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Hook & Ladder 8
14 N. Moore Street
New York, NY 10013
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     Armed with the finances from Ray's house, the boys set out to find a place to run their business out of.  Upon seeing the old abandoned firehouse, Ray instantly fell in love with it (and the fire poles), and the Ghostbusters now had a home.
     For those of you expecting some ghostly action here, sorry to disappoint you.  Unlike in the movies, Ladder 8 is a fully functioning firehouse.  While the firehouse itself wasn’t built until 1912, Ladder Company 8 was formed on October 16th, 1865 originally located at 153 Franklin Street.  They were later moved to 7 N. Moore and finally one door over to 14 N. Moore where we know them today.  This was the building that served as the façade for the Ghostbusters headquarters.  As with most of the other sets in the movies, the interior was done in Los Angels, specifically at retired Fire Station 23.  For some scenes, however, the crews filmed 20 feet inside the New York firehouse, specifically for Ecto-1 coming out for the first bust.
    Although many of the firemen who were around for the first movie has long since moved on or retired, there are still a couple from the days of the second.  They are very tolerant to Ghostbusters fans and happily answer any question you might have.  When visiting this location, take note of the left hand wall which proudly displays the Ghostbusters 2 sign that once hung outside as well as set photographs from when the crew was filming there.  Also, for $20, you can get one of their house shirts, any size.  Each shirt features the company’s name and a picture of the modified GB2 logo to represent their company.
20 Years Later:
     The brown coloring of the building from the first movie has faded to reveal a brighter red seen in the second movie.  The firehouse has also been allowed to deteriorate; there is dirt all over it and cracks have begun to form.  A new plaque has been added to the left side of the doorway commemorating a firefighter who died in 9/11, and the street has also been named for him as well.
Nearby Attractions:
Holland Tunnel (Broome Street between Hudson and Varick Streets)
Pier 34 (Canal and West Streets)
NYC Fire Museum (Spring Street between Hudson and Varick Streets)
Tweed Courthouse (City Hall Park)
City Hall (City Hall Park between Broadway and Park Row)
Subway & Directions:
     -Ladder 8 was once located at 278 Spring Street along with Engine 30.  This location is currently the Fire Museum.
     -Both firehouses used in the movie were built just 2 years apart from each other.
     Take the 1 train to Franklin Street, walk one block North to N. Moore Street along Varick.
     Take the A, C or E train to Canal Street, walk South on West Broadway to N. Moore and turn right.
     Take the N, Q, R or W train to Canal Street, walk two blocks south to Walker Street, turn west to West Broadway then south to N. Moore and turn right.
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