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So sue me, I'm too lazy to re-type the entire thing.

Akazukin Chacha is about a little girl named (aptly enough) Chacha and her adventures with her friends. Yes, I know that just about every @nime has this sort of premise but it's not the premise that makes the @nime, it's the story!

OK, OK, in the beginning, our little star is orphaned and under the tutelage of the greatest magician in the land. Have her parents really bitten the big one? Or has the land's resident evil guy, Daimarou, got a hand in this? Hhhmmmm....

My three cents
Aside from giving me a topic on which to make my first website, this @nime is clearly geared towards younger girls. Even so, that doesn't stop many people from watching and enjoying it. After about 70 episodes, the series was discontinued in Japan due to lack of popularity. It all comes down to money, doesn't it? @_@

Anywayz, I did enjoy this @nime while I was watching it. Cute and all. Maybe if you're fed up of your Pokemon (not likely!), you might wanna give ACC a try.

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Alright, I admit that the site is no longer named Kayin's ACC Archive and FF Library. Gimme a break! This award is from Michelle Mok's Native Land of ACC


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