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Genesis Live

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Genesis Live is a collection of in-concert tracks recorded in early 1973, spotlighting material originally released on Foxtrot and Nursery Chryme. Long a favorite on the import racks, this album goes a long way toward capturing the gripping power and mysticism that has many fans acclaiming Genesis as "the greatest live band ever." Titles like "Get 'Em Out by Friday" and "The Return of the Giant Hogweed" tell much about this band's modus operandi: a strange, visionary moralism highly reminiscent of both Yes and Jethro Tull. Genesis predated both of those bands in audio-visual productions though, and their dues-paying days are well documented by the high degree to which they develop multiple themes on both lyrical and instrumental levels.

Trespass is a re-release of a 1970 Genesis album, recorded well before the band was in full command of its craft. It's spotty, poorly defined, at times innately boring, and should be avoided by all but the most rabid Genesis fans. (RS 166)


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