Record and ABU Accessories


My primary interest is in what was actually provided with the reel when first sold. This may be due to my practical approach, like actually getting down to using the reels. Tool and spools so to speak! I have to admit though, what my accessories research has uncovered is a plethora of common publicity items as well as some very rare and one -off items presented to long time ABU employees after many years of diligent service.

For many however who have deeper pockets, I realize that they think a reel is not truly collectable item unless it is complete as sold and is in mint, unused condition.

This means for them, an awareness of the different packaging materials, such a whether the reel was sold in various types of box, liners be they styrofoam, cloth or leather pouches and tools/spare parts for maintenence, is important. My knowledge is rudimentary and again I refer you to Daniel Skupien's Vintage Fishing Reels of Sweden. I have one pair of reels in a teak presentation case and one that came in a leather bag inside the cardboard box that is normal for all my other reels.

The best collection of spares that I have seen and available for sale are from Kyo's website. The homepage is difficult to decipher but the site map page helps a lot! Picture on my spares page are generously permitted by the Owner.

A sample accessories catalog page from the 1957 N&N  can be seen here.




Of more interest to many, are the practical accessories to fishing reels such as 

Spare Parts

Maintenence items

Record Fisken Awards

Other Awards

Public Relations/Gifts/Jewellery






(I haven't seen any around here but I know lots of great T shirts exist!)

Send in your favourite ABU T shirt photo and I'll publish it here! 

How many designs exist I wonder?

The full depth of the things to buy to assist with world of ABU fishing can only be fully appreciated by from catalogs  as produced in your country Tight Lines /Napp och Nytt catalogs. Where would we be without our smokers, pliers, scales, ice-fishing seats, clothing etc.

 Merchandising is a BIG business and I like many, am a soft touch, when it comes to spending on hobby related items.

 Commemorative releases of reels, posters etc are very popular but they may be overworked now.

 I have one Australian friend (Hi Harro) who has collected 300/400 Ambassadeurs (seriously but sadly, he doesn't know how many he has) over 25 years. He stopped collecting in the year 2000 Millenium, largely because he saw reels being produced in so many different collector colours primarily for company profits and not as distinctly different reels based upon new innovative ideas.