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About Hesser College

At Hesser College, it is our mission to provide a high-quality, student-oriented, career-focused, affordable learning experience. We place high value on hands-on, employment-related skill building. Combining general education, business, and professional career specialty course offerings, Hesser College can prepare graduates to succeed in an increasingly competitive employment marketplace.

Founded as Hesser Business College in Manchester, New Hampshire in 1900, Hesser College continues to follow the principle of providing individual encouragement and assistance to all students instilled by its founder, Joel H. Hesser.

Hesser began to expand its educational services beyond the city of Manchester in 1975 when the first extension campus was opened in Nashua, New Hampshire. In the decades that followed, additional campuses were opened in Portsmouth, Salem, and Concord.

Today, Hesser College is proud to be part of Kaplan Higher Education Corporation, which provides diversified, career-oriented, postsecondary educational programs. As part of such a prestigious company, Hesser College continues to provide the same excellent education for which it is known and upon which it was founded.

About KHE

Kaplan Higher Education Corporation (KHE) is a division of Kaplan, Inc., which has built a long and distinguished tradition as both an academic pioneer and career-maker since 1937. With more than 68,000 students enrolled in schools across the United States and abroad, KHE also offers online programs through Kaplan University and Concord Law School. Students can earn master's, bachelor's, and associate's degrees, as well as career-oriented certificates and diplomas. Kaplan, Inc., is a subsidiary of The Washington Post Company and is one of the nation's premier providers of educational and career services for individuals, schools, and businesses.

About KHEC

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Kaplan Higher Education Campuses (KHEC) is a group of institutions designed to provide the skills and knowledge needed for a competitive edge in today's job market. KHEC consists of more than 70 schools nationwide, each separately accredited by one of several national or regional accrediting agencies approved by the U.S. Department of Education. To make education relevant to students in their daily lives, KHEC programs focus on local employment needs.

Looking for More?

Hesser College strives to provide academic excellence and give you all the information you need to make a sound decision. To ensure this, we have provided a list below for your further research. Please click on the appropriate subject to download the catalog and/or student handbook to learn more about Hesser College.
  • Size and characteristics of the student body (see the College Information section of the Catalog)
  • Admissions requirements, procedures, and policies (see the Admission Information section of the Catalog)
  • Academic requirements, procedures, obligations and responsibilities of students and Hesser College (see the Student Handbook and the Academic Information and Academic Standards sections of the Catalog)
  • Availability of academic services, other support services, rules and regulations for student conduct and attending or withdrawing from the College (see the Student Handbook and the Student Information and Services and Academic Information sections of the Catalog)
  • Range of co-curricular and non-academic opportunities available to students (see the Student Information and Services section of the Catalog)
  • Student fees, charges, and refund policies (see the Financial Information section of the Catalog)
  • Total cost of education, including availability of financial aid and expected amount of student debt upon graduation (see the Financial Information and Other Information sections of the Catalog)
  • Expected educational outcomes and College goals for students' education (see the Programs section of the Catalog)
  • Names and principal affiliations of members of the governing board (see the Other Information section of the Catalog)

* The College's financial statements are available on campus in the office of the president.

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