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January 2007: Volume 9, Issue 1

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In the court of Yamaraja, the king of death

Yamadutas are the servants of the God of death, Yamaraja, who sends them to snatch the soul of the deceased, and the dying see these beings coming even before leaving the body. When Yamaraja and his assistants take a living entity away to the place of judgment, the life, life air and desires, also go with him. When the living entity and the life air are gone, the lump of matter, the gross body, is rejected and left behind. The living entity then goes to the court of judgment, and Yamaraja decides what kind of body he is going to get next. This process is unknown to the modern men. Every living entity is responsible for his activities in this life, and after death he is taken to the court of Yamaraja. Although the gross material body is left, the living entity and his desires, as well as the resultant reactions of his past activities, go on. It is Yamaraja who decides what kind of body one gets next in accordance with one's past actions.

To see the Yamadutas, or the carriers of order of Yamaraja, superintendent of death, to see face to face... At the time of death, when a very sinful man is dying, he sees the Yamaraja or the order carriers of Yamaraja. They are very fierce looking. Sometimes the man on the deathbed becomes very much fearful and cries, 'Save me, save me.'
-Srila Prabhupada

Condition of death is miserable. When one is lying in coma, so much sufferings is going on, so much dreaming, the Yamadutas are coming. Sometimes the man on the deathbed cries, he's so much suffering but there is no remedy. Everyone is helpless. So that is the miserable condition of death....
-Srila Prabhupada


What follows is a text emailed to us by His Grace Pavamana Prabhu, a Sastra Dana member.

Pavamana Prabhu

My former boss recently had a severe case of pneumonia, and almost left his body. This happened a few months ago. He recently phoned me to ask if I would do some work for him. (He now owns a new store, and I still work at the old one). I asked how he was, knowing he had been ill, and joked with him, "Welcome back from the dead!" I said, "Did you have any out-of body experiences?" A salesman at our store also worked under him, and also had survived pneumonia, and he told me that he had an out-of-body experience. So, half-joking, I asked if my boss also had one.

He told me that he had seen the Devil. He said that he heard this deep voice say "I'm going to fry you!" He told me that the voice was very low, about 20 cycles. It greatly agitated him, and he became extremely frightened by this. He spent many days in the hospital hooked up to the machinery, the room was dark, and he was alone, hearing these voices menacing him. He couldn't sleep. When he returned home, he could only sleep in front of the TV, not upstairs in his bed. He told me that he went through the "tunnel" and into the white light, where he saw the many faces of his relatives. He couldn't find any refuge from any of the relatives, except one- his sister. Apparently she is quite religious. When he saw her face, he said the growling and menacing subsided. His sister saved him.

The whole episode has made a big impression on him, and I wish I'd recorded the conversation. I want to send him the book Second Chance so he can learn more about the experience. (The book Second Chance contains the story of Ajamil. Ajamil was at the end of his life taken by Yamadutas, the messengers of death. This book explains who the Yamadutas, the creatures that drag one out his body to hell are, and how they torture the sinful living entity.) I told him about Ajamila, and how he was saved. Maybe he'll get the point and turn his life around.

What this taught me is that anyone and everyone is subject to punishment. This man is a very nice guy, very mellow, and I would not have guessed that he would be a candidate for hell. But, he is skeptical about spiritual things, and I can understand that those who lack faith in God are bound for the hellish regions. In contrast to his experience, the salesman I mentioned who also had an out-of-body experience told me he saw Jesus in a flowing robe and was very peaceful and happy being in the "light" before he regained consciousness.

Yamadutas are dragging Ajamila out of his body when Vishnudutas appear.

Medical World & Yamadutas

Modern medical world has a term for the symptoms displayed by one who is being dragged out of his body by Yamadutas at the time of death. It is called “terminal restlessness.” The following is taken from

Those who work with the dying know this type of restlessness or agitation almost immediately. However, the public and patient's family may have no idea what is going on and often become quite alarmed at their loved one's condition. What does it look like? Although it varies somewhat in each patient, there are common themes that are seen over and over again.

Patients may be too weak to walk or stand, but they insist on getting up from the bed to the chair, or from the chair back to the bed. Whatever position they are in, they complain they are not comfortable and demand to change positions, even if pain is well managed. They may yell out using uncharacteristic language, sometimes angrily accusing others around them. They appear extremely agitated and may not be objective about their own condition. They may be hallucinating, having psychotic episodes and be totally "out of control." At these times, the patient's safety is seriously threatened.

Some patients may demand to go to the hospital emergency room, even though there is nothing that can be done for them there. Some patients may insist that the police be called that someone unseen is trying to harm them. Some patients may not recognize those around them, confusing them with other people. They may act as if they were living in the past, confronting an old enemy.

Message from HDG Srila Prabhupada:

Please take this mission of Krishna consciousness and go everywhere, to every corner. I am thankful to you. You are already doing that. In Europe and America people are deep asleep. Because people are sleeping under misguidance, and they are becoming candidates for being carried away by the Yamadutas. This is the position of the whole world. Yamadutas! Yamadutas will not excuse you, however you may be very proud of becoming independent. To save the human civilization, the rascal civilization, that ‘There is no life after death, and you go on enjoying as much as you like,' this wrong civilization is a killing civilization. So you save them. You save them. Otherwise the Yamadutas are there.

(Srila Prabhupada, Vrindavan, 9/5/1975)


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