New Zealand Army Chiefs
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     Note: all ranks and post-nominals are final for the person's career and not necessarily applicable to his tenure as Commander-in-Chief.


Commander of the Colonial Defence Force:  
1863.09.20 Maj-Gen. T.J. Galloway [to 6 Feb. 1865]  
Note: from 1867 to 1885 command effectively rested with the Commissioner of the Armed Constabulary (from 1867 to 1869 known as the Commandant)  
Commandant New Zealand Defence Forces:  
1885.04.27 Maj-Gen. The Hon Sir George Stoddart Whitmore, KCMG [to 4 Apr. 1888]  
1892.01.01 Lt-Col. F.J. Fox  
Military Adviser and Inspector of New Zealand Forces:  
1894.09.01 Lt-Col. F.J. Fox  
Commandant New Zealand Defence Forces:  
1896.12.01 Maj-Gen. Arthur Pole Penton, CB, CMG, CVO  
1901.10.17 Maj. R.H. Owen [acting]  
1901.12.06 Lt-Gen. Sir James Melville Babington, KCB, KCMG  
1906.09.22 Col. W.H. Webb [acting]  
Chief of the General Staff:  
1910.12.19 Col. A.W. Robin [to 20 Dec. 1910]  
Commandant and General Officer Commanding:  
1910.12.07 Gen. Sir Alexander John Godley, GCB, KCMG  
1914.09.11 Maj-Gen. A.W. Robin  
1919.12.10 Maj-Gen. Sir Edward Walter Clerveaux Chaytor, KCMG, KCVO, CB, TD  
1924.05.01 Maj-Gen. C.N. Melvill  
General Officer Commanding New Zealand Defence Forces:  
1925.12.07 Maj-Gen. Robert Young, CB, CMG, DSO  
1931.04.01 Maj-Gen. Sir William Livingstone Hatchwell Sinclair-Burgess, KBE, CB, CMG, DSO  
Chief of the General Staff:  
1937.04.01 Maj-Gen. Sir John Evelyn Duigan, KBE, CB, DSO  
1940.10.10 Maj-Gen. Sir Andrew H. Russell [acting]  
1941.08.01 Lt-Gen. Sir Edward Puttick, KCB, DSO*  
1946.01.01 Maj-Gen. Sir Norman William McDonald Weir, KBE, CB  
1949.04.01 Maj-Gen. Sir Keith Lindsay Stewart, KBE, CB, DSO  
1952.04.01 Maj-Gen. Sir William George Gentry, KBE, CB, DSO  
1955.08.15 Maj-Gen. Sir Stephen Cyril Etterick Weir, KBE, CB, DSO  
1960.09.01 Lt-Gen. Sir Leonard Whitmore Thornton, KCB, CBE  
1965.04.01 Maj-Gen. Walter Sneddon McKinnon, CB, CBE  
1967.04.01 Maj-Gen. Robert Boyd Dawson, CB, CBE, DSO  
1970.04.01 Lt-Gen. Sir Richard James Holden Webb, KBE, CB  
1971.09.29 Maj-Gen. L.A. Pearce  
1973.10.01 Maj-Gen. Robin Hugh Ferguson Holloway, CB, CBE  
1976.11.15 Maj-Gen. Ronald Douglas Patrick Hassett, CB, CBE  
1978.11.16 Maj-Gen. Brian Matauru Poananga, CB, CBE  
1981.11.16 Maj-Gen. R.G. Williams  
1984.12.12 Lt-Gen. Sir John Airth Mace, KBE, CB  
1987.12.01 Maj-Gen. D.S. McIver  
1989.03.01 Maj-Gen. Bruce Meldrum, CB, OBE  
1992.03.01 Lt-Gen. Anthony Leonard Birks, CB OBE  
1995.02.25 Maj-Gen. P.M. Reid  
1998.02.26 Maj-Gen. Maurice Francis Dodson, CBE, MC  
2002.02 Maj-Gen. Jeremiah Mateparae, ONZM