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Kexi Releases

Here you can find approximate release dates for Kexi by OpenOffice Polska LLC and a feature plan. Gray text means not yet released versions, and yellow - the current.

These releases are a part of commercial offerings for customers of OpenOffice Polska, with technical support and updates. Click on version number to learn more about a release.

Click on selected version number in Version column to learn more about new features.

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in the Kexi Project*
Release Date What's New?
2008 2.0 Q4, 2007 First KDE4-based release
2007.1 1.1.2/1.1.3 March 2007 Find window, new actions for buttons, database templates, User Mode
2007 1.1.1 December 2006 Object data type, Image and Combo box widget, sorting in queries and parameter queries, default values, compacting database files
2006.1.1 1.1 pre May 18, 2006 Several fixes for problems recently reported by customers; detailsPL
2006.1 1.1 pre May 10, 2006 Numerous improvements, in the Table Designer, Form Designer, Data View, CSV formatobsłudze formatu CSV oraz imporcie z MS Access; usunięte usterki programu; detailsPL
2006 1.0 March 3, 2006 Server databases support (MySQL, PostgreSQL), simple printouts, many improvements for various components; detailsPL
2005 LT 0.9 June 3, 2005 Forms and other major improvements, including CSV and MS Access import support; details; 2005 LT v2 update; 2005 LT v4 updatePL
2004 LT 0.1 November 24, 2004

(*) Releases from OpenOffice Polska may be delivered earlier than the open source editions but contain only stable and well tested features.