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tgaconlogoThe Train Gamers Association organized in 1990 to foster and promote train gaming on both the national and local levels. We boast of members from Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Scotland, Netherlands and the U.S. with many train gamer designers and manufacturers participating in our organization.

 Sunday, 02 December 2007
Welcome to the Train Gamer's Association Website
Origins, 2007  
Written by Allen Stiles  
Thursday, 12 July 2007

We had a great turnout at Origins 2007, with 320 players in more than 350 games.  Congratulations to the following champions:


Overall Puffing Billy Champion - Jeff Jackson

Puffing Billy Challenger Champion � Kevin Jaekley

Eurorails Champion - Kevin Jaekley

EBI Champion � Ed Hewlett

Ticket to Ride Champion � Joe Orosz

1830 Champion � Dave Hooton

18XX Champion � Spencer Hamblin

Railroad Tycoon Champion � Franklin Haskell

Silverton Champion � Mike Zadnik

Rail Baron Champion � Tom Brincefield

Express Champion � Chris Meyer

Union Pacific Champion � Jeff Jackson


Congratulations to all!!!

Railcon 2006 recap  
Written by Allen Stiles  
Monday, 25 September 2006

Railcon 2006 was once again a pleasure. This Railcon held many close games, and a few surprises! Approximately 50 of the best Railgamers attended, and as in the past, rules disputes were nearly non-existent!

 Prior to Railcon proper starting, we had a warm up tournament called The Short Line played on the Thursday evening. We had a good turnout with about 20 people playing Union Pacific, Express, Ticket to Ride and Railroad Tycoon. It was a tight contest, with Ron Marr managing to grab the Short Line inaugural title.

 The following are the results for the other trophy tournaments:

 Express:                                   Jeff Jackson (Top Board; Jeff was unstoppable and went out every hand.)

1830                                         Kenneth Boucher

Rail Baron                                 Jeff Jackson

Silverton                                    Bart Pisarik

Eurorails                                   Bart Pisarik

Railroad Tycoon                         Wayne Williams

Union Pacific                             Randy Pletzer (Top Board)

Ticket to Ride                            Debbie Gutermuth (Top Board)

 The two most hotly contested finals were 18XX and the Empire Builder International. The scores for both were so close that all the participants deserve to be listed:

 18XX playing 1870

 Jonathon Flagg                          9000
Ian Booth                                  8628

Ken Gutermuth                          8181

Dave Lionett                              8148

Mike Coyne                               8135


Congratulations are well earned by Jonathon Flagg for winning a tight game in such a competitive group!

 Empire Builder International playing Aussie Rails

 Trella Bromley                           252

Debbie Gutermuth                      242

Brian Tipper                               229

John Puddifoot                           216

Daniel Schuster                         197

 Again a tight game right the way to the end. Trella Bromley played flawlessly and deserves the win.

 The Ironman title goes to the versatile Wayne Williams who was the only player to hammer out wins in all of the nine categories: Bart Pisarik, in second place, only had 7 category wins. Very impressive Wayne! Here are the top 11

 Wayne Williams                        27.2762

Bart Pisarik                               23.671

Jeff Jackson                              22.5595

Anthony Carver                          21.6999

Ken Gutermuth                          20.6801

Ken Bachman                            20.1787

Trella Bromley                           19.5809

Kevin Jaekley                            18.575

Randy Pletzer                            16.853

Brian Tipper                               15.2092

Peter Bromley                           15.1986

 The overall Puffing Billy was hard fought from the beginning. Jeff Jackson was an early favorite winning two of the three initial finals.  Indeed the top five finishers often faced each other over finals throughout the tournament. A new name was added to the plaque this year. Bart Pisarik, following up on his victory at Origins, managed to clinch the title and become only the fifth person to get their name on the perpetual trophy. Here are the scores of the top 11 players:

Bart Pisarik                               16.2168

Trella Bromley                           16.1456

Jeff Jackson                              15.9396

Ken Bachman                            15.8383

Ken Gutermuth                          15.8152

Wayne Williams                        15.7056

Anthony Carver                          15.3287

Kevin Jaekley                            14.8634

Dave Lionett                              14.6890

Randy Pletzer                            14.4501

Peter Bromley                           14.3860

 Remember at Railcon we count the top 5 categories.


Once again thanks to:


  • Tacticon for being so easy to deal with and running such an organized and efficient parent convention.

  • The sponsors of the individual tournaments: Days of Wonder, Rio Grande Games, and Mayfair Games.


  • The transporters of the games: Trella Bromley, Wayne Williams and especially Peter Bromley. All of whom went to great trouble and effort to make sure we had the games to play.


  • Darwin Bromley for doing a major rewrite of the database scoring system and making it easy to see who was winning.


  • My co-conductors: Wayne Williams, Jeff Jackson and Trella Bromley without whom many slots would not have started on time and the games would not have been scored.


We had such a good time in Denver this year that we will be back next year! Look for Railcon 2007 again at Tacticon over the Labour Day long weekend. Hope to see you all there!

John Puddifoot � Head Conductor: Railcon


Last Updated ( Monday, 25 September 2006 )

RailCon 2006 results  
Written by Allen Stiles  
Wednesday, 20 September 2006

We're very pleased to report that this year's RailCon tournament had 49 participants.  Over the course of the weekend, the following were the winners of the corresponding events:

Ticket to Ride:  Debbie Gutermuth
Railroad Tycoon:  Wayne Williams
Union Pacific:  Randy Pletzer
1830:  Kenneth Boucher
18XX:  Jonathon Flagg
Eurorails:  Bart Pisarik
Empire Builder International:  Trella Bromley
Express:  Jeff Jackson
Rail Baron:  Jeff Jackson
Silverton:  Bart Pisarik

Overall winners were:
Ironman:  Wayne Williams

Puffing Billy Tournament:
Bart Pisarik

All are to be congratulated.


GenCon 2006 Puffing Billy points winners  
Written by Allen Stiles  
Wednesday, 16 August 2006

We had a total of 301 participants over the course of the four days,
which resulted in Puffing Billy points for the top 15 finishers.
Here they are, in the order that they finished:

Chip Charnley
Jeff Jackson
Trella Bromley
Mike Anderson
Randy Smith
Richard Sheaves-Bein
Bart Pisarik
Dave Lionett
Al Stiles
Paul Stoffels
Anthony Carver
Kevin Jaekley
Ed Hewlett
Dale Holder
Chris Shaffer

Congratulations to all of you on a fine performance!


Puffing Billy Trophy Winners at GenCon 2006  
Written by Allen Stiles  
Wednesday, 16 August 2006

At GenCon last week, the following won trophies:

Express - Jeff Jackson
Rail Baron - Trella Bromley
1830 - Paul Hakken
18XX - Mike Melanson
Silverton - Chip Charnley
Union Pacific - Richard Sheaves-Bein
Ticket to Ride - Mike Anderson
Railroad Tycoon - Chris Anderson
Eurorails - Kevin Jaekley
Empire Builder International - Justin Maul

And in the overall categories:
Ironman - Trella Bromley
Puffing Billy Champion - Chip Charnely

Congratulation to all!!!

Origins Puffing Billy points winners  
Written by Allen Stiles  
Thursday, 06 July 2006
We had a total of 281 participants over the course of the four days, 
which resulted in Puffing Billy points for the top 14 finishers.  
Here they are, in the order that they finished:

Bart Pisarik
Chip Charnley
Kevin Jaekley
Paul Hakken
Susan Valentine-Cooper
Dave Lionett
Anthony Carver
Richard Sheaves-Bein
Al Stiles
Ed Hewlett
Jeff Jackson
Paul Stoffels
Cheryl Orosz
Franklin Haskell

Congratulations to all of you on a fine performance!
Last Updated ( Thursday, 06 July 2006 )

Puffing Billy Trophy Winners at Origins 2006  
Written by Allen Stiles  
Monday, 03 July 2006

At Origins 2006, the following won trophies in the Puffing Billy Tournament:

Express - Dave Lionett

Rail Baron - Gary Swanson

1830 - Ian Booth

18XX - Ian Booth

Silverton - Bart Pisarik

Union Pacific - Lonny Danchik

Ticket To Ride - Joe Orosz

Railroad Tycoon - Kevin Schmidt

Eurorails - Chip Charnley

Empire Builder International - Ed Hewlett


And in the overall competition:

Ironman - Kevin Jaekley

Puffing Billy Champion - Bart Pisarik


Congratulation to all of you!!!



Last Updated ( Monday, 03 July 2006 )

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