"I Melt"
"There Goes My Life"
"How Cool is That"


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Neil Thrasher was born into a family of acclaimed tenor singers and performers. This environment fostered Neil's desire to make music as well. But while Neil has inherited the family vocal ability, he chooses to make his living as a songwriter. Years of patient pursuit of the craft have paid off and Neil has grown to be considered one of Nashville's finest writers. As a result, many of Music City's most popular artists have recorded his songs. His catalog includes cuts by Kenny Chesney, Diamond Rio, Reba McEntire and Don Williams, among others.

Ironically one of Neil's other talents initially brought him to Nashville. An accomplished athlete, he originally moved to Tennessee to play college football. Subsequently, he joined a quartet vocal group and toured while developing his craft as a songwriter. In short time he landed an exclusive songwriting deal back in Nashville at Major Bob Music.

It was there that he began to write with another young writer, Kelly Shiver. In the process of recording their songs the two found that their combined voices had a seamless vocal harmony that surpassed even the purest family blends. The sound was so remarkable that Asylum Records took note of the two and offered them a recording deal as a duo. They went on to record an album for the company as Thrasher Shiver and to earn two Country Music Association Award Nominations for Duo of the Year. By then, though, both Neil and Kelly had families of their own and the demands of touring to support sales of their record began to keep them on the road for long periods of time. The two decided to leave recording behind and pursue their respective songwriting careers, which allowed them to be home with their families more.

It is rare to know someone who has lived his profession from every angle. But with his musical heritage, stage experience and vocal ability, Neil is that uncommon find.




”There Goes My Life”- Kenney Chesney’s #1 single
"I Melt"-     Rascal Flatts
"That's What I Get For Loving You" - Diamond Rio

"Ain't No End To That Road" - Restless Heart

"Crackerjack Diamond" - Don Williams

"What Do You Say" - Reba McEntire
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"I Lost It" - Kenny Chesney
"The Bird Song" - Meredith Edwards

"Love Is Enough" - Three Of Hearts

"Sweet Summer" - Diamond Rio

"How Cool Is That" - Andy Griggs

"Real Life" - Jeff Carson