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"Broken or not broken" tends to be the big argument these days whenever the name Necrid is brought up in Soul Calibur II conversations. Whether he is or not isn't an unfair character isn't going to be solved here today, but we will admit that he has a lot of advantages going for him.

For instance, his attack speed is very quick with some of his moves rarely telegraphing as much as some of the other characters. The psychological side of this advantage is only heightened by the fact that the visual clues to what, or more appropriately whose, weapon he is about use isn't revealed until it is planted in your face.

His borrowing of certain moves and weapons also gives him some decent options for what distance he wants to play. Necrid appears to be able to play both medium and short ranges with confidence, with the occasional Ivy chain or Astaroth's Ax materializing for some long range whipping and probing. His ring out game isn't hurt at all by this element either.

Rage Tail (A, A)

Necrid has a lot of easily accessible, fast moves available. Rage Tail, Scourge Tusk (6, A, B), Scourge Storm (6, A, A, A), Axis (2, A, K), and Demonic Reaver (4, A, B) are all great easy attack strings that come out insanely quick and have some decent mix ups in the height variation department. Holding down a decent direct medium/short offensive shouldn't be a problem when using these moves.

Lost Soul (2, B+K)

Probably one of his better physical long range moves (non-physical being his Void Cannon--B+K --). He adopts Ivy's chain and whips it out fairly fast for a decent three hits. Works great for either poking at long range, shoving someone back (it can hit three times when up close), and is great for punishing grounded opponents.

Raging Demon (K cancel B)

This is more of a quirky pick for a featured move, as it isn't an insanely great move on the surface, but it is still worth experimenting with (Necrid actually doesn't have a lot of poor move selections anyways). Raging Demon is a nice option for either moving Necrid forward or shoving the opponent backwards while putting out something semi-fast with a lot of power.

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