Perry Archangelo Bamonte was born on the 3rd of September 1960 in London. He, his sister Carla and his brother Daryl grew up in Basildon, a ‘New Town’ about 30 miles in the east of London. Perry attended St. Nicholas School together with future Depeche Mode songwriter Martin L. Gore. He learned playing the guitar when he was 17, after he’s been discouraged from playing at school earlier, and took his first musical steps in such long-forgotten outfits like The School Bullies, Film Noir or Anorexic Dread. The latter even got signed at one point, but “probably based more on our looks than musical talent”, as Perry points out. With the help of Daryl, Perry became a Cure roadie in 1984, leaving his latest band for good. Hence his role as a long-time Cure insider, his shift to keyboards in 1990 as a replacement for Roger O’ Donnell seemed more than logic in Cure world - he’d been teached to play the keys by Robert Smiths sister Janet only a few months before. With the more guitar driven style of the 92′ album Wish he’d move on to play to his favourite instrument again, finally taking over the role as a lead-guitarist when Porl Thompson left the band in 1994. After four albums, and more than fifteen years the ways of Perry and The Cure splitted in May 2005. It was the conclusion of a both long and successful musical relationship.

After the breakup, Perry took a year off the music business. Which projects he’s working on in the future is currently written in the stars. One thing, though, is a fact: That he had a huge impact on the long history of The Cure.