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Established 1911

Manly Beach is probably Australia's second best known beach, after Bondi. There is still debate as to whether the world's first surf life saving club was formed here, but there is no doubt that this is where – in 1902 – one man helped shake the shackles that had for decades kept Australia's growing interest in the beach and surf at bay. Within a year of William Gocher defying the law and bathing in daylight hours on Manly beach, the floodgates had opened and Australians began flocking to the beach to walk, bathe and attempt to come to terms with the waves and rips. During the first official bathing season in 1903, 17 people drowned on Manly Beach. A year later a surf club was formed on the beach to safeguard the public. The present Manly SLSC was formed in 1911.

Safety Rating

Safety Rating: 6 (1-safest, 10-least safe)

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Manly SLSC

PO Box 141, Manly NSW 1655

P – 02 9977 2742

F – 02 9977 6101

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