Craw is an independent band from Cleveland, OH and have been together since 1989. Our 1st three full length recordings were recorded with the help of our good friend Steve Albini. The newest one, entitled Bodies for Strontium 90, was engineered by our good friend Bill Korecky at his fantastic Mars studios, and is available on Hydrahead Industries. You can order it direct from there.

We have just recently gotten permission from Hydrahead to place all of the songs from the newest record up in mp3 here. Be cool and send them money. We love doing this but will never profit, be kind to those willing to spend their money to release us.

Craw is still a semi-functional 4-piece outfit, but does not tour.

mp3s of all old songs here. No more complaining about mp3 quality, they are all big, honking 192Kbit/sec files.

And if there is actually more than one person that came to this site on purpose, you might be able to talk here or post messages here .

NEW - I just got around to getting the track we did (My Lacerations, very humorous) for the Dazzling Killmen tribute record ripped. Here

Please donate to craw via secure PayPal if you like to download our music. It might force us make more.


Elliot b/w My Sister's Living Room 7" - Hit&Run; Records
405 b/w Stomp 7" - Choke, Inc.
Hotel Cleveland Vol. 3 Comp. - Scat Records
craw s/t CD/Cass - Choke, Inc.
3128 Seconds Over Cleveland Comp. - WUJC/Scat Records
Lost Nation Road CD/LP - Choke, Inc.
Cancerman comic book 7" - Supermodel Records
Butterflies b/w $10000 Reward split 7" w/ Primitive - No Lie Records
Ballyhoo Guns Records Comp. - Ballyhoo Guns Records (?)
CLE Magazine Comp. - CLE Magazine
Map, Monitor, Surge CD - Cambodia Recordings
Decline of the Midwestern Civilization Comp. - Ant Records
Space is the Place split 7" w/ Sicbay - Obtuse Mule Records
Bodies for Strontium 90 CD - Hydrahead Records

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