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Sunrise Profile / Interview

Sunrise was formed in 1988 by two ardent club goers, Tony Colston-Hayter and David Roberts.  They had taken the underground movement to the large scale dance events, which eventually led to a massive campaigning party in Trafalgar Square called Freedom To Party.

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That campaign ultimately led to Parliament changing the outdated UK licensing laws, and for the first time clubs and entertainment organisations were allowed to stay open all night.

The Sun "Ecstacy Airport" (Sunrise @ White Waltham):

‘Beheaded pigeons littered the floor after Sundays party. Youngsters were so high on Ecstacy and cannabis they ripped the birds’ heads off. Their bodies lay among thousands of empty soft-drink cans and pieces of foil which had contained the drugs. Also littering the huge building were leaflets advertising other acid house parties at future dates and venues’ 

Dave Roberts (Back to the Future) talking about Sunrise/BTTF Dance Music Festival

After the publicity, no-one wanted to give Sunrise a site. By luck we found this farm, did the deal and got our crew off there really early in the morning. By this time the police were following our crew round. They followed our scaffolding people who built the stage and discovered the venue. The farmer doesn’t know what to do; were saying to him "You don’t have to stop it we aren’t breaking any laws, we’re a private members’ club". They’re saying to him "Stop It, otherwise were going to prosecute you!".

Sunrise Events:

Sunrise - III Burn It Up (5 Nov 88)
Sunrise - Early Summer Madness (20 May 89)
Sunrise - Midsummer Night's Dream (24 Jun 89)
Sunrise - Back To The Future (12 Aug 89)
Sunrise - 2nd Guy Fawkes Edition (4 Nov 89)
Sunrise - Superseries (4 May 90)
Sunrise - Peace (24 Jul 93)
Sunrise - Love Energy 93 (28 Aug 93)


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