected -they're desperate this time.
    But you've got to give it to Howard and his cronies when it comes to the race card - no one can come close, they win hands down all the time.
    Now that Plan A has failed (again), Howard in his famous cameo Sergeant Schultz role gives us the spiel: "I know nothing!"
    This leaflet was deliberate misinformation at stirring up hatred and violence - how pitiful and they expect Australian to trust them!

    Agree (0) Alert moderator

  • Prem:

    22 Nov 2007 2:56:48pm

    Howard did not know Children overboard was not true though diffence official claims he was told. Karen did not know what Greg was doing. Right hand will never know what left hand is doing. Howard never accepted responsibility for anything other than our resource boom. What he eventually saying is that he is responsible for the China boom and he is a good economic manager!

    Agree (0) Alert moderator

  • Glenn :

    22 Nov 2007 2:52:35pm

    Now that the Prime Ministers "pet" Jackie Kelly has grabbed her super/pension and run the new girl Karen Chijoff has stepped into her shoes and bought along her pamphlet distributing husband with her.
    The only candidate who will be good for the people of Lindsay is the local hero David Bradbury - give him a go!

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  • Dave:

    22 Nov 2007 2:52:22pm

    If it was a joke, they would've put some fine print on the flyer marking it as such, and marking it as Lib-produced. Even if it WAS a joke, which is extremely unlikely, the racial content remains just as serious. Everyone involved should go down for this.

    Agree (0) Alert moderator

  • grahame dudley:

    22 Nov 2007 2:51:02pm

    The single most outrageous and cynical act by a political party in my 40yrs of voting. IF people act in this way before they get in how will they act when they are safely in for another 4years. EVERY election .
    (Tampa,pork barreilng, the interest rates scare) there has been a dirty trick played but the liberal party has sunk so low this time and treated so many innocent people so badly it does not deserve to be elected. and last night they called it merely "inappropriate" behaviour( can't they spell 'criminal') and are demanding apologies from those whom they have so slandered and lied about. get real , get decent, but please GET LOST

    Agree (0) Alert moderator

  • Ned:

    22 Nov 2007 2:50:14pm

    Now we are going to believe that Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Chijoff had no knowledge what so ever what their husbands were doing. They never witness any discussions regarding the content, preaparation, printing of these flyers, never saw the flyers in their husbands hands and did not even bother asking their husbands were they were going in the middle of the night in 3 cars and with other people either. Pigs might fly too.

    Agree (0) Alert moderator

      • Jimmy:

        22 Nov 2007 2:58:09pm

        Ned - they should both be expelled though the voters will probably do that on Saturday anyway.

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          • Paul:

            22 Nov 2007 3:09:26pm

            Hi Jimmy,
            it is worse than asking for their expulsion through the ballot box. If it comes out that both wives knew of what the husbands had done, all should face jail for electoral fraud and racial hatred law grounds. This needs to be pressed NOW, today, Thursday to see whether the Wife Candidate should still be considered a valid candidate for the election.

            This is a corrupt behaviour in its grossest form. Initial exclusion should come from the electoral box, but proper scrutiny should come through the criminal investigative system. It was inexcusable what was done.

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  • P Q:

    22 Nov 2007 2:47:37pm

    Only John Howard can twist the facts to argue that Karen Chijoff should not be blamed for her husband's action. What he is suggesting is the general rule that one partner is not responsible for the action of the other. The exception is where one partner benefits from the actions of the other partner. In those exceptional circumstances, it is quite correct to deem the other partner equally responsible. Otherwise, no insider trading action will ever succeed.

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  • lenman:

    22 Nov 2007 2:47:27pm

    Dear Greg H
    Have you missed the boat and were reading another article, not the one in question or simply trying to distract the debate?

    Get this re the bogus letterbox drop. Unethical, illegal, despicable, reprehensible, immoral, unaustralian, divisive, racist, selfish, ugly, un-funny, unacceptable, foolish, just plain stupid and they got caught! Can I make it any plainer?

    Why do some Australians excuse bad behaviour because it is an election and this kind of thing is sort of OK in the cut and thrust of political life? How about we start to expect all people in public life, or trying to get into it, to lead the ethical debate not debase it?

    Badly behaving politicians are not just naughty children when they are caught out. They are shamful, embarrassing and disappointing and an affront to true democratic principles.

    This applies to you Ms Kelly and any other political animal of any persuasion who tries to pretend these things are OK. They definitely are not!!!

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      • Greg h:

        22 Nov 2007 2:59:52pm

        Regarding the flyers, atleast 2/3 allegations are kind of accurate or closer to the truth.

        Robert Mcclelland did want Bali bombers to be spared the capital punishment.

        Sheik hilali visa residency was granted by keating against the wishes of his immigration minister.

        As low as campaign tactics go, this is not something unique.

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          • Jim G:

            22 Nov 2007 3:39:55pm

            'kind of accurate or closer to the truth' - is that the best spin you can come out with. Truth/Accuracy is a yes or no proposition - it is true or accurate, or it is not.

            This is a disgracefull act and a sad footnote to Jackie Kelly's career - while I am NO Lib fan, there was a time when Jackie Kelly had a bit of class.

            Now when you said 'As low as campaign tactics go, this is not something unique.' do you mean that the Libs have plans to go lower in the last days as they get more desparate?

            PS: Robert McClelland was opposed to the Death Penalty - not to the guilt or punishment of the bali bombers & and as for Sheikh Al Hilali being granted residency - he was never convicted or formally accused of criminal acts - he may be a fool but you above most people should be gratefull that that is not a criteria for living in this country.

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          • Rake:

            22 Nov 2007 4:27:29pm

            Greg h, it's beside the point. The issue is the Australian principle of 'fair go', and surely it's more important to not even come close to justifying something that attempts to undermine our democratic process with fraud.

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  • Redback:

    22 Nov 2007 2:46:06pm

    This is just so typical of the mindset of the Liberal Party and how they go about running against others. They ramped up a campaign against Pauline Hanson and had her humiliated for daring to say what so many Australians had been saying for years. Now, Rudd comes along and they roll out the 'Liberals bag of dirty politics' and they hope we'll trust them to run Australia as a global nation!?? Howard has been about the worst example of a dirty politician since Menzies....whom he modelled himself upon.

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  • Rebecca:

    22 Nov 2007 2:40:42pm

    ' "We, I hope, live in a society where we treat husbands and wives, although we respect the closeness of their relationship, we treat them as individuals and we shouldn't automatically transfer blame for the deeds of one onto the other," he said.'

    Pity he didn't believe that when he attacked Rudd over his wife's business! I believe the word he used in that case was 'hypocrite'. Hmmm

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  • Smaug:

    22 Nov 2007 2:32:33pm

    How much of this rot have they done over the years? Personally I would like to see someone charged. This kind of behaviour is what undermines any democracy and should be trodden on quickly and brutally by the law.

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  • Gerry:

    22 Nov 2007 2:31:14pm

    The AEC should investigate whether Ms Chijoff had any involvement / knowledge of her husbands antics in this disgraceful episode

    Agree (1) Alert moderator

  • Mike Brisco:

    22 Nov 2007 2:31:09pm

    "Kelly says fake flier meant as a joke"

    Could this possibly be the same political party, which a few months back, treated another 'fake flyer' as NOT a joke?

    That flyer was a mock press release, dated April 1. It was in southern NSW, as part of an anti-logging campaign. And was released by some conservationists.

    The conservationists said the release was indeed a joke - their date supported that. Nevertheless, the politician reported conservationists to the police, and then when they refused to act, to the parliamentary Privileges Committee.

    What goes around, comes around.

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  • time4change:

    22 Nov 2007 2:31:04pm

    It is the Liberal Party that needs to take responsibilitiy for this act of terrorism.

    Inciting terrorist acts is against the law under our anti-terrorism laws.

    Senior Officials have committed this crime. As officials of the Liberal Party, the Party is liable.

    This is the most disgusting act. The true anti-Australian colours of the Liberal Party are showing.

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  • John:

    22 Nov 2007 2:26:41pm

    The Prime Minister's campaign isn't adverse to manipulating polling booth literature either. In 2004 I was helping Troy Rollo, independent for Bennelong, man some of the polling booths. We did not have enough people to man the Eastwood booth, so at each each entrance to the polling station we had an unattended box of how to vote cards. At the end of the day I returned to find that the Rollo how to vote cards had been replaced with Howard how to vote cards. All the other parties respected the principles of democracy and did not meddle with the unattended literature. Not the liberals.

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  • Jim hamilton:

    22 Nov 2007 2:22:55pm

    Does anyone seriously think that both Jackie Kelly and the endorsed candidate for Lindsay did not know what their dumb husbands were up to.

    Also the ex State Liberal office bearer said the distribution was authorised.

    Power corrupts.

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  • Greg h:

    22 Nov 2007 2:22:39pm

    Abolishing workchoices and replacing with what? This kind of uncertainity is damaging to the economy and prevent business from making hiring decisions.

    Ratifying Kyoto is a symbolic ,empty gesture when Australia is already meeting the required targets under Kyoto.

    It is clear Rudd lacks substance and he is just more in to sloganeering and empty gestures.

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      • Dave:

        22 Nov 2007 2:40:41pm

        I think you're commening on the wrong article. This one is about the nauseating, bottom-feeding campaign tactics of the Liberal party. Any comments on that?

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      • Chris.H:

        22 Nov 2007 2:50:17pm


        Did you read this article or are you an unauthorised Liberal party forum spammer?

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      • churchill:

        22 Nov 2007 3:10:58pm

        Nice work dave, it does appear greg is still catching up with last weeks issues. But I can't wait for the charges to be laid by the federal police, as this is clearly a premeditated flagrant breach of Australian Electoral Law (section 328/329). Just a pity the penalties are so meek.
        Personally, I wouldn't think Howard would be so stupid to support such an illegal last grasp for votes, but his credibilty now falls to pieces whenever he attemps to make unions look bad.
        Liberals, what a so so stupid.

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      • Scott B:

        22 Nov 2007 3:25:44pm

        Greg h: we are discussing the disgusting Liberal tactic in the seat of Lindsay, not Liberal Party untruths. However, if you should read the policy from the ALP when it comes to getting rid of the Draconian WorkChoices.

        And Kyoto...did you not read the recent report saying that Australia is not meeting any targets, especially those drawn up in Kyoto? We are amongst the highest polluters.

        It is clear that Howard has lost it. There is nothing more to say, it has been a shocking campaign from the PM, and he is looking more and more lost each day.

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  • Shane:

    22 Nov 2007 2:15:53pm

    If Jackie Kelly really thinks the flyers are 'Chaser -prank' style why doesn't she just join the Chaser team instead of masquerading as a political party official?

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      • JayR:

        22 Nov 2007 2:57:27pm

        I dont know if she's watching the same show that i have. The chasers are funny and allow other people's predjudices to show themselves up.

        This kind of stuff, is of the most utterly disgraceful level and not even vaguely considerable as a 'prank'. More proof of the Liberals smear tactics...

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          • Greg h:

            22 Nov 2007 3:12:48pm

            The Chasers routinely use smear and dirty tactics as humour to insult the right wing side of politics.

            In this case it is used by Right on the Left. So Kelly is kind of right in her remarks.

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              • Spider Dijon:

                22 Nov 2007 3:38:00pm

                The Chaser is an ubiased show. They have declared "War on everything" as the name of the show suggests. They comment on stupidity by politicians and celebrities (bare in mind they love to pay out Peter Garrett and Kevin Rudd). It just so happens that the Coalition say and do some very stupid things. Not only this, but the Chasers do not represent any particular party. They are impartial.

                In this case, the "joke" has been made by one political party to bring the other party's credibility down. What they have done was not in the name of humour, but in the name of political advantage. Its (in the words of Bop) completely unsatirical and done in a purely manipulative fashion.

                So, No. Kelly is not right in her remarks.

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              • rumtytum:

                22 Nov 2007 4:00:24pm

                greg h: The Chaser has a go at everybody, left and right, without fear or favour, but it's a much-loved tactic of the right to claim victim status while actually running the show. The overwhelming spin from the media - newspapers and radio and television stations - is in favour of the Coalition, yet right-wingers would have us believe the entire world is run by a cabal of socialist poets, playwrights and trade-unionists. Most right-wingers won't accept that they should ever be a target for satire. They believe that everything they think and do is, by definition, righteous, even something as ghastly and cretinous as has happened in Lindsay. By the way, I know you'll consider the question below the belt, but what do you think of what's been done in Lindsay?

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              • Connell:

                22 Nov 2007 4:02:20pm

                Have you ever watched the chasers? They give the left a spray as well. Have you forgotten the time they got Beazley so angry he threatened to knee-cap them? Or the entire Kevin '07 musical complete with strippers?

                The current government cop a bit more then the opposition, because they are the source of more material. If there is a change of government, it will swap around.

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              • Scott B:

                22 Nov 2007 4:07:18pm

                Greg h, you are grasping for straws. The Chaser has routinely poked fun at Rudd. Your argument has more holes than WorkChoices.

                For Kelly to come out and compare this stunt with the Chaser highlights the desperation of the Party: "but it was only a joke, seriously!"


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              • matta yogi:

                22 Nov 2007 4:07:20pm

                left right whatever. racist anti-muslim garbage perpetuated by an administration that thrives on ignorance and fear. they truly are scraping the bottom of the barrel and any tactic they can think of they will use. as for the chasers, they wouldn't be slinking around in the middle of the night after a 'few beers' throwing such garbage into people's letterboxes, they would have done it in broad daylight dressed as osama or something - pull your head in mate.

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              • Doyle:

                22 Nov 2007 4:24:58pm

                The Chaser is quite obviously satire.

                You seem to be the only person here who can't accept that the Libs did something very wrong, and possibly illegal.

                Your comment regarding the Chaser's use of "smear and dirty tactics as humour to insult the right wing side of politics" is pretty unfounded.

                If you've ever watched the Chaser, you'll notice that they poke fun at everyone in equal measures, including the Greens and Labor, not just Family First and Liberal.

                "So Kelly is kind of right"
                Your confounded logic is catching up with you it seems...

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              • auditor:

                22 Nov 2007 4:29:48pm

                Just a joke eh?

                Firstly, the Chaser team aren't running for office. When political parties start treating the electoral process as a joke, we should all start getting worried.
                Secondly, do you really think that Kelly's pals would have revealed the "joke" had they not been caught red hen was Kelly planning to deliver the punchline?
                Thirdly, didn't your mummy tell you that two wrongs don't make a right? Too often we hear politicians and their supporters justify despicable behaviour by claiming that the other side does it too. Howard says he's against moral relativism. Was he only joking then?

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      • Peter:

        22 Nov 2007 2:59:41pm

        If the Chaser had done this - most of these posts would be laughing and justifying on the basis of rights to free speech and telling everyone to loosen up.

        Others would say it was offensive and inappropriate. I think the latter - but it is interesting how politics influences it all. Look at the lies and distortion of truths in election advertising from both sides. Hypocrites.

        Agree (0) Alert moderator

          • bop:

            22 Nov 2007 3:20:45pm

            The Chaser wouldn't have done this, Peter. That's just the point. It's not funny to incite hatred in a completely unsatirical, purely manipulative fashion. It's just criminal.

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          • Barry:

            22 Nov 2007 3:50:08pm

            I think the point here is that the Chaser is a comedy team - NOT the governing party of Australia.

            The Chaser uses jokes to point out flaws in society.

            The Liberal Party used this "Joke" to incite fear and racial hatred!

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  • Bernard:

    22 Nov 2007 2:12:58pm

    If only Mr Howard had been so keen to separate the activities of husbands and wives when Mr Rudd's wife's company was found to be underpaying workers (unbeknownst to her of course, making the link even more tenuous). I'm pretty sure you can't have it both ways.

    Agree (0) Alert moderator

      • Liz:

        22 Nov 2007 3:59:34pm

        Jackie Kelly has always been a questionable addition to our Parliament. Remember her comments about preferring to take her kids shopping than to attend Question Time -i t was so boring for her! Good riddance.

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