The story of Muhammad, by Dr. York
The Story of Ahmad
The Life of Muhammad, as told by Dr.Malachi Z. York
From The Holy Tablets, Chapter 19, Tablet 2

One of the most interesting of the heterodox (and I mean heterodox) sects of Islam is the Ansaar Allah community, also known as Holy Tabernacle Ministries, started by a gentleman named Malachi Z. York. Dr. York was originally born Dwight York, over five decades ago, and seems to be someone who was always into mystical beliefs. He started his own sect of Islam (which many call a cult) that also mixes Biblical texts, the Epics of Gilgamesh, NOI beliefs, Submitter doctrines, and even belief in UFOs. A sort of Raelians that is almost exclusively for the African American community.

Dr. York has written well over 400 books, some of which seem to contradict one another, which expound on his beliefs and doctrine. His doctrine is so decidely heterodox that the popular Muslim polemicist Bilal Phillips took a swipe at the group, writing the book Ansaar: Cult in America. This attack on Dr. York's group motivated the leader to move his beliefs further outside the scope of Islam, and write a potent response. His response was the seven volume 360 Questions to ask a Sunni Muslim, a brilliant work that was a blend of anti-Islamic polemics of a common nature as well as a very original nature. While some of his questions would be familiar to anyone who's read anti-Islamic material, other parts were very creative, and still others were down right bizarre! This series, along with his other creative works, can be purchased online.

As York's group grew, they managed to acquire enough money to buy some land in Eatonton, Georgia. On this land Dr. York erected his own Kaaba, complete with its own kiswa, the only difference being that this particular Kaaba is shaped like a pyramid rather than a cube! There is a second pyramid that is a book store, as well as a giant Spinx elsewhere on the 476 acre complex.

The troubles between the residents of York's Ad Hoc Mecca and the residents of Eatonton has been documented by many sources in the media, including an article in Time Magazine. On the land (known as Tama Re), the group has renamed itself the Nuwaubians, and later the Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation. They've been there now for seven years, and seem to have always had trouble with the local community, which is troubled by the way this group's numbers are making an impact in the polls. The group is constantly being mentioned in the local media.

It's hard to get a grasp of what the group is really about from the local media, but from my own experiences with followers of Dr. York, I think they make a polite and intelligent group with an overactive imagination. Still, a former Nuwaubian coworker of mine gave me a gift in the form of a copy of Dr. York's The Holy Tablets, a massive 2,000+ page book that is essentially the goup's bible, and a record of world history according to Dr. York. The book is supposed to be a follow up to the Qur'an and Bible, correcting the previous works. It's a wild story that talks about Jesus, Esau, Aliens, Yacuub the scientist with two brains, the two Muhammads, with the fake one replacing the real one, and how Sunni muslims have been lead astray by this fake Muhammad, while the only true followers of the real Muhammad are the Ansaars.

This brings us to the 19th chapter of the Holy Tablets, and the story of Muhammad according to Dr. York. While we do not agree with all (or any) that is written here, we felt that this story added an interesting slant on the story of Muhammad, and Islam. While many orthodox muslims will find some of what is written absurd, one wonders why we should assume this story is any less logical than the absurd story put forth by orthodox Muslims. The numbers of the verses have been removed, and the text is presented in essay format. However, it should be noted that this writing was originally written in 228 verses, and Dr. York pointed out that 19 x 12=228. It is a fact that in every tablet in his book "The Holy Tablets", the number of verses was a multiple of 19 (this, along with a rejection of ahadith is something Dr. York adopted from the Submitter movement). Dr. York's spelling, punctuation, and use of capitals remains unedited. Enjoy!

LO! In five and seventy A.D. called Aam Al Fiyl, the Year of the Elephant in Arabia, Being the year in which Abrahtu-Al-Ashram, an Ethiopian ruler of Senaa in Yeman marched with a large army of elephants to conquer Mecca. The one hundred and fifth degree, originally the nineteenth chapter of the Qur'aan is dedicated to this event saying:
    "Didn't you see how your, Ahmad, Rabb, who is Sustainer dwelt with the companions of the fiyl, elephant, Abrahat-Al-Ashram, viceroy of Yeman?"
Didn't he, The Source, Allah manifest that there kayd, scheming to destroy the Kaaba was a grave era? And consequently he, Allah sent airborne flocks of tayr on them. Throwing hot stones, hijarat from sijjiyl on them. By throwing stones from sijjiyl, The Source, Allah made their flesh raw, like kernels of quickly consumed corn, ka'asf and chewed hay.

A child prophesied as the praised one, or the comforter in his language Arabic, that is Ahmad, was born to a descendant of Kedar, second son of Ishma'El and his wife Saaida Faatimah, This Ishma'El was the first son of Abraham and his Egyptian wife Hagar. This descendant was called Abdullat, a slave of the god Allat, later called Abdullah, to imply, "servant of Allah," Abdullat was one of the sons of Abd-al Mutaalib. The others being Hamza, Al Abbas, Abu Lahab, who came from one of his pale Arab wives, Az Zahir, Al Haris, and Abu Taalib, father of Ali, husband of Faatimah, the soul heir of Ahmad, Abd-al Mutaalib who headed the tribe called the Haashimites, later called the Quraysh. The mother of Ahmad was called Amina, daughter of Wahb.

Mecca, the capital at that time was the most important location for Arab pilgrims. The year of the Elephant was a dry, destitute year for many. Among those suffering the effects of the famine was the family of: Al Harith son of Rifa's son of Qusayy, son of Nasr, son of Sa'd, son of Bakr, son of Hawazin. His wife Halima, daughter of Abu Dhu'ayb of Banu Sa'd, son of Bakr came to Mecca along with the women of other nomadic tribes searching for babies to breastfeed, a tradition of that day.

Before she returned to her family's tents, she took an orphan child into her care named Ahmad, later called Muhammad, Who was destined to become the prophet of a new religion called Muhammadism, Combining the religion of Abraham called Millah Ibrahiym and the way of life of those before him, called Al Islam. With idolatry and paganism they created, with the help of the Catholic church, a new found faith, called Diyn Al Islam, meaning "submit to Diyna," the female deity of the cresent moon, or so called Ishtar. She was called the Universal Mother of all living things, the virgin mother of all souls, whose known as Diana, Artemis, Phoebe, and Cynthia. The chief seat of the Diyna cult and worship was at Epheses, where a great temple was built.

When Ahmad was a baby his grandfather took him to the Kaaba. A cube shaped structure of the great temple of Solomon, A sight of worship for its commemoration of its construction by Abraham and Ishma'El. And called his name from Ahmad the name of prophecy, to Muhammad the prophecy fulfilled.

Unbeknowing to them Shaytaan had given birth to his own prophet Muhammad, A son of a wicked man name Habiyb Al Hanif, They named this child Musaylimat, he was to undermine all of the unknowing followers of Muhammad. He was to lie and wait, in order to deceive them. To get all of them except for Al Mukhlasina, the purified ones, Who would be guided by the successor of Muhammad Al Mahdi of the Sudan, Whose teachings would spread like the sun coming out of the east even unto the west.

There you'll find the Mukhlasiyna, the Ansaaru Allah, under Al Mukhlis, Protected from the touch of this worldwide deception called Muhammadism, whose followers are called Muhammadans, Moslems or Muslims, With it's own corrupted set of laws called shariya, laws made by man, not found in the real Al Qur'aan. It would create a system called Fiqh, rules and regulations, and Fatwa, sentences. This shariya is subdivided into itiqadat, false beliefs, adab, moral immoralities, ibadat, blind devotion, mu'amalat, unfair transactions, uqubat, barbaric punishments, And lastly the demon Al Hadith would become the source of their information, And they would call this text the hadith, their guidance.
A man named Musaylimat, son of Habib Al Hanafi, and make note that he was born twenty and two years before Ahmad, Yet his name was Musaylimat, which is just another way of saying Muslim. Waraqa Ibn Naufal, Ibn Asad, Ibn Abdi'l-Uzza, the uncle of Khadijah was his advisor, as they plotted to create their own Koran to deceive the followers of Muhammad, Who were all Nubians. 

Yet, Musaylimat's followers, as they are referred to in the real Qur'aan as the desert Arabs are in control of Mecca, Jerusalem and even the tomb of the Mahdi to this day. They formed what they called a sacred brotherhood, or the Ikhwaani Muslimuwn, the brotherhood of Musaylimat, the liar, who was told by Waraqa that he was inspired by a Naamus, another form of the word Nommus, a spirit being, which Waraqa told this false Muhammad had appeared to Moses also. This can be found recorded in their hadith under Sahihu'l Bukhari, where it is said: when Muhammad told Waraqa, the Jew what he had seen on Mount Hira, Waraqa exclaimed that it is the Namus who appeared from Allahu Rahman to Moses, when in fact this Muhammad mentioned is Musaylimat, Abu Al Haqq. Namus means "one who can take the the knowledge of the sacred thoughts of a man and used in contradistinction to the word Jasus," a spy, who seeks to know the evil deeds of another. The Namus or Nommo of the Dogon were Reptilians or serpant beings called in the Qur'aan, Shaytans, who were behind Musaylimat.

The Koran called the Holy Qur'aan or the glorious Qur'aan as held in the hands of Muslims today is a product of Jewish scholars, And the Catholic Church's branch of the Jesuit priest under Pope Augustine. And they planned the poisoning of the Prophet Muhammad by a Jewish woman named Zainab bint Haarith, wife of Sallam Ibn Mishkam whom Muhammad killed in a battle. This plan was to destroy the original Qur'aan and replace it with their version of a Qur'aan, Written by Musaylimat with the help of Jewish scholars and Christian scholars.

This was to be done by hastening the death of Muhammad and placing as his successor a desert Arab named Abu Bakr Ibn Uthman, And to kill all of the Ahlil Bayt, which was the family of Ahmad, Starting with the attempt to kill the rightful Khalifa, the successor Ali, son of Abu Taalib, the very man who raised Ahmad.
This plan succeeded, but assassins from which the name Hashim, whose original name is Amar comes from, The original name of Ahmad's family tribe stepped in and secretly assassinated all of these fake successors. The false Khalifas namely: Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman had compiled this false Koran, changed the language to their dialects, And killed all of the men, who had memorized the original Qur'aan, called Al-Qurra'us-Sab'ah, called the seven readers. They were: Imam Ibn Qasiyr, Imam Asim, Imam Abu Umar, Imam Hamza, Imam, L-Qisa'i, Imam Nafiy, and Imam Ibn Amiyr.
But they could not put their hands on Ali as of yet. He became recognized as the fourth khalifat, even though he was the first, And took the hand written copy of the Qur'aan that was in his wife's Faatima, daughter of Ahmad possession, Sent it to Kufa, where it was tranposed into Kufic, and sent the original copies through Egypt, Down into Sudan where it was protected and never translated into any flreign language until now.

Eventually they assassinated Ali, and his family members, But not before their seed was well planted in the Sudan, From which sprung the great Al Mahdi and his Raatib, who had possession of the original Qur'aan, Which in time also got infiltrated by political egotist from the bloodline, Who form the Ummah party, broke away from the original teachings of the Mahdi, Allowing their daughters to marry into the Ikhwaani Muslim and the Ansaar fell to ruin, Only for the prophecy of one hundred years to be fulfilled from eighteen seventy A.D., the establishment of Jazzir Abba, To nineteen seventy A.D. when the sun rose in the west and these truths are made clear.

We are the Ansaaru Allah, the Ahlil Bayt. This fake Muhammad that is responsible for Islaam as you know it today, Be it Sunni, Shi'ite, Ahmadiyya, Wahabbiy, Ikhwaaniy Muslim, Nation of Islam, World Muslim Community, And the many other sects that the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon, said would raise in the last day and oppose his nation the Ansaaru Allah, For as the real Qur'aan said: "of you who are of the faithful, be Ansaaru Allah". And again it says "oh you is one of the faithful, if you help Allah, Allah will help and plant firm your feet." They plan a plan and Allah plans a plan, And Allah is the best of planners.

This plot of theirs was headed by Musaylimat, who lived and ruled in the exact same time as Mustafa Muhammad Al Amin. This Arabian Prophet of the fifth century was born in the year five hundred and fifty and eight A.D. And was killed in six hundred and thirty and three A.D. by Wahshi, the Ethiopian assassin, by the command of Abu Bakr, who betrayed him, wanting to be the ruler of all the followers for himself.

A year after Muhammad died in the year six hundred and thirty and two A.D. Musaylimat was a very prominent leader, who was very well versed in poetry. A self-claimed prophet composed his own holy book, called the Koran. He considered himself a prophet over El Yamammah, A province in the southeastern part of Saudi Arabia. Before they planned their total takeover of all Arabia with the murder death of Mustafa Muhammad Al Amin, Who started his mission in the year six and ten A.D., While meditating in a cave Hirah, in the Har, "mountain".

The mountain lit up with light, a cylinder shaped craft hovered above, A symbolic ladder was lowered and an Eloheem, Whom he became aware of was Gabriy'El, son of Rasi'El and Zamma'El, approached him and said Aqraa, "read," And Muhammad replied: Yaa Gabriy'El ma ana bi Qariyan, "oh one sent from El, I am not a reader." And Gabriy'El repeated Aqraa, "read" getting the same reply, Then Gabriy'El said on this nineteenth shadow hour in the ninth month, called Ramadaan, for it is very hot in that month,

    "read; By using the name of your Rabb, who creates He procreated the Enosites from a clot, of congealed blood, cells separating. Read by way of your Rabb, who is Sustainer the Akraam, Most Generous, it is he who taught 'alaam, you by the way of the qalam, quill, He taught the Enosites that which they did not know."
So Ahmad knew this to mean that he was to read that which was already taught by scribes who wrote it by the pen. The Qur'aan had not yet been revealed, He was talking about previous scriptures. The next time he appeared, the first thing Gabriy'El said to Muhammad was the light and the qalam, quill and that which they the newsbearers recorded, You Muhammad are not, I say not by the grace of your Sustainer, who is Rabb possessed by a jinn, malevolent being.

This was necessary, for all who heard Muhammad's claim of spiritual visitation declared him possessed. His next revelation was:

    "Oh you who is Al Muzammil, one wrapped in a mantle rise up, for prayer a little way into the shadow hour. Not quite half way into it, just a little, qaliyl, of it or you Ahmad may add to it, it's your choice. And rattil, recite the Qur'aan rhythmatically, yet well presented in a regulated tone."
And then his next revelation:
    "Oh you covered under your mantle, Al Mudathir, arise and anzir, warn, and your Rabb, Sustainer Allah is kabbir, expanding in greatness. And purify your raiment, put on white. And shun the abomination, rujza."
And finally he was given the revelation that began with the nineteen mystical: Bismi Allah, Al Rahman, Al Rahiym in Arabic, "Begin all things in the name of Allah, the Yielder, the Most Merciful." Muhammad told his story by saying this:
    "That book is a scripture, no doubt about that. Inside of it there is guidance to those who tremble, These are they who are faithful to what is unseen, And they get up to perform worship, And of the things we the Eloheem Anunnaqi had provided for them, they share willingly. These are they that who are faithful to what was sent down to you Muhammad, And what was sent down before your time, that's the other scriptures and tablets, And in the end, Al Akhir, they will certainly be successful. Surely those who cover the facts, It is the same for them whether you warn them or do not warn them, They are not going to be faithful. The Source, Allah has put a seal on their emotional hearts, and their hearing, And on their eyes, is a screen and there awaits for them a supreme pain. And from amongst the Enosites there are those of them who will say 'we have faith in the Source, Allah, for fear of the end, Yowm Al Akhir.' And they are not really with the faithful. They only seek to deceive The Source, Allah and those who have faith. And they don't deceive any except themselves but they don't perceive it. In their hearts is a disease, so Allah will increase their disease and for them there is an aching pain because they are liars"
Musaylimat the liar, preached in the name of Rahman along with calling himself Rahman. Rahman was introduced in their version of the Koran when the original Qur'aan was destroyed by the followers of Musaylimat. Musaylimat go the name of his deity Rahman from the Torah meaning "The Merciful".
When all of the original copies of the Qur'aan was destroyed and Musaylimat and his followers introduced their version of the Koran, He collected portions of the real  copies of the Qur'aan and threw away three chapters: Suwrah Khaal "maternal uncle," Suwrah Hafd, "pace" and Sura Nurain, "illumination". They also changed the name of Suwrah El Hamd to Suwrah Al Fatiha, As well as added the last three verses to the ninth chapter to exalt himself.
The original Qur'aan was on bones and skins in the ancient script in the dialect of the Quraysh tribe and was intrusted to Ali, The nephew and true successor of Muhammad and husband of Faatima, the daughter of Muhammad. It was thought to be taken and destroyed by the followers of the false Muhammad, Who later became known as the "Khulafaa'" or successors to Muhammad. The original copies of the Qur'aan was taken and completely burned by Uthman, son of Affaan. False copies were distributed and circulated throughout the Islamic world. Unbeknowing the original was protected and safe in the hands of the real Muhammad's true descendants in the Sudan.

All of this was done immediately after Muhammad's death in the year six and thirty and two A.D. At forty years of age, in the year six hundred and ten A.D., Muhammad taught that the Eloheem Gabriy'El, son of Rasi'El his father and Zamma'El his mother, came to him and declared him the final prophet of the seed of the teachings of Abraham, whom he called Ibrahiym Ibn Azar, After which he went for and proclaimed the bounty of Allah. Muhammad sought the truth and retired to a cave at the side of Mount Hira, three miles outside of Mecca, for peaceful contemplation.

At twenty and five, he married Khadijah, a Christian business woman of wealth. Her uncle was Waraqa was the scribe of the bible and a devout Christian, Told Muhammad that the Eloheem Gabriy'El, whom appeared to him means that he was a prophet. Through his conversion, he drew a shrewd business man named Abu Bakr Abdullah Ibn Uthman, a desert Arab, The father in law by marriage to his daughter A'isha. He was the first recognized khalifa to Prophet Muhammad, Proposed to office by Umar Ibn Al Khattab and his supporters. He was a red Arab from the tribe Taim, one of the leading tribes of red Arabs, who mixed in with black tribes of Quraysh.

Hit father Uthman, not to be mistaken with the third khalifa also named Uthamn, Was a wealthypowerful man in Mecca and Abu Bakr was also a wealthy merchant. He was considered to be very powerful and respected amongst the desert Arabs, And was thought to be deeply devoted to Islam, when in reality he was a part of the master plot. He gave the Prophet Muhammad his very young daughter to lead the impression that the Prophet Muhammad was a pedafile. She was A'isha, a very disloyal and evil woman who caused much discension in Muhammad's household, bringing him much unhappiness and unrest, who also was a part of the scheme to disrespect and dishonor his noble daughter Hadrat Faatima, right up until the death of the real Prophet Muhammad in the year six and thirty and two A.D.
From that point on he viciously and maliciously persecuted Ali and Faatimah, the Ahlil Bayt, Because of his previous jealous grudges towards Ali, and Abu Bakr's daughter A'isha's grudges towards Ali also. He deliberately waited until the real Muhammad had passed, so he could freely torment the Ahlil Bayt. He used his power and money to influence people to support his claim as the rightful successor. Abu Bakr reigned for two years and nine months and he died after a long term illness. He personally chose Umar Ibn Al Khattab to succeed him even though, They were both red Arabs as was the fake Muhammad, Musaylimat.

Umar Al Khattab, Muhammad's father in law by marriage to his daughter Hafsa, The second recognized khalifa, belonged to the great Meccan family of Banu Umayya, the branch of which descended Abu'l Aasi, who was Umar's grandfather. This was the tribe called Adi Ibn Kaah also, a clan of the tribe that also mixed with the black tribes of Quraysh. Umar converted to Islam after reading the Suwrah, "Ta ha," but not after first seeking to kill the real Muhammad. Umar was known as a fierce and agressive man who greatly transformed the Islamic state and he played a dominate role in the Sunni line of successors. He was feared more than loved. And when Muhammad alive, Umar served as second in command of the Muslim army.

In six hundred and forty and four A.D. Umar was murdered by a Persian Christian slave named Firoz, who stabbed him with a dagger while he was making "Salat Al Fajr" in the Masjid. He died three days later, after he had turned fifty and three years old. He reigned for ten years. And a an elected council composed of six of the oldest companions, elected Uthman as the next khalifa.

So, Umar was a red Arab whose descendancy goes back to Jordan. Uthman Ibn Affan Ibn Abdul Aasiy, Muhammad's son in law by marriage to his daughters Ruqaiyyah and after her death, Umm Khulthum. He was a black Arab from the tribe of Umayya, An affluent clan of the Abid Shams branch of the tribe of Quraysh, descended from Hadad the eighth son of Ishma'El, the son of Abraham. Uthman was an influential, well accomplished, wealthy merchant from Mecca who became a close companion of Muhammad. His wealth and position was an asset to the growing Muslim community.

Uthman is responsible for arranging the chapters of the Koran in the order that it is found today. Yet he did not receive any special instructions in collecting or collating the Koran. Uthman was killed by members of a revolutionary movement led by Al 'Ghafikhi from Egypt. They suspected Uthman of plotting their deaths so they attacked him first. They beseiged his home, and after a few days forced their way in.Uthman was struck in the head three times, stabbed in the side with a sword and finally beheaded. Uthman reigned for eleven years, and at the time of his murder he was eighty and two years old. He was the only khalifa who was a black Arab, however his descendancy was not from Kedar, but Uthman's ancestry stemmed from Hadar the brother of Kedar.

These three men lied, cheated, and took away the khalifa position from the rightful heir Amir El Muminiyn Ali on him peace. They senselessly persecuted him and his family. These three men were the founders of the "Orthodox Sunni Muslim" sect, and none of them was of the bloodline of Muhammad and their Prophet Muhammad as taught throughout the world today, was none other than Musaylimat.

When Musaylimat approached Muhammad six hundred tewty and eight A.D. to create an alignment, and was rejected, Musaylimat became insulted, and set out to have Muhammad killed by poisoning. At the same time there was a woman, the wife of a Jew named Sallam Ibn Mishkam, that Muhammad had previously ordered killed giving her reason to swear vengeance on Muhammad. So Zainab Bint Haarith, sought revenge by goingto Musaylimat, who himself was a Jew, and together they arranged the assassination of Muhammad by poisoning.
In the year six hundred and tewnty and nine A.D. to celebrate the victory over a Jewish occupied district called Kaibar, Muhammad and his men had a feast. Zainab herself served a specially prepared poisoned lamb to Muhammad and his men. Muhammad swallowed one bite of the poisoned meat before he realized, by it's taste, that it was contaminated. Muhammad did not die immediately. However, he did get sick, and he felt the effects of this poison up until his death. But it was three years later in six hundred and thirty and two A.D. However, one of his men, named Bishr, ate a large portion of the meat and died instantly. As for Zainab, she was put to death immediately.

With Muhammad out of the way Musaylimat could now proceed with his proclamation that he was the final prophet and the final apostle of all the world and that he could intercede on judgement and get anyone in paradise, and that his own holy book, called Al Quran Al Kariym was the final revelation to all humanity on the planet earth. He added a cornerstone to the Kaaba called Ruknul Yamani in acknowledgement to his god Rahman, introduced Kaaba worship, placing a set of collected incidents and sayings, which became known as the sunna and the hadith of men above words of Allah and added the name of Muhammad, one who is worthy of praise as himself equal to Allah.
He became more of a threat to Abu Bakr Abdullah, son of Uthman. So Abu Bakr decided to order Musaylimat killed. After several blunder in different battles, Abu Bakr sent Khalid bin Waalid as the new commander of the Muslim army. The Muslims and the warriors of Musaylimat met at 'Aqraba. Eventually Musaylimat was cut down by Washi, and Abyssinian slave of Jubayr B Mut'im. He was the same slave who had killed Hamza the beloved uncle of Muhammad at the Battle of Uhad. Wahshi was a hired assassin, hired by a bitter enemy of Islam, Hind, wife of Abu Sufyan, a staunch enemy of Muhammad. Hind, like Zainab, had several relatives slaughtered at the hands of the real Muslims. So in vengance she offered Wahshi his freedom for the murder of Hamza. And so Wahshi, who has since Hamza's death converted to Islam, Was trying to make amends for his wrongdoings, accepted the assassin's role, Once again in the murder of Musaylimat, using the very same spear.

As a result of the battle of 'Aqraba many of the men who committed the original Qur'aan to memory, like Ali, called "guardians of the original Qur'aan," were brutally slain. This happened prior to the battle. Musaylimat ordered his men to seek out and slay all those who were Qura-a, "persons noted for committing the entire Qur'aan to memory, and teaching it to others." These futile attempts appeared to be succesful for the world wide spread of worship of Muhammad and the Kaaba and many other pagan practices introduced into Al Islam. But it will be restored in the name of Allah to its pristine purity. Allahu Akbar Wa Lilah Al Hamd.

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