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Tim MacMahon's In the Know

Pride of Burleson has had better performances

12:01 AM CST on Friday, November 23, 2007

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IRVING – I'm not ashamed to admit that I sung along with "Since U Been Gone" a few times despite the grammatical incorrectness of Kelly Clarkson's hit.

OK, actually, it is kind of embarrassing to admit that. Almost as embarrassing as falling on your rear end with a stadium full of people watching.

That's what happened to one of Clarkson's backup singers as they went on stage during halftime Thursday. Some might not have seen it through the smoke, but I'm pretty sure it left Clarkson rattled.

Or maybe Clarkson, a Burleson native, was thrown off by the cold weather. Whatever it was, something wasn't right with the ex-American Idol star. I'd hate to hear what Simon Cowell would have said about Clarkson's off-key halftime performance.

I hate to write about a local gal without saying something nice, so I'll mention that Clarkson was outstanding the other time I saw her perform. She ran a crisp out route and showed soft hands while catching a pass from Tony Romo in a Valley Ranch appearance to promote the Salvation Army Red Kettle Christmas Campaign.

■ Crew included Thanksgiving goat: Phil Luckett, who infamously botched the overtime coin flip in the 1998 Steelers-Lions Thanksgiving game, was part of the officiating crew. Luckett was the back judge, so he didn't have coin-flip responsibilities. I'm sure Jerome Bettis was thankful for that.

As a North Texas alum, I feel obligated to point out that Luckett was on the officiating crew the 1988 night when the Mean Green were robbed in Austin. However, I don't believe he was the guy who called it a touchdown when Keith Cash landed in Round Rock.

■ Nice to meet you: New York reporters asked Terrell Owens this week about rookie cornerback Darrelle Revis, the Jets' first-round pick. "Who?" T.O. responded.

Revis considered that to be a bit disrespectful, but he didn't want to make too much out of it. He did a pretty good job against Owens (six catches, 65 yards and a late TD) and introduced himself after the game.

"We had a real good conversation," Revis said.

■ Cold front: I planned to make my way around the parking lot and check out the Thanksgiving tailgating scene, but it was too cold for my Texan blood.

A lot of folks apparently agreed with me. Seemed that there were fewer tailgaters than any other home game this season.

■ Fan falls short of tough guy status: There were a handful of tough guys who braved the cold by going with the bare-chested, body-paint look. None of these fearless fellas that I saw was with a date, coincidentally.

Tough-guy Jason Witten will be honored to learn that one of these dudes painted Witten's name and number on his back. That nicely complemented the blue stars that covered his chest.

But this guy gets tough-guy points deducted for wearing mittens.

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