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Intercepted Letter (1886)

The following unauthorised communication from a member of Torchwood was intercepted before it could be sent.

12 May 1886

Dear Professor

You are discovered. The deaths of your wife and your children are laid at your door, and I recommend you consider your position at the earliest possible moment.

My line of work is unusual. I labour for a covert organisation. I my duties, I am granted access to equipment that monitors radioactive emissions across London. I grant that this sounds somewhat extraordinary, but it is a vital endeavour.

Last week I discovered a sharp spike in Bloomsbury, indicating the presence of a lethally unshielded source of radiation.

How sad I was when I discovered that it was your house. I have long admired you, and felt nothing but agony when I was informed that your wife and children had only recently perished, after sickening for a week, and that several of the staff were now seriously ill. When I was told that you had left the house the week before to give a lecture on radioactive properties, I was at first alarmed for your health.

Investigation quickly provided me with the sad truth. Someone had unshielded an isotope, leaving it to inflict agonising death on all the inhabitants of the house. I hope it brings you some small satisfaction to learn that your young butler has now joined your wife in death.

Please believe me when I say that I have sufficient evidence to convince any jury. The organisation I work for has no interest in such domestic matters, but I believe that I must make a stand against your abominable crime.

Sir, you have until the funeral to make the right decision.

Yours faithful servant,


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