On2 Technologies to Open Source VP3.2 Video Compression Technology

August 7th, 2001
Full-Screen, High-Quality video technology available to software community
New York, NY, August 7, 2001 -- On2 Technologies, The Duck Corporation (AMEX: ONT), a leading technology and services company recognized as developers of the highest performance video compression technology commercially available, announced today that they will be releasing an Open Source version of their groundbreaking VP3.2 video compression algorithm. The licenses and source code will be available at several websites within this quarter.

'Our contribution of VP3.2 into the Open Source community marks the first time a competitive video codec has been made available in this fashion. We feel that it is essential to the success of the digital revolution that these enabling technologies not remain locked into closed, proprietary systems,' said Dan Miller, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of On2. 'By Open-Sourcing this recent-generation technology now, we hope to break the logjam of incompatible formats and heavily encumbered so-called standards, promoting a true common format that is open, documented, and freely available to all,' he concluded.

'In business, no one wants to be hostage to a single-source vendor,' added Douglas McIntyre, President and Chief Executive Officer, who made the announcement today at the Integrated Broadband Networks Summit. 'It is imperative that key components of new technology such as the compression format be freely available to multiple developers to ensure a fair, competitive environment, with interoperability based on a common, open source. The development of streaming has been arrested by the notions that proprietary codecs are too expensive and MPEG has been too slow to progress.'

On2’s TrueMotion VP3 and VP4 generation of codec technology has been acknowledged by most leading industry experts as the best-of-breed compression technology for broadband streaming over the Internet and Internet-technology based systems.