Distinguished Soldiers
Commemorated for their heroism and leadership in World War I and World War II, these four stamps honor distinguished soldiers Alvin C. York, John L. Hines, Audie L. Murphy and Omar N. Bradley.
York was awarded the Medal of Honor for his single-handed capture of German soldiers during World War I.
General John L. Hines, also a veteran of World War I, was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and the Distinguished Service Medal for his bravery and leadership in combat. He went on to become Army Chief of Staff.
Murphy received the Medal of Honor for saving the troops in his company and single-handedly breaking up a German attack toward the end of World War II. Bradley commanded the First Army during the 1944 Allied landing in Normandy, later serving as Army Chief of Staff and the first Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
The stamp art features black-and-white photographs of these four men. Color photographs of shoulder sleeve insignia are used as design motifs to indicate units the soldiers served in during their illustrious careers.

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