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Best organic businesses 2005 announced by Soil Association

TV presenter Gillian McKeith and a pioneering farmer supplying organic milk to his local hospital are among the winners in this year’s Organic Industry Awards presented by the Soil Association – the UK’s leading organisation promoting organic food and farming.

The milk producer is Gordon Tweddle of Acorn Dairy in Northumberland, who has been named Organic Business Person of the Year – an award sponsored by Triodos Bank. Gillian McKeith has won the Consumer Education Award for the impact she has made in encouraging healthier eating through her Channel 4 series You Are What You Eat.

Three retailer awards, sponsored by Yeo Valley Organic, were also among the clutch of Soil Association accolades presented. All were announced at the 12th Natural & Organic Products Annual Industry Awards presentation dinner, held at Hammersmith Palais, London, on Sunday 17 April. Graig Farm Organics (Powys), Planet Organic (Fulham) and Eastwoods (Hertfordshire) were named best home-delivery retailer, best large store and best small store.

Martin Cottingham, the Soil Association's Marketing Director, said: “This year’s winners demonstrate the combination of imagination, commercial flair and integrity which characterises the UK’s leading organic enterprises. The calibre of entries for the Organic Business Person of the Year points to a healthy future of continuing growth for the organic movement.”

Organic Business Person of the Year: Gordon Tweddle, Acorn Organic Dairy, Darlington, County Durham
Dairy farmer Gordon Tweddle is a passionate believer in restoring the link between farmer and customer. After converting to organic production in 1998, he established Acorn Dairy in 2000 to sell his own organic milk direct to the doorstep locally at accessible prices. Not long afterwards the fledgling dairy was "knocked sideways", in Gordon's words, by the Foot and Mouth epidemic of 2001-2002. But despite having no fixed assets – his family are tenant farmers on Church Commissioners land - he succeeded in securing business development funding and a sizeable overdraft to build an organic dairy processing unit for his 180-cow herd and neighbouring farms. This enabled 100 per cent control over his milk from cow to customer. The direct link with a local farm has appealed to local people, and Acorn Dairy is now thriving. The latest management accounts show a substantial increase in profits, and Gordon has cut his June 2003 peak overdraft by 40 per cent. He has also made an important breakthrough as the first organic producer to supply organic milk to his local NHS trust for serving to staff and patients. The switch to organic milk at the Darlington Memorial Hospital last autumn has proved popular, and Gordon hopes to secure an ongoing supply contract soon. “Gordon has shown huge resilience and initiative to overcome the difficulties he has faced,” says Martin Cottingham, the Soil Association’s Marketing Director. “The ground-breaking partnership with his local hospital is an inspiration to other organic enterprises as education and health authorities start to respond to the demand from parents and patients for healthier food.”
Contact: Acorn Organic Dairy, 01325 466999,

Consumer Education Award: Gillian McKeith, nutritionist, writer and television presenter
This award is given in recognition of efforts to increase consumer awareness of the benefits of organic food, and the issues surrounding its production. Gillian McKeith was rewarded for her work in tackling obesity, championing healthier eating and promoting the contribution that organic fruit, vegetables and other products can make to sound nutrition. Martin Cottingham, the Soil Association's Marketing Director, said: "Gillian's television series and accompanying book, You Are What You Eat, have had a phenomenal impact on consumer awareness of the link between good food and good health.”
Contact: Jo Wander, NCI management, 020 72243960,

Best Home Delivery Retailer: Graig Farm Organics, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, Wales
Graig Farm Organics, established in the late eighties, has been recognised for its innovative approach and excellent service. The judges were impressed by Graig Farm’s extensive range of high-quality products, its dedication to working in partnership with local suppliers and the pioneering tracebility system that tells consumers about the individual farm and breed of animal their meat came from and a website address for more info, via a label on the packaging. "This is one organic home delivery service that really does whet the appetite - be it their new local goat's milk smoothies, their award-winning organic mutton or organic ready meals made by a local chef,” said the judges. “You can even buy organic soft fruit plants, local handmade cosmetics for your skin and organic baby blankets.”
Contact: Graig Farm Organics, 01597 851655,

Best Large Store: Planet Organic, Fulham, London
The organic and natural supermarket Planet Organic's new store in Fulham scooped the award for this year's Best Large Store. "It dazzled us with the 'wow' factor: the customer -friendly layout, well-stocked shelves, spanking fresh produce, and delicious ’food to go’ were all noted,” said the judges. “Customer service could not be faulted." Planet Organic's staff training programme, involvement with the charity FareShare, and own-label product development were also factors. Ten years ago Renee Elliott of Planet Organic transformed the retail scene by opening the first supermarket selling only natural and organic food. No artificial anything, the ethos of Planet Organic is to promote health in the community by making simple, good food available under one roof.
Contact: Barbara Rayner, 01793 792043/ 07966 880458,

Best Small Store: Eastwoods of Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire
Pioneering butchers Eastwoods of Berkhamsted, owned by Joe Collier, was voted Best Small Store for 2005. Eastwoods is dedicated to selling top-quality organic, free range and seasonal rare breeds meats from small suppliers. Its first class service and involvement with the local community have brought success in a highly competitive market. "Joe Collier is the Jeanette Orrey of butchers," enthused the judges. "His unstoppable enthusiasm and dedication are infectious. The spick and span shop - packed with loyal customers in spite of its slightly out of the way location - says it all."
Contact: Eastwoods of Berkhamsted, 01442 865012.

The Soil Association Organic Industry Awards are run in association with Natural Products magazine.



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