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Last update: 30 August 2006. We are pleased to announce that the new Director of the COPINE Project is Dr Ethel Quayle. We are currently experiencing high levels of spam sent to our mailbox which is reducing our capacity to respond promptly to legitimate emails. We apologise for our at times slow response to emails. Urgent enquiries can be sent to
News The COPINE project has been housed in the Department of Applied Psychology, University College Cork since 1997, during which time it has been actively researching the area of child sexual abuse on the Internet. From the beginning the project has taken a very broad approach to the problem, researching areas such as effective treatment for offenders, prevention, assessment of risk and trying to learn more about how and why abuse images are collected. A particular area of concern has been the development of conceptual structures to help understand these problems within the broader context of Internet crime.

One recent major initiative has been further investment in the development of self-help material through the CROGA web-site ( This site is based on the work undertaken by COPINE, and it is now available in Spanish and Italian as well as English. We will be launching a Polish version shortly. This work has been funded by the Daphne Programme of the European Commission.

Research into adolescent offending on the Internet is continuing, and it is hoped that the results of this work will shortly be published

Click on the Published material link in the sidebar to see details of our CROGA web resource, project professional and academic publications, and selected presentations.

COPINE continues its research into the problem of child sexual abuse and the role of the Internet, maintaining the heavilly applied focus that has made us an effective and internationally recognised programme.


CROGA Self-help site
Check the CROGA self-help web site - a free anonymous self-help resource for people who are worried about downloading and using illegal images. CROGA

Conference 2004
The Conference Proceedings are now published: Viewing child pornography on the Internet. Understanding the offence, managing the offender, helping the victims Quayle, E. and Taylor, M. (Eds.). Dorset: Russell House Publishing. 2005 Russell House Publishing

Reporting Child Pornography
To report Child Pornography on the Internet in Ireland, contact the Irish Hotline. In Europe, or the rest of the world, consult this map to find your nearest hotline.

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