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Labor sweeps to victory

Posted November 24, 2007 20:21:00
Updated November 24, 2007 21:17:00

Swing to Labor: The possible make up of the new Parliament

Swing to Labor: The possible make up of the new Parliament (ABC TV)

ABC elections analyst Antony Green is predicting Labor will return to power after 11 years of Coalition government with a 20-seat majority.

The ABC elections computer predicts 85 seats for Labor in the new Parliament.

"At this stage we are looking like 85 seats for Labor, and that gives Labor a majority of 20 seats at this stage," Mr Green said.

"Now there may be a bit of moving up and down on that but at this stage that is settling down.

"If Labor starts to slip behind in a few Queensland seats then maybe Western Australia will matter, but at this stage it's continuing to track towards a Labor government."

"The picture I'm seeing is that the Government is behind in everything," he added.

"We've got them [Labor] gaining 16 - I'm always prepared to say that's up or down two - but they're also ahead in six other seats which we still class as doubtful which were Liberal-held," he said.

"So that's why on this sort of basis - this is a probability-based exercise - they're not going to suddenly turn around in those."

Labor's deputy leader Julia Gillard says Labor has all but won.

"On the numbers we're seeing tonight, Labor is going to form a government," she said.

With counting underway in Queensland, Labor is polling strongly in leader Kevin Rudd's home state, strengthening its position.

Prime Minister John Howard is facing a battle to keep his seat of Bennelong.

Labor's Maxine McKew has led since counting began, but the two-party preferred count is neck and neck.

The Coalition also looks set to lose the bellweather seat of Eden-Monaro.

Former prime minister Bob Hawke has told Sky TV that Labor has won.

But Defence Minister Brendan Nelson is still reluctant to concede that the election is lost.

"It is looking very difficult for the government," Mr Nelson said. "It doesn't look as if it's going all that well for us in Queensland."

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  • Richy:

    24 Nov 2007 10:18:26pm

    Whatever both parties may have spouted during the election campaign, one comment which resonated within me was the comment that Rudd made concerning workchoices and how many businesses have used it to slash the pay and conditions of Australias workers.
    The comment went along the lines of , "we are a decent country"
    There is a big difference between legality and decency.
    Just because it`s legal doesn`t mean it`s decent, and i sincerely hope the new government stands up for what is right and decent , and not bow to the almighty profit margin and shareholder dividends-there is nothing wrong with profit , it is the "profit at ALL costs" , which to many businesses have these days , which is the problem.

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  • mehrub:

    24 Nov 2007 10:02:13pm

    fantastic results for ALP.........Congrats Kevin......but remember kevin it is us who decides who will win.......if you don't perform good enough, 3 years from today you will be kicked out like howard.

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  • d34nus:

    24 Nov 2007 9:58:15pm

    I'm thankful to see the end of Howard - accountants and their like shouldn't make "world" leaders. Always voted Labour and as a humanist probably always will - however it seems that nowadays political careers survive based on encompassing the views of the middleground, nothing too radical, maintain the status quo and do whatever it take to "get in". Any real change eg world enviroment, global warming, iraq/petroleum requires shifts that require uncomfortable changes for us , those relatively fortunate - so I don't see how this being everyman to everyone helps ultimately. Hopefully best thing to come out of this is less division between those that have and those that don't (how else to judge a society?) and better schools and hospitals. Is this Blair part two or can Mr Rudd really stand up to the task. Unfortunately I suspect not!

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  • Brett:

    24 Nov 2007 9:56:35pm

    "LABOUR" running the country again. Do people not have a memory over there?
    How long and how much did it cost Australia to get back into the black after the previous Labor Government.

    I am so pleased to be an expat living in Asia and not have to live in a country that is going to be so much in debt in a few years "again".

    Come on people remember the HOLE Labor left you in last time.

    Good luck to you and spend up big now because you will be paying for it later, guaranteed.

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  • Christopher Hobe Morrison:

    24 Nov 2007 9:56:07pm

    I'm in New York state in the USA, and I got up to visit the library. When I checked my e-mails I found one from NewsRadio telling me that Howard is out, and in fact has lost his seat. I have ABC NewsRadio 1 in the Favourites on my RealPlayer, so I switched it on immediately. What wonderful news, although I guess this is what the polls have been saying would happen. I switched on the television to waych while I listened, and the American news staqtions all had Larry King or Dancing With the Stars or something. One of the financial stations did say that Labour was probably going to win. I was especially interested in Fox News. They had a ticker which was displaying headlines about how Chavez was going to run a referendum in Venezuela and have all his opponents executed or something. They did have something about how the conservative Australian government was in an election against Labour, but nothing about the results. Poor Murdoch! Poor Bush! How my heart bleeds for them. NOT!!!!!

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      • Leslie:

        24 Nov 2007 10:07:50pm

        I'm in Nevada and there was nothing on the news here about this election.... which I believe is a huge step forward. Had to find this web site to watch this important election. I am sending this to all my friends in the Democratic party here. Hope is a very good thing. Australia, thank you for giving America a great reason to be thankful on this our Thanksgiving Day holiday weekend.

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  • foxkill:

    24 Nov 2007 9:55:46pm

    I am a Australian living in Sweden and I am so glad the Australian people have voted for change.It is so needed !
    Howard was a farce and puppet.I hope Australia can get back on track and contribute to the changes needed at home and the world in general.I might move home again now.
    Miss Australia deeply.

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  • Jan:

    24 Nov 2007 9:55:24pm

    I hope that Australia stops with listening to Mr Bush for the issues of climate and their military involvement. Glad that we might hear another sound soon here in Holland. Why Mr Howard played Bushes trompert is still a mistery to us in Europe. Stick up for good Aussie values and do your own thing. Congratulations!!!

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  • michael:

    24 Nov 2007 9:54:55pm

    Thanks Australia.

    Milionaire Kev, car salesman Swan.

    As a working man its like a kick in the teeth.

    When is the labor party going to have representation of the working class!!!

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  • ol3ears:

    24 Nov 2007 9:46:28pm

    The people that run countries have no further use for the warmongers, it will be cheaper to pull oil out of Africa than target Iran. The next item on the agenda is the CO2 global warming con and the opportunity to privatise the air. For that we have been allowed a change in government. Let us all rejoice in democracy, one policy disaster after another.

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  • Frances:

    24 Nov 2007 9:42:21pm

    Great coverage from the ABC once again. I live in Japan and it has been fatastic to be able to get up to date info throughout the campaign and on election day. (As it happens I will be moving back to Australia on Monday)

    As for the projected result... I am cautiously optimistic. There has been far too much rhetoric and not enough substance from politicians of all persuasions throughout this campaign. I still hold on to the dream that at some point politicans will communicate with the public respecting that we are thinking citizens rather than persuadable drones. I'm sure I will wake up far too soon.

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  • Ray:

    24 Nov 2007 9:38:22pm

    I am so incredibly proud to be an Australian this evening. This was an election not between two men but rather about providing our nation with the potential for an optimistic, forward-thinking future. The results so far show a solidarity amongst us that this is something we all want ... something to which we can be proud. Congratulations all round!

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  • Ralph:

    24 Nov 2007 9:36:48pm

    I appreciate the sense of relief that many people are expressing. However, if Labor win the house of representatives, they will still face a hostile senate and very difficult external conditions.

    They have to restore Australia's reputation internationally - especially in Asia, but also in much of Europe - at a time when global economic conditions will be very difficult.

    I expect a tough time for the new government - and I am remembering what happened in 1974 and 1975. Most voters will have very short memories.

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  • Stiggy:

    24 Nov 2007 9:35:32pm

    As someone who is not allowed to vote - I'm a permanent resident from the UK who has been here for almost 2 years, and has worked and paid taxes (how unfair is that), can I just say that John Howard was the Australian John Major, i.e. well past his sell-by date, and with any luck Kevin Rudd will be the Aussie Tony Blair...

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      • Leslie:

        24 Nov 2007 9:51:20pm

        Rudd an Aussie Tony Blair?! Don't wish that on him. As much as we liked Blair here in the States, he, like Howard was Bush's lap dog. Rudd will do fine if he just doesn't spend time with our Boy George.

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  • Bobby:

    24 Nov 2007 9:31:48pm

    Here in America we congratulate you on putting in a great leader. Howard was a lap dog for Bush! Now we in America need to elect a Democrat in 2008 with a real legislative majority. BTW, we appreciate most of your exports. Just one favor, PLEASE take back Rupert Murdoch!

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  • shayne potts point:

    24 Nov 2007 9:30:21pm

    I just love to see the Libs here spitting the dummy and crying in their fourex. Did you really think we forgot about GST, WMD, AWD, Iraq, Tampa, Dr Haneef, David Hicks, Work Choices, the sell-out of public assets, the Pacific 'solution', climate change denials, aboriginal reconcilliation, same sex partners' rights, the Regional Partnerships rorts, Vivian Alvares, Cornelia Rau, interest rates.

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  • NorthernWinds:

    24 Nov 2007 9:29:54pm

    Leslie, you're comment brought thunderous applause to my home here. Thank you

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  • sonia:

    24 Nov 2007 9:29:11pm

    I'm an Aussie living overseas and a Labor victory could not be sweeter. I just hope Labor will strengthen its social justice and environment agenda and that there will be an end to demonising indigenous peoples.

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  • ozyos:

    24 Nov 2007 9:25:03pm

    change was inevitable, let's hope the economy stays on some sort of positive road and that peter garret's words of changing the policy they'd been peddling out during the campaign are indeed in jest. climate change has to be a priority, not just for oz, but globally.

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      • perthling:

        24 Nov 2007 9:37:10pm

        Ditto to ozyos. I am eagerly awaiting implmenetation of Labor's policies (actually governing, and not leaving anything and everything to open markets) - and just hope while doing so they succeed in keeping inflation and interest rates in check.

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  • Colleen:

    24 Nov 2007 9:19:23pm

    The ABC election coverage is comprehensive and informative and mostly enjoyable viewing.....except for the rowdy audience which is overpowering some of the key comments. I'm not against cheering for the ALP but not on national television at this time please. Thanks again for the coverage but I'd love to hear it all.

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  • Aeryn:

    24 Nov 2007 9:17:45pm

    I was twelve years old when the Coalition came to power, and proceeded to bring Australia to the brink of ruin. Eleven years later, things are back the way they SHOULD be. Congrats Kevin - now it's your job to show us why we chose you to lead our country.

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      • Brett:

        24 Nov 2007 10:00:13pm


        Australia has never been more well off and secure than since the Coalition got rid of the Hawke/Keating/Union government.

        I do not think you will have the same opion in 3 years time

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          • Aeryn:

            24 Nov 2007 10:31:42pm

            Oh, I think I WILL have the same opinion. I have voted Labor since the day I gained the legal right to have my say - and that was five and a half years ago. I don't change my mind easily.

            I can name many reasons why I'm glad Howard has been booted out, not least of which are the Tampa debacle, our involvement in Iraq, the Coalition's preference for private education over public, Howard as Bush's lapdog, the GST, WorkChoices, and incarceration of refugees in detention centres. Now that we have a new leader, maybe this country will finally get back on its feet and regain a modicum of self-respect within the world community.

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  • Robert:

    24 Nov 2007 9:17:07pm

    Thanks to the people of Benelong. You have done us proud!

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  • Dan:

    24 Nov 2007 9:15:57pm

    I'm an American following your election. I am thrilled to hear Rudd is winning! It sounds like you have voted for the change Australia and the world needs! Congratulations and I hope we will do the same in the U.S. come 2008!

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      • Leslie:

        24 Nov 2007 9:34:58pm

        I don't know where you are, Dan......but I am following this too in Nevada, USA. So happy. Hope we can do what the Australians appear to be doing. I am taking this as a sign for us. It's 2:30 AM here and it was worth the loss of sleep to see this.

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  • Ranj:

    24 Nov 2007 9:12:05pm

    I'm an Aussie in Sri lanka and have been following the elction, this is an absolute dream. Its awesome to see an amazing performance by labor. Finally time is here to make Australia truely a great nation under a labor government. I'm back in Aus on the 27th, I cannot wait to come back after this election result tonight. Go Kevin you've done us proud, this one is not just for the true believers its for all Australians.

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  • AVRO1:

    24 Nov 2007 9:12:01pm

    The arrogance and smug attitude of this Government introducing the GST, with the help of the Democrats. The illegal war in Iraq at the bequest of the US Government for oil. The unfair Workplace Agreements biased towards the employer for ultimate power and control over their employees. It's time that these arrogant front bench Liberal Ministers are able to see that they can't always lie their way to power.

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      • Leslie:

        24 Nov 2007 9:31:43pm

        Hello from America...... The war in Iraq was not just for oil..... Permanent war is what Bush wants so he can continue to fill the pockets of Cheney's friends at Halliburton and support the military industrial complex. So much money is made by those who manufacture weapons.... so much money that peace and sanity is almost impossible to acheive. Many here are working to insure that the neocon right wingnuts fail in the next election, but the grip on our Congress from the money interests is quite tight. Anyway, I am happy for Australia.

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  • Andrew_in_NYC:

    24 Nov 2007 9:11:47pm

    As an expat who got up at 5am in New York (9pm in Canberra) to see how things are going with the count I thought it would only be in my dreams that the election would already be called. I thought I'd have a slight wait on my hands... Wow! Fantastic result. I'm proud to say that my pre-poll vote cast overseas won't need to be counted (I vote in Mr. Rudd's electorate of Griffith). Finally we see the end to an unfortunate chapter of conservatism in Australia's political history.

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  • paul:

    24 Nov 2007 9:09:46pm

    OiOiOi what a great set of figures, now we can start moving forward again. Bring home the troops, start the education revolution, get the aboriginal situation back in the spotlight, and get rid of the monarchy. The future is starting to look good for our country after 10 long years of power struggles and lies.

    This campaign showed us just how blind with power the government had become. Would be a great farwell is mr snake oil salesman lost his seat too. Bring it on Ruddy.

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  • Tony:

    24 Nov 2007 9:09:29pm

    Yes it is time for a change says the people of Australia? - I suppose it has been ages since we have seen double figured interest rates - hold on to your wallets everyone, you are going to need to!

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  • julie:

    24 Nov 2007 9:08:48pm

    I have tried to rid this country of JH at every vote and now he will be gone. But this time I did struggle more with my decision as I suspect many did. My greatest hope is the KR's economic stewardship will be his legacy as well as his impressive character.

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  • Darren Morgan:

    24 Nov 2007 9:07:55pm

    It's been like a bad dream for 11 years and finally i'm waking up to a sunny weekend day !John, call me mate - discuss new job as ambassador to Iraq.

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  • Paul K:

    24 Nov 2007 9:07:24pm


    greetings from Rome Italy, thanks ABC for your excellent live stream and internet news updates, i am watching from an italian internet cafe and really finding it excellent

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  • Susanna Duffy:

    24 Nov 2007 9:04:23pm

    But will we see Howard do a Stanley Bruce? Both were attacking hard won gains for ordinary working people .. let them both go down in history as PMs who lost their own seats. Oooh fingers crossed!

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  • Mel:

    24 Nov 2007 9:04:19pm

    I'm relieved that Labor has won. I was gearing up to move my family to New Zealand if the Liberals got in again! At last we can have some dignity for refugees, fair working conditions, troops out of Iraq..I could go on for pages! Yay Kevin!

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  • NorthernWinds:

    24 Nov 2007 9:04:08pm

    AW c'mon ROB. Interest rates and inflation are being driven by Peak Oil pricing. They're going up no matter who is in power. Even Johnny boy finally admitted that the other day. The Earth is not flat and Greenhouse gases do not fall off the edge. The whole world needs more intelligent and focused leadership. It's make or break time for the Human Race. Johnny doesn't see it so we sacked him. simple as that.

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  • Gavin Currie:

    24 Nov 2007 9:03:19pm

    I'm all for a donkey vote - either way it's voting in an ass. Australia's last real political talent and visionary was Keating. Since then it's been the choice between dumb and dumber.

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  • Luke:

    24 Nov 2007 9:02:21pm

    What a feeling!!!!
    In all my years voting this is the first time I have seen my vote count to a victory.

    The Herd once said "Wake up this country needs a shake up, Wake up!"
    It seems like this great country finally has woken up

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  • Alison:

    24 Nov 2007 9:02:18pm

    I am so excited. Not only will Howard lose the election, but may lose his own seat as well

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  • Wayne:

    24 Nov 2007 9:01:45pm

    At last Mr. Howard will understand the voters are the employer not the employee

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      • sonofagun:

        24 Nov 2007 10:16:27pm

        Wayne, thankyou, that's the diamond comment. It goes so deep, it's possible you may not even realise just how deep it goes, because of lot of the violence done to citizens by the Howard government has not been published or talked about. So much injustice by the Howard Government, basically crimes against citizens. It's has been an immoral and dishonest government, served by "yes" men, and it's a relief to see it go. There has been no noticeable dialogue about just what this government was doing to the most vulnerable in society, and at least for now, the revolution we were headed for is averted. Howard was on his way to finding out that when you offend the mothers, and kick the most vulnerable, take a lesson from history and remember Versailles. Hope Kevin understands what needs to be done to make repairs, set the country back on course, and return to long held cultural values of honesty, compassion, and respect for all citizens, all citizens.

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  • Leslie:

    24 Nov 2007 9:00:58pm

    I'm an American. Have been watching your election all night and am delighted that Bush's best friend will not be in power. Here's hoping that we can do as well as you have and get rid of those who would put corporate interests first and our planet last. I don't understand exactly how your elections work.... but still..... Congratulations! Now maybe we can get Kyoto signed? There AND here. By the way, I apologize for my country imposing Bush on the world. I DID work hard in our last election to get him to go away. So sorry.

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  • Emma:

    24 Nov 2007 9:00:41pm

    I'm sick of people wanting a "fresh change" and "less blue", have you any idea what your voting for?

    If it's change you want, you sure have it now - whether it's for the better or for worse.

    Agree (0) Alert moderator

      • Steve:

        24 Nov 2007 9:44:03pm

        'Rudd will make this country worse', 'Rudd is me too-ing' (what a stupid neologism). You can't have it both ways. Rudd will very likely not change much, he's certainly not going to risk Keating-esque tactics; those raised the ire of even the ALP.

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  • Carey:

    24 Nov 2007 8:58:59pm

    Yeahhhhh!! Its about time. I cant belive that Howard was in power for such a long time. Lets truly hope that a Labor leader will restore a little more equality between that ever increasing gap between the rich and the poor & bring home our troops.
    Shall remain eternally optimistic.

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      • Viv:

        24 Nov 2007 9:44:14pm

        Why should the gap be closed when a doctor has to study for 6-12 years, have an IQ of at least 130 and a factory worker can drop out after year 9? Come ON people! Common sense here - you earn what you WORK FOR, you only get out of life what you put in - all those 'poor' people out there, maybe consider going back to school and getting a decent education before you whinge about not getting what the rich have.

        Guess it's a bit of a catch 22 :P

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  • Steve:

    24 Nov 2007 8:57:36pm

    Another very happy ex-pat here !! Lets hope Australia can rebuild it's international reputation for fair play and justice

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  • Adam W:

    24 Nov 2007 8:57:28pm

    GO KEVIN! I'm excited about Australia's future for the first time since I've been able to vote!

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  • another ex-pat:

    24 Nov 2007 8:57:11pm

    Fantastic. I might come back home now!

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  • Elkie Wootton:

    24 Nov 2007 8:56:59pm

    Feel sorry for Howard. He has been the ruin of the country. Australia and Australians are not respected politically overseas - his/our policies on human rights, immigration, the environment, terrorism have brought shame on the nation. Good bye Howard. And thank god Australians have finally woken up from their sleep.

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  • iolande:

    24 Nov 2007 8:56:54pm


    . . . not labor winning - but JOHN HOWARD LOSING


    I have been waiting years for this -

    Now let's bring our troops home.

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  • Domenic V:

    24 Nov 2007 8:56:42pm

    My wife and I have great hope that the Labor with Gods guidance will deliver the promises made during this election campaign.

    It is time for a change in this country.

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  • macca:

    24 Nov 2007 8:56:32pm

    it looks like its time for the federal ALP to be put to the real test, I hope for the country's sake it is not a frivilous experiment. Thank you to John Howard and the coalition team for the stable and balanced government, you have fought the good fight Australia has been a better place for your efforts

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      • Michaela:

        24 Nov 2007 9:11:12pm

        It's interesting to note that (at least from the way I see it), Australia is in better shape for Kevin, than it was for Howard all those years ago. I wish Kevin and Labor well, but also thank Howard and the Lib/Nats for their hard work. I'll reserve judgement for the time-being...

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  • Roger Ruffley:

    24 Nov 2007 8:56:26pm

    Should Howard lose his seat, will he consider a golden handshake diplomatic posting to Australia's embassy in Iraq?

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  • Fallfan Divvey:

    24 Nov 2007 8:55:44pm

    Howard's end is one of my chosen works of literature.

    Well done ALP.
    fingers crossed Maxine!

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  • kethess:

    24 Nov 2007 8:55:34pm

    I am so pround of my co-citizens. They flatly rejected negative campaigns and dirty tricks.

    Good on you everyoneQ!!!!

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  • Geraldine:

    24 Nov 2007 8:54:04pm

    I'm glad Coalition is losing but I still don't want tax cuts - Kevin a couple of extra lattes each week means little to me. But significant monies spent on water conservation and solar power would make a HUGE difference to my family's life.

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  • Ken:

    24 Nov 2007 8:53:38pm

    Thank God - out of the Iraq nightmare at last!!

    The supreme arrogance of the Liberals has finally come home to roost.

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      • Helga:

        24 Nov 2007 9:03:40pm

        Sitting here in Hamburg, Germany and watching the election is so exciting ! At last Australia has got rid of Howard and his cronies. I do hope now we will start tackling climate change and helping the refugees and more marginalized in our society. When my plane lands in Adelaide on 18/12 I can be relieved that at last we have a Labor government in office !!!

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  • Wendy Leung:

    24 Nov 2007 8:53:06pm

    This election has been so exciting!! People turned out early at the polls. There was a feeling that a change was coming. Feel sad for Mr. Howard. He did a good job as leader but he's too focused on the economy and not enough on issues that a way more important.

    Agree (0) Alert moderator

  • Rob:

    24 Nov 2007 8:51:12pm

    Enjoy 3 years in power because that is what it will be when interest rates, inflation and unemployment rise!

    A sad day for Australia's international competitiveness in the world economy.

    Agree (0) Alert moderator

      • Steeley:

        24 Nov 2007 8:59:48pm

        John Howard has shown his contempt for the working men and women of Australia with his draconnian IR laws. Now he should re think his perspective on the "battlers" he is so fond of talking about. He has lost touch with the people and set his sights on looking after big business. Thanks to the good O'l H R Nichols Society.

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      • Rod jeffery:

        24 Nov 2007 9:00:26pm

        And a great day for the workers of this country.

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      • glen:

        24 Nov 2007 9:03:17pm

        I agree with you. Lets see how much power labor has in the senate and it may well be shorter than 3 years.

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          • Steve:

            24 Nov 2007 9:45:18pm

            No sane Opposition will risk blocking supply after 1975.

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      • change:

        24 Nov 2007 9:04:32pm

        interest rates will rise regardless of who is in power. change is everpresent in life.

        i'm just glad to hopefully see an end to awa's and contracts... no more the rich getting richer and the poor slaving away for shitty pay, no protection and no penalty rates.

        Agree (0) Alert moderator

          • Viv:

            24 Nov 2007 9:35:52pm

            What is so bad about rewarding intelligence, education and hard work? When people make choices to slack off at school and end up with pointless, boring jobs, they get what they deserve!

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      • Craig:

        24 Nov 2007 9:15:42pm

        Your right Rob.. the next three years are going to be rising inflation, interest and unemployment... a mess left over from the coalition ..

        And just like every other time in the history of Australian politics, the labor party has to ride through the rough, sort out the mess and just as things are coming on track, liberal come back take the glory and stuff it up again.

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          • Viv:

            24 Nov 2007 9:33:36pm

            Think you've got it backwards, Craig... but then the next 3 years will be very telling!

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      • Viv:

        24 Nov 2007 9:30:55pm

        Couldn't agree more Rob - what short memories the country seems to have! We've had it too good for to long, and many people have taken the liberal's security for granted. Three years will tell it all - then libs will be back to clean up labor's mess!

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  • Ex-pat:

    24 Nov 2007 8:49:16pm

    These results make this ex-pat very happy indeed!

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  • Kuku:

    24 Nov 2007 8:48:22pm

    C'mon Kevin!You're the best!!!

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  • Mark:

    24 Nov 2007 8:47:45pm

    there goes the country!!!! only for 4 years

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      • Ken:

        24 Nov 2007 8:54:28pm

        There is your typical Howard lover - doesn't even know the length of a term.

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  • Brian:

    24 Nov 2007 8:46:45pm

    Tally Ho Howard and Captain Smug .Time for a fresh change!

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  • Gazza:

    24 Nov 2007 8:46:14pm

    John Howard might now realise we are supposed to tell him what WE want - NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!

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  • Justin:

    24 Nov 2007 8:44:23pm

    About time we had some change too!
    Be nice to see more variety in colours, but I'm just glad to see less blue.

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  • max:

    24 Nov 2007 8:40:02pm

    oh ma god it's a new leadership! yes kelvin 07. i am first voter n i can't believe ma vote made a lot differences.

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  • NorthernWinds:

    24 Nov 2007 8:38:59pm

    YOU RIPPER !!!! Looks like Australia might get another chance to behave in a more acceptable manner. Don't let us down Kev

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      • AusExpat68:

        24 Nov 2007 8:53:53pm

        Brilliant. I have been a conservative voter for ever, but now, as an expat, it is great to see Labor get up, as I will have a LOT more disposable income when the dollar drops as they destroy the economy (again!)

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          • Mike:

            24 Nov 2007 9:02:08pm

            You mean down around the 55c US mark that the Libs had it at a few years ago?

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          • Darren Morgan:

            24 Nov 2007 9:16:26pm

            Please keep your disposable income O.S. Australia's future is looking fine and we dont need any help from you. Loving and living in the land of my birth. P.S. I'm a union man myself. MY RIGHTS @ VOTE !!!!

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          • gofojo:

            24 Nov 2007 9:17:56pm

            You mean - an economy for the more wealthy?

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      • John:

        24 Nov 2007 8:56:22pm

        Fantastic - now we can begin to recover our social justice and enviromnmental responsibility.

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          • Greg:

            24 Nov 2007 9:54:10pm

            another (grateful) expat, I couldn't get to the local Australian embassy in time to register but somehow I figured it wasn't going to matter so much this time around. almost a duh! I don't know if the policy differences are going to be vastly more than symbolic in outcome, but hopefully less populist baby-thrown-overboard-poll-driven government. And it will be great NOT to see Mr Howard and in partic the Foreign Minister in the media again.

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