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Legal Structure

The Treasury Solicitor's Department is an Executive Agency acting under the remit of the Attorney General, The Rt. Hon The Baroness Scotland QC.

The formal title given to our Chief Executive, Paul Jenkins, is Her Majesty's Procurator General and Treasury Solicitor.

He also holds the office of the Queen's Proctor, is responsible for collecting Bona Vacantia (ownerless property) on behalf of the Crown, and is Head of the Government Legal Service, comprising a total of 1900 Government Lawyers.

The Treasury Solicitor

Photo of Paul Jenkins, The Treasury Solicitor

Paul Jenkins

Paul joined the GLS from the self-employed Bar in 1979 and spent much of his early career as a litigator in the Treasury Solicitor's Department. He then moved to the Treasury Advisory team before spending two years at the Monopolies and Mergers Commission. In 1992 he returned to TSol to be the first Legal Adviser to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. fdjsldfjlsjlsljlsfjlsfjlsjfljflsjflsjfljsljslfjslfjslfjlfjslfjlsjflsj
From 1998 to 2004 Paul was the Legal Adviser to the Lord Chancellor's Department and then the Director General of the Legal and International Group in the Department of Constitutional Affairs.
Immediately before taking up his appointment as Treasury Solicitor, Paul was the Director General of the Law, Governance and Special Policy Group in the Department for Work and Pensions as well as the Solicitor to both DWP and the Department of Health.

Deputy Treasury Solicitor

Photo of David Pearson, The Deputy Treasury Solicitor

David Pearson

Government Legal Service

The Treasury Solicitor is appointed by the Head of the Home Civil Service to be the Head of the Government Legal Service (GLS). His role is to supervise its well-being and to provide it with a degree of central management/coordination. He is supported in this by the GLS Secretariat.

For more information on the GLS and employment opportunities we invite you to visit the Government Legal Service Recruitment Website.

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