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Self Cleaning Coating Self Cleaning Coating
Detailed Product Description
Description :
It is a kind of reagent made of nano titanium dioxide, nano zinc oxide and macromolecule inorganic binder etc. Have antifouling and self cleaning functions, it is mainly used on the surface of fabric, humidity penetrate, breathe freely and anti-static.


Functions :
Applying super biparental technology with nanometer interface on the surface of fabric, physical features presented is completely contrary to above super water and stain repellent technology. The technology can make synthetic fabrics have strong absorbability that cotton fabrics have. The treated chemical fibre material (other material with bad absorbability is also applicable) has absorbing sweat, air permeability etc characters of cotton product. When wearing its comfortable feeling will have obvious improvement, and applying on multi fabrics have functions of preventing static. At the same time, in terms of this super biparental technology can make historic transform of an era on less water dyeing and technological process in textile dyeing. 

Features :
Treated material won’t change primary hand touch and color of fabric. 

Treated chemical fibre material is both of transmission of humidity, a good sweat and peculiar efficacy of imitating real silk fabric.
Treated material can change style of primary chemical fibre material, such as not air permeability and transmission of humidity. Speed of moisture absorption for treated chemical fibre material (polypropylene, nylon) would surpass that of real silk.
Naturally absorb sweat of human body to keep certain moisture content so as to improve the feature of easily producing static of chemical fibre material in a large scope.
Treated technological process can be adjusted optionally. It can be processed not only on material but also on ready-made clothes.
Treated process time is short and the cost is lower.
No dirty discharge during the treated process and no harmful substance to human body.
Can realize machine wash feature of wool textile.
Can resolve anti crease and anti shrink features of wool textile.
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