Lake Eucumbene Chamber of Commerce (Incorporated)

Postal address: PO Box 14, ADAMINABY, NSW 2629


the 50thANNIVERSARY of its "MOVE"
on Sat. 29th and Sun.30thSept. 2007

For two significant days Adaminaby paused to remember its Past, enjoy the Present and contemplate its Future.

The proceedings commenced with the Opening Ceremony Ceremony held in the rotunda near the 'Big Trout'

Official guests were (shown at left) the Mayor of Snowy River Shire, Clr Richard Wallace (on the right), the Hon. Gary Nairn our Federal member for Eden-Monaro and Special Minister of State and Steve Whan our State member for Monaro listening to Ken Lister, Executive Officer Production Snowy Hydro (right).
Later the Mayor unveilled a plaque to commemorate the Event.

  • This weekend acknowledged that the PAST 50 years had not been easy and that the construction of Lake Eucumbene and the 'The Move' had exacted a huge and disproportionate toll from the residents of this tiny, picturesque, remote rural town. The price exacted was unduly heavy and the psychological and physical recovery of the townsfolk who had been moved took a long time. This has not been publicly acknowledged or accepted as an historic fact. This Weekend was important for this reason.

  • As the townsfolk reluctantly settled in to their new location and new residents chose to move in to the New Town, Adaminaby, over the next 50 years, quietly took on a new identity. Now, in the PRESENT it has become a truly New Town with a singular personality that is individually its own.
  • Its FUTURE looks very promising. As a Community it is currently working hard and co-operatively with local, State, Federal and Corporate entities to build a Museum. This new Snowy Scheme Museum will document its past pivotal relationship with the Snowy Scheme and via the tourism that this will generate, help to ensure the Town's economic viability.

  • See our photos of the 'Old' and 'New' Towns The small settlements of Old Adaminaby (which has grown up around the site of the 'old' town) and Anglers Reach are a short drive away.

    There were 2 days of Celebrations on Sat. 29th & Sun. 30th Sept. '07.

    Download a .pdf file of our 50th Anniversary Programme
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    OLD ADAMINABYXXXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxADAMINABY TODAY
    St Mary's, the Catholic Church, in the centre -------------------------------- The 'New' Town's scenic setting
    with its steps (still visible) to old Denison Street.

    Lovely location before 'The Move'
    and beautiful today
    xxxxxThe Old Commercial Bank being moved.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXand TODAY
    Dangerous work
    Beautiful in its new home
    Really hard work in Winter
    Happy in its new home
    XX50 Years On:
    xSite of the Old Town today, old Denison Street (top left) xxxxxxxxxx Aerial view of Adaminaby Today
    What the drought shows xx
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(photo courtesy of A. Menhenitt UFO)
    xxxRelics of the Old Town appear (thanks to the drought) xxxxxxxxxxx Aerial view of Anglers Reach
    Foundations from the past
    Amazing xxxxx(photo courtesy of Paul Nossiter SRA)
    The old Six Mile Bridge on the submerged Highway over the Eucumbene River has been seen for the first time in 50 years. Just before it was submerged the central pylons were blown up, but it has survived. It is proof that solid, good quality materials were used when it was constructed over a century ago.
    Still Standing

    So YOU can get here

    1. Drive south from Sydney, along the M5, follow the signs to Canberra. When you arrive on the outskirts of Canberra, follow the signs to Cooma.
    2. From Canberra drive a total of 2 hours down the Monaro Highway past Michelago, through Cooma then turn right along the Snowy Mountains Highway.
    3. OR from the Tharwa turnoff via the Point Hutt crossing, drive 90 minutes along the Bobeyan Road via Tharwa and Shannons Flat. There is 40 km of unsealed surface but its condition is very good. The scenery is SPECTACULAR but be drive carefully in Winter.
    4. From Melbourne drive via the Hume Highway either:
      xxxxxxxxxx* Turn right at the Tumut turnoff on to the Snowy Mountains Highway, drive 3 hours via Talbingo
      xxxxxxxxxx* 40 kms north of Holbrook, turn right at Little Billabong, via Tumbarumba, the Elliot Way, pass Cabramurra, the Selwyn turnoff and then in 15 mins turn right at the Snowy Mountains Highway.

    Adaminaby Town Map


    We have:
  • CDMA mobile coverage
  • A lovely, pure, inexhaustible
    ... water supply from Lake
    ... Eucumbene.
  • ADSL Broadband
  • ATMs
  • Swimming Pool
  • Race Course
  • Nine hole Golf Course
  • Small airstrip
  • Watch the new Adaminaby Snowy Scheme MUSEUM being built

  • Adaminaby Features:
  • A wide choice of comfortable accommodation to suit all requirements
  • Supermarket,
  • Newsagency & Post Office with banking facilities,
  • Bakery and Cafe (both do takeaways),
  • Museum Op-Shop,Craft Shop,
  • Fishing Tackle Shop, Real Estate Agent,
  • Bowling Club, Café, Hotel,
  • Historic Churches, Over 100 century-old buildings,
  • Beautiful established gardens.

  • pretty
    ADAMINABY is a pretty town with well established trees that was moved half a century ago for the construction of Lake Eucumbene.
    The small settlements of Old Adaminaby (which has grown up around the site of the 'old' town) and Anglers Reach are a short drive away.

      Easter Fair
      Annual Events:
      We have a GREAT annual calendar of EVENTS. Find out all about it

      The pretty shopping centre is easily & safely accessible from the Snowy Mountains Highway. The turn-off is near the "Big Trout".
      The shops are located around a nicely kept lawn with places to sit so you can relax & chat.
      Snowy Mountains Highway