Saturday, November 24, 2007

November twenty-fourth things.

1) Backbone Entertainment is continuing the honorable tradition of bringing PSP titles to the Wii with Death, Jr. II: Root of Evil, which will be published by Konami sometime next year.
2) Also coming next year from Backbone Entertainment is a version of Gauntlet for the DS, the hack-and-slash adventure will support the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for multiplayer with up to four players. Gauntlet will also make an appearance on Nintendo's other system in the same timeframe.
3) Who do you think is going to be the Republican presidential nominee?
Mike Huckabee (no, not RuPaul, much to the dismay to the Internet Kingdom, which is adjacent to the Mushroom Kingdom)
4) Kirby will be tilting and tumbling on WiiWare.
5) I don't work for PSM3 (nor do I "communicate" with the magazine) , I'm not British (I think it is quite obvious). I am not an employee of Future Publishing. The rumors are taken directly from this blog and I am not credited probably because I may have burned a river with the publication by refusing to do an interview (I explain why here). Expect things from this blog to show up in a litany of publications in the coming months, though.
6) Are you writing a book?
No, I have not attempted to do that in a number of years and have no desire or reason to attempt again. I am not Daniel Lyons.
7) What is your favourite album of all-time?
I would be lying if I said anything other than The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady.

UPDATE: Somebody wanted evidence that such a transaction occured, so here it is:

from ***** ****** <*******>
date Oct 17, 2007 4:03 AM
subject Official PlayStation Magazine UK feature

Hello Surfer Girl

[message redacted]


Future Publishing Limited (registered company number 2008885) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Future plc (registered company number 3757874), both of which are incorporated in England and Wales and share the same registered address at Beauford Court, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW.

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Save resources: think before you print.

from Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars <>
to ***** ****** <<*******>,
date Oct 17, 2007 5:38 AM
subject Re: Official PlayStation Magazine UK feature

I'm going to have to decline your request for an interview, there is something about a magazine profiling my little blog that seems environmentally unethical.

Thanks for reading,
surfer girl
Also, I meant "burn a river." It comes from an expression my uncle says, "You can burn a bridge and rebuild it, but if you burn the river under that bridge you cannot rebuild that,"


Anonymous said...

Surfer Girl,

Do you know anything on what plans are afoot at Telltale Games? Do they plan to continue to solely do episodic Sam and Max games, or are they going to do new IPs? or put their episodic stamp on unused IPs? It looks like they're hiring a lot of people nowadays, from their jobs page...

surfer girl said...

anonymous: As far as I know, they have no plans for original IPs, there are plans to put that "episodic stamp" on other IPs though.

Anonymous said...

Hey, kirby Tilt 'n' tumble makes me very hapy! Could you please tell who is developing it? Hal or R&D; FTW!

Bilzac said...

This is the first time im asking you a question ...really hoping u can provide some solid sure uve been asked these many times...:
a) Will MGS and FFXIII ever be seen on the X360?
b) Any surprise in Killzone 2 that the u know and the public doesnt?
c)Will home have a public beta anytime soon(Rumoured Nov.29)?

ModestMr.Green said...

Hello SurferGirl!

I just have a few questions:

1. Do you know anything about a potential 2D Metroid title?

2. What are SEGA's plans for WiiWare?

3. Do you know of any upcoming Wii firmware updates?

Thank you in advance!

BlackIceJoe said...

Sorry to hear people are not giving you credit were credit is do. I saw on N4G those rumors that they said PSM has come across and the first thing I thought was I thought it had to come from your blog. But I guess stuff will happen when you become famous or infamous depending on who is reading your blog.

Now the Anonymous poster was asking about Sam and Max and so I can't help but ask will Sam and Max come out on the Wii,PS3 or 360 too.

Now onto the other part of the question the poster asked if other games would come out as episodic episodes. Do you know what those games are. Would it be a new version of Monkey Island or does LucasArts still own that License.

Now if it is LucasArts do they have any plans on bringing out there old IP or just staying with Star Wars. I for one hope not LucasArts has some great IP other then SW but if that is where the money is I guess that is all that will come out.

Do you by any chance know if Project Offset will come out on any other system other then the PC.

Do you know when the game should come out and do you know if the Offset Engine is being Licensed so other companies can use it and if so when would those games come out too.

Also what is your thought on the engine is it a good one or is there a lot better ones out there.

Thanks for any info you know.

surfer girl said...

anonymous: Don't know.

blizac: Yes, no, yes (but not necessarily that date).
1) It's not Metroid Dread and it is not being made by Retro.
2) Release games.
3) No.

blackicejoe: Telltale would love to bring Sam & Max to consoles, but unfortunately the proposition has been met with no publisher interest. Monkey Island is still owned by LucasArts, the last time I asked about a new title (two years ago or so) I was met with a reply that was something to the kin of "we need to find new and adventurous way to present the franchise that doesn't compromise the spirit of previous titles." LucasArts has plans with unannounced new IP, unfortunately the proposition of making something daring is not that enticing to them. Offset is coming to 360 as well. They are apparently aiming for next year. Red 5 (MMO developer founded by ex-Blizzard employees) licensed OE, so they appear to be licensing it. There is better ones.

Anonymous said...

Surfer girl Sega recently unveiled a Nights remake for Ps2.As the sequel is Wii-bound,I think that this is a poor business decision from Sega.Do you know if Sega has any plans to port the ps2 remake of Nights to Wii?The only reason that justifies this decision is Sega plans to release Saturn game on Virtua console.What do you think?Can we expect original Saturn games?
Finally,I would like to ask you if and when Nintendo plans to release a HDD for Wii.Have you heard anything at all about Nintendo's solution to Wii's limited memory space?
Thanks in advance.

Kirolos said...

Is Konami making a Wii RPG?

Kirolos said...

I asked these before but you didn't answer...

Will there be a DS Super Smash Bros.?

Will Monster Hunter 3 (tri-) come to the US and EU and will the online be free?

Are Namco making any more Wii RPGs beyond ToS: KoR and Fragile?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to thank you for answering my questions, Surfer Girl.

Is Factor 5 working on another PS3 game?

Do you know if the multistage deal between SCE and Epic Games includes that Epic creates an exclusive game for Sony?

Is Hideo Kojima going to be working on a PS3, 360, or Wii game after MGS4?

Any chance of a Zone of the Enders 3?

Is the WipeOut PS3 installment using the MotorStorm game engine or their own developed engine?

Alex Rowe said...

I agree with you, it's rather ironic that mags have "news" sections when they're published every 4 weeks. I like features and reviews but when the internet covers news as it breaks it's hard to turn to printed media for the latest happenings. Still, PSM did the worst (and in my opinion most unprofessional) thing they could do, in that they took the news they wanted to feature but 'forgot' to mention the source.

Got a quick question, I know you said Japan isn't your area of expertise but do you happen to know who's developing Patapon? It's that little drum puzzle game for PSP which should come out in a few weeks. Games(TM) said it's the Locoroco guys but there has been some suggestions that members from Team ICO might be involved.

Dante said...

hi surfer girl...

when will the open killzone 2 public beta happen?

when will killzone 2 release?

surfer girl said...

anonymous one: It will probably end up on the Wii. Saturn games on VC is a possibility. Nintendo does not see the problem.

kirolos: Probably, possibly, probably not, yes.

anonymous two: Yes, no it does not, all, possible, yes.

alex rowe: Locoroco guys.

dante: Late winter/spring, late summer/early fall

Anonymous said...

What date do you think KH3 will be released for the Wii? 2009? 2010?

surfer girl said...

anonymous: No clue.

Dante said...

surfer girl...i just was banned from the official playstation forums for posting a thread with the last information you gave me (the release date for the KZ2 beta)....well thats not exactly why i was banned...these kids started telling me that is was a lie...i told them that you said it...and i eventually started calling that im banned! how sure are you that the KZ2 beta is coming late winter/early spring?

Anonymous said...

any chance a KH for PS3 will come out ? even if not KH3?

and is nomura making any games beyond KH3 for Wii and Versus XIII for ps3 ? For Wii or PS3?

Exodecai said...

This may be a weird question, but in Gyakuten Saiban 4 (Phoenix Wright, now Apollo Justice) they removed a lot of the more notable characters from the first game (won't say who to avoid spoilers). Will these characters be returning in Gyakuten Saiban 5?

surfer girl said...

dante: I said late winter/spring (not early spring, just spring).

anonymous one: Yes. Yes.

anonymous two: Possibly.

Game Man said...

Is there any chance "Army of Two" will be released for the PCs?

Thanks in advance

mega-man said...

Is there a chance there will be a new Smuggler's Run? What is Angel Studios working on?

Anonymous said...

Is Sony Computer Entertainment looking to acquire any other developer studios? If so, which ones?

Has the DC Universe MMO by SOE started its development?

When is Socom 4 for PS3 expected to be released?

Is Twisted Metal PS3 being developed by Incognito?

Thank you very much for answering.

Anonymous said...

Hey surfergirl can you please answer these q's:

Will there ever be a Princess Peach Wii game?

What will be the next Mario 3D game?

Thanks alot surfergirl- and excellent blog! :)

surfer girl said...

game-man: Possible.

mega-man: No. MC:LA and OWP

anonymous one: Probably. Yes. Next year. Possibly.

anonymous two: No, don't know.
Also recommended is visiting my other, dissimilar blog such things that never was