This gorgeous collage is courtesy of Kim Jang.

'Meditations on the Abyss'--Revised
This is a rather angsty little piece, as well as my first story.  I always wondered what 
would happen if communication broke down between Mulder and Scully and this is an 
indirect result of that.  Rated R, 40k.

'This Beautiful Lie'
This is my attempt at songfic--sort of.  Gold stars to anyone who can guess the song.  
Rated R, 4k.

'Dreaming These Dreams'
So one day, I got bored and decided to try a bit of an experiment.  I kind of like the way 
it turned out, but I seem to be one of very few.  Hehehe....  Rated G, 6k.

'Spontaneous Combustion'
This is a story I started a while back during that crazy time of year known as Spring.  I 
let a friend or two read it as I was working and one of them told me that this situation 
had been done already, so I quit working on it, though I think it works well enough as 
a standalone.  Rated R, 7k.

'Interrogation Room 3'
*With Kelly Moreland and Andrea*.  This is what Kell and Andrea and I classified 
'Author Fic' when we wrote it.  It's basically just the three of us giving ourselves 
grief but it was *very* fun to write.  Rated PG13, 11k.

'Damsel in Distress'
Pure, unadulterated fluff--who'd have thought I was capable?  Rated G, 8k.

'Rhyme and Reason'
This is probably my favorite of my own stories, though I don't quite know why.  It's 
another dark story with a depressed Mulder and it seems like it's taken out of the 
middle of a longer story, but I like the imagery I used.  Maybe someday I'll write the 
rest of it....  Rated R, 19k.

'Work of Art'
This was actually my first piece of fluff and I was challenged to write it (thank you, 
Andrea).  Rated PG, 8k.

'Another Work of Art'
Sequel to 'WOA'; more fluff, terribly fun to write.  Rated PG13, 5k.

'My Work of Art'
My first series (if it can be called such) draws to a close.  Rated R, 7k.

'Remembrances of the Day'
Another experiment, I decided to try and tell a story with no dialogue and no names.  
It worked for me....  Rated PG, 14k.

'Make a Wish'
This is another favorite of mine because it's the first thing I ever wrote that got this 
reaction from my friend and beta, XochiLuvr:  "I love it!!!"  Rated G, 3k.

I wrote this about a year ago while I was going through a particularly difficult time in 
my life.  It wasn't originally an XF piece, but I edited it a bit when I decided I wanted to 
share it.  Rated G, 3k.

'Life in the Inland Sea'
I consider this a writing exercise, in that I used muscles I'd never really used before.  
It's a bit dark but I think the ending is of the good variety.  Rated R, 15k.

'Mary Church'
I had SO much fun writing this story.  It's something I've never tried before--
a fairy tale.  Rated G, 99k.

'The Truest End'
I have seriously lost count of how long I've been working on this--it's been at least
3 years.  Rated R, 187k.

XochiLuvr and I rewrote 'Roadrunners' for AS8, which you'll find by clicking here.

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