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August 2-4: Forum on Botanical Education & Outreach
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Abstracts received so far:

  1. AMSLER, CHARLES D.*, MARGARET O. AMSLER, JAMES B. MCCLINTOCK, KATRIN B. IKEN, JOANNA M. HUBBARD, AND BILL J. BAKER. - Palatability and chemical defenses of macroalgae on the Antarctic Peninsula.
  2. BACHVAROFF, T. R.*, E. M. HERMAN, AND C. F. DELWICHE. - Dinoflagellate genomics: results from an EST approach.
  3. BARTKOWIAK, BRIAN AND GRANT GREGORY MITMAN.* - Algal Stimulation of the Berkeley Pit Lake System.
  4. BELL, ROBERT A. - Phytoplankton community composition in the Tri-Lakes area of central Wisconsin, USA.
  5. CARTY, SUSAN* AND JOHN D. HALL II. - Desmids and dinoflagellates of Ecuador. [Poster]
  6. CASAMATTA, DALE A.*, MORGAN L. VIS, AND ROBERT G. SHEATH. - Phormidium retzii (Oscillatoriales): genotypic variation and phenotypic plasticity.
  7. CHIASSON, WAYNE B., NICHOLAS J. MACHESKY, AND MORGAN L. VIS.* - Phylogeography of Batrachospermum helminthosum (Rhodophyta) in North America. [Poster]
  8. CHO, T.O.*, S. FREDERICQ, AND K.K. YATES. - Characterization of macroalgal epiphytes on Thalassia testudinum in Tampa Bay, Florida. [Poster]
  9. CHO, T.O.*, S. FREDERICQ, S.N. MURRAY, AND S.M. BOO. - New systematic insights in the Ceramium sinicolacomplex: resurrection of C. interruptumS. & G. (Ceramiaceae, Rhodophyta).
  10. CIUGULEA, IONEL I., DEBRA A. WATERS*, JOHN W. DAY, JR., AND RUSSELL L. CHAPMAN. - Phytoplankton of a Mississippi River watershed in coastal Louisiana. [Poster]
  11. DAVIS, B.E.*, S.J. INTERLANDI, S.S. KILHAM, AND E.C. THERIOT. - Effects of sampling scale and analysis method on perceptions of phytoplankton species associations.
  12. DAWES, CLINTON J.* AND ARTHUR C. MATHIESON. - A guide to the seaweeds of Florida.
  13. DEYOE, HUDSON R.*, JOSEPH L. KOWALSKI, AND CHRISTOPER P. ONUF. - Spatial and temporal characterization of the drifting macroalgae in a subtropical Texas lagoon. [Poster]
  14. DIMMER, STEPHANIE K.*, MICHELLE DEAN, MARVIN W. FAWLEY, AND KAREN P. FAWLEY. - Diversity of fusiform microchlorophyte algae from Itasca State Park, Minnesota. [Poster]
  15. EDGAR, STACY* AND EDWARD THERIOT. - A total evidence approach to inferring the phylogenetic relationships within Aulacoseira (Bacillariophyta).
  16. EDLUND, MARK B.*, LAURA TRIPLETT, AND DANIEL R. ENGSTROM. - Post-European sedimentation and nutrient loading in Lake St. Croix, a natural impoundment on the St. Croix River, USA.
  17. EVENS, TERENCE J.* AND ROBBIN KOENIG. - Phosphatase expression by Chlorella vulgaris (Chlorophyceae) is mediated by internal phosphorus levels and external pH. [Poster]
  18. FAUST, MARIA A. - Biodiversity and association of dinoflagellates in coral reef rubble, Carrie Bow Cay, Belize. [Poster]
  19. FAWLEY, KAREN P.* AND MARVIN W. FAWLEY. - Differences among coccoid green algal communities in Minnesota and North Dakota lakes.
  20. FAWLEY, MARVIN W.*, KAREN P. FAWLEY, AND MATTHEW J. HOFFMAN. - Diversity of coccoid algae in Minnesota and North Dakota lakes.
  21. FAWLEY, MARVIN W., KAREN P. FAWLEY, AND MICHELLE L. DEAN.* - Assessing the biodiversity of Monoraphidium using 18S rDNA sequences.
  22. FIERST, JANNA LYNN*, JANET KUBLER, AND STEVE R. DUDGEON. - Spatial and temporal distribution of life history variants in the red alga, Mastocarpus papillatus.
  23. FILKIN, NANDA R.*, ALISON R. SHERWOOD, AND MORGAN L. VIS. - Macroalgae of the Hawaiian Islands: 23 additional stream segments.
  24. FRANKLIN, LINDA A.* AND PATRICK J. NEALE. - Biological weighting functions for the effect of UV radiation on carbon partitioning in microalgae. [Poster]
  25. FREDERICQ, S*, J.M. LOPEZ-BAUTISTA, AND R.L. MOE. - New insights in the systematics of the Phyllophoraceae (Gigartinales, Rhodophyta) .
  26. FREDERICQ, S.*, T.O. CHO, B. GAVIO, C.F. GURGEL, E. HICKERSON, S.M. LIN, J. LOPEZ-BAUTISTA, N. PHILLIPS, M. VIGUERIE, AND B. WYSOR. - A survey of the offshore marine macroalgae from the northwestern Gulf of Mexico Hard Bank communities. [Poster]
  27. FRISCH, S.M.* AND S.N. MURRAY. - The diversity and availability of Caulerpa species found in retail aquarium outlets in southern California, USA.
  28. GABEL, JENNIFER*, J. CRAIG BAILEY, AND D. WILSON FRESHWATER. - Phylogenetic analyses of nuclear 18S rRNA gene sequences indicate that the Mastophoroideae (Corallinales, Rhodophyta) is a polyphyletic taxon.
  29. GAVIO, BRIGITTE* AND SUZANNE FREDERICQ. - Grateloupia turuturu (Halymeniaceae, Rhodophyta): the correct identity of the invasive species in the Atlantic known as Grateloupia doryphora as inferred from molecular and morphological evidence. [Poster]
  30. GAVIO, BRIGITTE. - New insights in the Cryptonemiales-Rhodymeniales complex and resurrection of the allied red algal order Nemastomatales Kylin 1925 as inferred from rbcL sequence analysis and comparative reproductive morphology.
  31. GOERTZEN, LESLIE R.* AND EDWARD C. THERIOT. - Effects of outgroup selection on phylogenetic hypotheses of the heterokont algae.
  32. GRAHAM, JAMES M.*, ANGELA D. KENT, GEORGE H. LAUSTER, ANTHONY C. YANNARELL, LINDA E. GRAHAM, TIMOTHY K. KRATZ, AND ERIC W. TRIPLETT. - Species diversity of microbial communities in a northern temperate humic lake.
  33. GURGEL, CARLOS FREDERICO D* AND SUZANNE FREDERICQ. - Phylogeny of the Gracilariaceae (Gracilariales, Rhodophyta) inferred from rbcL sequence analysis: taxonomic implications.
  34. GURGEL, CARLOS FREDERICO D* AND SUZANNE FREDERICQ. - Three new species of Gracilariopsis (Gracilariales, Rhodophyta) from the Northwestern Atlantic. [Poster]
  35. HACKETT, JEREMIAH D.*, LUCIE MARANDA, AND DEBASHISH BHATTACHARYA. - The plastid of Dinophysis (Dinophyceae): Phylogenetic evidence for a permanent replacement.
  36. HAMBROOK, JULIE A. - Bioassessment of stream-water quality using benthic and planktonic algae collected along an urban intensity gradient in the Eastern Cornbelt Plains Ecoregion, Ohio, USA.
  37. HAMSHER, SARAH E.*, DALE A. CASAMATTA, NANDA R. FILKIN, AMY S. MCCLINTIC, WAYNE B. CHIASSON, ROBERT G. VERB, AND MORGAN L. VIS. - A new method for studying nutrient limitation of periphyton: a case study from acid mine drainage streams.
  38. HANISAK, M. DENNIS. - Impacts of reduced salinity on seagrasses in Indian River Lagoon.
  39. HARVEY, JULIO B.J. - 18s based taxonomy and intraspecific ITS sequence variation in the marine fungal endosymbiont Haloguignardia irritans infecting Cystoseira osmundacea along the Californian coast. [Poster]
  40. HARVEY, JULIO B.J. - Intraspecific genetic variation in H. irritans, a fungal endosymbiont of marine brown algae on the North American Pacific coast.
  41. HIRSCHMUGL, CAROL*, MARIA BUNTA, JUSTIN HOLT, MARIO GIORDANO, ANDREJ SKILIROV, AND J. RUDI STRICKLER. - Synchrotron-based infrared imaging of Euglena gracilis single cells.
  42. HOOPS, HAROLD J.* AND SHAUN M. GIFFORD. - Cell signaling in the chemoaccumulation response of the colonial green alga Astrephomene gubernaculifera. [Poster]
  43. JASKOWIAK, MEGAN A.*, KAREN P. FAWLEY, AND MARVIN W. FAWLEY. - An examination of the effects of a reservoir, Lake Ashtabula, on the periphytic algae in the Sheyenne River, North Dakota.
  44. JULIUS, M.L. - Relationship between periodic resuspension events and planktonic diatom community structure in Lake Michigan: a field and laboratory investigation.
  45. KIRKPATRICK, BARBARA*, LORA E FLEMING, WENDY B STEPHAN, LORRAINE BACKER, RICHARD CLARK, DOMINICK SQUICCIARINI, RICHARD WEISMAN, AND GAYL VAN DE BOGART. - Public outreach materials regarding harmful algal blooms and their possible effects on human health. [Poster]
  46. KREUGER, N.* AND M.L. JULIUS. - Endemism and invasion in the Great Lakes diatom community. [Poster]
  47. KRIENITZ, LOTHAR*, MATTHIAS WOLF, EBERHARD HEGEWALD, AND DOMINIK HEPPERLE. - Systematics of coccoid green algae: morphology versus 18S rRNA gene phylogeny.
  48. LAZAROFF, NORMAN. - Preservation of nostocacean hormogone motility in desiccated calcium carbonate agar patches.
  49. LEBLOND, JEFFREY D.* AND PETER J. CHAPMAN. - Fatty acid and sterol composition of a Karenia brevis bloom in the Gulf of Mexico. [Poster]
  50. LEBLOND, JEFFREY D.* AND PETER J. CHAPMAN. - Lipid biomarker analysis of the toxic dinoflagellate Pfiesteria piscicida : Distribution of sterols and fatty acids within the class Dinophyceae.
  51. LEE, JUNGHO* AND JAMES R. MANHART. - The transition from algae to embryophytes: Chloroplast phylogenomic evidence II .
  52. LEWANDOWSKI, JEFFREY D.* AND CHARLES F. DELWICHE. - Actin phylogeny in the Charophyta.
  53. LEWIS, LOUISE A.*, ZOE G. CARDON, AND DEBORAH TYSER. - Chlororespiration in Green Algae Isolated from Desert Crusts.
  54. LEWIS, RAYMOND J.* AND MARK D. LANKER. - Branching morphology of gametophytes and tetrasporophytes of Ceramium codicola is related to phase and reproductive structures. [Poster]
  55. LIN, SHOWE-MEI*, SUZANNE FREDERICQ, AND MAX H. HOMMERSAND. - Apoglosseae trib. nov. (Delesseriaceae, Rhodophyta) based on two molecular datasets and cystocarp development.
  56. LOPEZ-BAUTISTA, J. M.* AND R. L. CHAPMAN. - Phragmoplastins, the Trentepohliales, and the evolution of the cytokinesis in green plants. [Poster]
  57. LOPEZ-BAUTISTA, J. M.*, R. L. CHAPMAN, F. RINDI, AND M. GUIRY. - Molecular systematics of the subaerial green algal family Trentepohliaceae (Chlorophyta; Trentepohliales) inferred from 18 SSU rDNA sequences. [Poster]
  58. LOPEZ-BAUTISTA, J. M.*, S. FREDERICQ, R. L. CHAPMAN, AND D. A. WATERS. - Biodiversity and potential use of marine macroalgae from the offshore oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. [Poster]
  59. LOPEZ-BAUTISTA, J. M.*, S. FREDERICQ, S. C. LINDSTROM, W. A. NELSON, AND M. E. RAMIREZ. - Characterization and position of the genus Stenogramme in the Phyllophoraceae (Gigartinales, Rhodophyta).
  60. LOURENçO, SERGIO O.* AND JOHN A. BERGES. - Physiological and biochemical responses of two seaweeds to nutrient- or light-deprivation.
  61. MAIN, STEPHEN P. - Distribution and morphology of diatoms in high altitude streams on Kaua'i (Hawai'i). [Poster]
  62. MCCOURT, RICHARD M.*, JUN PARK, DAVID A. HEWITT, AND KENNETH G. KAROL. - Phylogeny of the conjugating green algae (Zygnematales and Desmidiales) based on plastid and mitochondrial gene sequences. [Poster]
  63. MCELHINNEY, AMY*, J. CRAIG BAILEY, AND ROBERT A. ANDERSEN. - Phylogenetic analysis of the Mischococcales, Tribonematales, and Vaucheriales (Xanthophyceae) inferred from 18S rRNA gene sequences.
  64. MCMANUS, HILARY A.* AND LOUISE A. LEWIS. - Phylogenetic relationships among Pediastrum spp. and Hydrodictyon spp.
  65. MILLIE, DAVID F.*, RYAN J. PIGG, BRIAN J. BENDIS, AND KAREN A. STEIDINGER. - Relating phytoplankton dynamics to environmental forcing in the lower St. Johns River Estuary: a multivariate assessment. [Poster]
  66. MISNER, IAN J., J. CRAIG BAILEY*, AND D. WILSON FRESHWATER. - Characterization of sufB sequences from non-green photoautotrophs.
  67. NELSON, TIMOTHY A.*, DEJAH LEE, BRIDGET C. SMITH, AND RENEE PRINS. - Are "green tides" harmful algal blooms? Allelopathic properties of extracts from Ulva fenestrata and Ulvaria obscura.
  68. NELSON, TIMOTHY A.*, KATHRYN L. VAN ALSTYNE, AND HEATHER RIBARICH. - The effects of nitrogen regime on growth, [CHN], [DMSP], [chlorophyll], [protein] and nitrogen uptake rate in Ulvaria obscura and Ulva fenestrata.
  69. PETERS, KEVIN J.*, CHARLES D. AMSLER, MARGARET O. AMSLER, JAMES B. MCCLINTOCK, KATRIN B. IKEN, AND BILL J. BAKER. - The effects of thallus toughness and nutritive quality on palatability of antarctic macroalgae. [Poster]
  70. PIASECKI, BRIAN*, YANG FAN, KENNETH R. DILLER, AND JERRY J. BRAND. - Survival of Chlamydomonas subsequent to cryopreservation is prevented by a substance released from damaged cells.
  71. PRöSCHOLD, THOMAS*, BARBARA SUREK, BIRGER MARIN, AND MICHAEL MELKONIAN. - Protist origin of the Ulvophyceae (Chlorophyta) revealed by SSU rDNA analyses of marine coccoid green algae. .
  72. PUESCHEL, CURT* AND SUSSE WEGEBERG. - Calcification and decalcification during epithallial cell turnover in coralline red algae.
  73. RHODES, MELODY J. AND TIMOTHY A. NELSON.* - Interannual variation in coral reef plant communities of central Belize. [Poster]
  74. RICKER, JILL M.*, JEFF D. LEWANDOWSKI, AND CHARLES F. DELWICHE. - Sequence diversity of the gene tufA in Coleochaete, an algal model for horizontal gene transfer. [Poster]
  75. ROGERS, JOHN E.*, ROB H. DAVIS, AND LEAH M. OLIVER. - Effects of environmental parameters on the growth characteristics of Symbiodinium spp. isolated from corals. [Poster]
  76. SNYDER, STEPHEN W.*, KENNETH G. KAROL, AND CHARLES F. DELWICHE. - Phylogeny of Klebsormidium (Kelbsormidiales; Charophyta) based on rbcL, atpB, coxIII and nad5 sequence data.
  77. STAM, WYTZE T.*, ISABELLE MEUSNIER, CHRISTOPHE DESTOMBE, MYRIAM VALERO, AND JEANINE L. OLSEN. - Tracing invasions of Caulerpa taxifolia with molecular markers.
  78. STILLER, JOHN W.*, DEETTE C. REEL, AND JEFFREY C. JOHNSON. - The case for a single plastid origin revisited: convergent evolution in organellar gene content.
  79. TANCZOS, MELINDA A.*, J. CRAIG BAILEY, AND ROBEERT A. ANDERSEN. - Ultrastructure and phylogeny of a new species belonging to the Prymnesiophyceae.
  80. TEDROW, O.*, M.L. JULIUS, AND H.L. SCHOENFUSS. - The effects of biogenically active compounds on Cyclotella meneghiniana (Bacillariophyta). [Poster]
  81. TIFFANY, MARY ANN. - Development of valves in the marine diatom genus Trigonium.
  82. WAALAND, J. ROBERT. - Recirculating culture for Chondracanthus exasperatus. [Poster]
  83. WATANABE, S.*, K. MITUI, T. NAKAYAMA, AND I. INOUYE. - Phylogenetic analyses of the species of Chlorosarcinopsis and Neochlorosarcina (Chlorophyceae).
  84. WATERS, DEBRA A.*, IONEL I. CIUGULEA, AND RUSSELL L. CHAPMAN. - Digital algae--a boon to research and teaching. [Poster]
  85. WATSON, SUSAN* AND LOEKE JANZEN. - Algal polyunsaturated fatty acids: food, pheromones and foul odour.
  86. WYNNE, MICHAEL J. - Highlights of recent collections of marine algae from the Sultanate of Oman.
  87. WYSOR, BRIAN*, WIEBE H. C. F. KOOISTRA, AND SUZANNE FREDERICQ. - Comparative phylogeography of reticulate Cladophoralean algae. [Poster]
  88. WYSOR, BRIAN. - The Central American Isthmus: implications for intraspecific phylogeny and biogeography of a pantropical green alga.
  89. YARISH, CHARLES*, PEIMIN HE, RAQUEL CARMONA, SHILI LIU, GEORGE KRAEMER, CHRISTOPHER NEEFUS, THIERRY CHOPIN, GEORGE NARDI, JOHN CURTIS, SHERRY LONERGAN, AND PAUL TRUPP. - The Aquaculture of Porphyra leucosticta (Rhodophyta) for An Finfish/Seaweed Recirculating Aquaculture System in An Urban Aapplication.
  90. YEH, WEN-JI*, SHU-CHU LIN, AND GEN-YUAN CHEN. - Molecular characteristics of Caulerpa (Chlorophyta) populations in Taiwan. [Poster]
  91. YOON, HWAN SU*, JEREMIAH DANIEL HACKETT, AND DEBASHISH BHATTACHARYA. - The monophyletic origin of the peridinin-, and fucoxanthin-containing dinoflagellate plastid through tertiary replacement.
  92. YOON, HWAN SU, JEREMIAH HACKETT, GABRIELE PINTO, AND DEBASHISH BHATTACHARYA.* - The single, ancient origin of chromist plastids.
  93. ZHEKISHEVA, MIRASH*, SAMMY BOUSSIBA, INNA KHOZIN-GOLDBERG, ALIZA ZARKA, AND ZVI COHEN. - Accumulation of triacylglycerols in Haematococcus pluvialis is correlated with that of astaxanthin esters. [Poster]