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Issue Date: 11/29/2005
Issue: Edition 3
Last Update: 4/24/2006
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The Prowler
Evergreen Valley High School
San Jose, CA
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December 1, 2007
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Guidance Counselors… Or Lack There Of

By Chelsea Dejesus

It's every senior's favorite time of the year: turning in college applications. Time for filling in the blanks, writing those personal statements, sending transcripts, and visiting the guidance counselors… but wait. That's right- what guidance counselors?

Seniors are currently scrambling to get their college applications ready and in the midst of all their stress, their "helpful" guidance counselors are no where to be found. As a senior, I want to go to college but I continually find myself asking, "How am I supposed to

get into college without any counselors' help?"

I'm sure the rest of the senior class is asking themselves the same question, and the lower classmen are probably wondering, "Why don't you try finding the counselors?" Try visiting the counseling office during lunch, and the secretary will only tell you "they're out to


Nikki Patel has dropped by the counseling office numerous times without any luck, and when she tried going before second period, "they weren't there." Even if you do happen to catch them, which is about once every blue moon, they will tell you to come back at a

different time, for instance, during second period.

So the counselors aren't there during lunch and are only available during class? That doesn't sound like much of a "guidance counselor" to me.

Here's the dictionary definition according to Guidance Counselor- a school professional who specializes in helping students make decisions about their personal and educational needs while providing information about colleges and other life choices.

Now that sounds like a guidance counselor to me, helping students get their college business in order, giving advice and information… but that's not exactly what our counselors are doing for us. Granted, I must admit that we are lucky enough this year to have three

counselors instead of last year's two. Yet the question last year's senior class asked, "How am I supposed to get into college?" is still being asked by this year's.

"Out to lunch" and "come by during second period" isn't what students should be getting from their guidance counselors. The guidance counselors shouldn't be "out to lunch" at the same time we are. For many of us, lunch is, by far, the best time to visit the counseling office, and if they're not there, then when will we see them -- during second period?

Though it may be true that you don't necessarily need a guidance counselor's help, it would still be highly beneficial to us seniors having at least one guidance counselor available.

There are many of us who are completely clueless about the application process - how to fill it in, what to include, when to send it, etc. This is where the guidance counselor comes in, this is where they step in and guide us in the right direction. Though we are lucky, this year, to have one more counselor than last, students are wondering if next year's senior class and the senior class after that be asking the same question. I, for one, hope to get a, "let me help you," from a counselor, instead of an, "out to lunch," sign the next time I walk into the counseling office.

But until then, I'm working this college planning thing out on my own.

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