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Dancing Bridie bags McLeod's

By staff writers

November 28, 2007 06:08am

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  • Bridie Carter wins Dancing with the Stars
  • Bags cast and crew of McLeod's Daughter's
  • Carter "up herself" and an "absolute nightmare"

IT may have been murder on the dance floor on the series finale of Dancing with the Stars last night but it was more of a case of a ballroom bitch than blitz for top twirler Bridie Carter.

Carter, best known for playing Tess McLeod on the Nine Network drama McLeod's Daughters, said she "wasn't at all surprised" by the recent axing of the outback drama series which catapulted her to national fame.

Despite her status as one of McLeod's longest serving members, Carter trod all over cast and crew on the eve of the series demise, saying she won't even watch it.

"I would look at it and think 'Who are these people in my loungeroom?"', Carter, who was last night crowned winner of DWTS seventh series, said.

"I don't want to mar McLeod's, but not everything was as it appears. I find it strange that not one of the original cast members is left.

"Perhaps they should have tried harder to keep people. Blue Heelers lasted 11 years and there were people on it for the whole series."

Carter played Tess McLeod for five years, but signed off in 2006 following the birth of her son Otis.

While she may have been adopted as a sparkly Seven star on DWTS, Carter's snide remarks didn't spin with her former colleagues at McLeod's and rival network Nine yesterday.

"Bridie is completely up herself and everyone was thrilled to see the back of her when she left the show," a source close to the McLeod's production team told Confidential.

"But I can't believe she's bagging the program that made her famous - there's no way she would have even been on Dancing without it. Good luck to her, she's an absolute nightmare."

"Incredible journey"

Carter beat comedian Anh Do in DWTS grand final.

“It's been the most incredible journey for me,” an emotional Carter said after being handed the mirrorball trophy.

Watch Bridie Carter on DWTS:

Carter and her partner Craig Monley received rave reviews from all four judges for each of her three performances of the night.

The pair danced the cha cha to Aretha Franklin's Respect, which judge Mark Wilson called “raunchy, expressive and sensual”.

“I think you are clear cut in this competition,” he said.

Their second performance of the night, an African themed samba, earned them a perfect 10 out of 10 from all four judges.

“You are the queen bee tonight,” judge Helen Richey told the actress.

But their most celebrated performance was their last - a freestyle dance Richey called “hauntingly beautiful” and judge Todd McKenney described as “clever and stylish”.

“I want to give you 12,” Wilson said.

“I think what you shared with us is beyond what we have seen in any series.”

With Sydney Confidential and AAP

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Bridie Carter and Craig Monley / Gregory Daryl
"Absolute nightmare" ... Bridie Carter with dancing partner Craig Monley won DWTS. Picture: Gregory Daryl

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