Punk gets a golden chance

By Kara A. Medalis
Written: August 7, 2007

CM Punk's 15 Minutes of Fame proved victorious, as he earned his chance at John Morrison's ECW Championship at SummerSlam.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The future is looking bright for the Straightedge Superstar. On ECW, CM Punk not only survived John Morrison’s 15 Minutes of Fame challenge, he defeated the ECW Champion. Punk’s win earned him a chance at Morrison’s ECW gold at SummerSlam on Aug. 26.

With just five seconds left in the 15 Minutes of Fame challenge, Punk hit Morrison with a devastating G.T.S. to win. But to Punk, it doesn’t matter if it took him 15 seconds or 15 minutes. He’d openly stated this would be his last opportunity at a chance for Morrison’s gold. And now, with the win, Punk may really make Morrison sing the blues.

Before their match, Morrison, the self-proclaimed guru of greatness, pondered if Punk could handle his 15 Minutes of Fame challenge. He proclaimed that the end was near for Punk, and that no one would remember his name. Punk countered, promising no one would ever forget the name CM Punk. For now, the Straightedge Superstar shines brightly above the self-proclaimed shaman of sexy.

It’s clearly Punk’s time, as he knocks on the door of Morrison’s so-called palace of wisdom. Punk will face Morrison at SummerSlam. Will Morrison – the new face of Extreme – prove his fame is infinite? Or will Punk prove his focus and dedication are deserving of the ECW Championship?

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