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ZinClearThe Nanofine Zinc Oxide for Cosmetic Clarity and Broad Spectrum UV Protection

ZinClear™ is an exceptionally transparent form of zinc oxide. The cosmetic acceptability of ZinClear™ breaks the barriers that restricted market penetration of conventional and micronised zinc oxide into sunscreens. ZinClear™ opens up markets in daily wear cosmetics and a host of skin care products, offering a safe effective alternative to chemical UV absorbers.

ZinClear S

ZinClear™-S range was developed in response to formulators requests for siliconate coated particles. The ZinClear™-S range of dispersions have high particle loating, low viscosity and the same high standards of transparency.

In Comparison


Typical Micronised ZnO

ZinClear UV Diagram
Cosmetic clarity and the efficiency of zinc oxide in blocking UVB and UVA is directly related to particle size, size distribution, particle loading and dispersion.

ZinClear visible light graph

  • Transparent on skin - decreased whitening
  • Narrow particle size distribution
  • Free of hard agglomeration
  • Enhances UVB and UVA blocking

These features are a result of the solid phase MCP™ manfacturing technology.

Typical UV Diagram
Whitening in sunscreens and cosmetics is a result of visible light scatter produced by large particles and poor dispersion.

Typical micronised ZnO visible light graph

  • Lower transparency and increased skin whitening
  • Wide particle distribution
  • Some hard agglomeration
  • Poor dispersion reduces UV blocking

These features are a result of liquid or gas phase manufacturing processes.

The choice is clear for cosmetic clarity and broad spectrum UV bloacking

The Benefits

MCP Technology

The superior properties of ZinClear derives from our patented MCP Technology

The MCP™ process produces nanoparticles with a narrow size distribution.

Particle Diameter size graph

Number distribution determined by Photon Correlation Spectroscopy demonstrating:

The MCP process stabilizes the particle surface, which helps overcome particle agglomeration and enables even particle dispersion More about the MCP™ Technology >>


ZinClear™ and ZinClear™-S are available pre-dispersed in a range of emollients.